It is the only truly indispensable complement. Masks, absolutely necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, are already part of our daily lives and we have them perfectly in tune with our outfits. Wearing a mask is mandatory, whether hygienic, surgical or with a filter, but you have to wear it.
Given the circumstances, this protective accessory seems to be with us for a long time, which is why sustainable options are becoming more and more important. Made of fabric and with approved fabrics, these masks are our favorites to use outdoors and in open spaces. Not only because with them we contribute to the care of the environment, but because they also give us the option of wearing a more fun version of this health security accessory .
Many are the firms that, with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadapting to the new normality and the new needs of their clients, have opted to launch their own sustainable designs. Uniqlo ventured with an antimicrobial and anti-odor mask and Bershka was the first brand of the Inditex group to launch fabric masks with original designs, but they are not the only ones. We must remember that this type of mask does not replace, in any case, the filter mask and that by wearing it we protect others (hence the importance of wearing them all).
The first Inditex firm to bring out cloth masks was Bershka, which was a complete success. In fact, they took advantage of the pull of the masks to launch a collection of clothing to match the masks of the firm’s Smiley line. Now the second Indiex firm that brings out its cloth masks is not Zara (which is more focused on us going to do the shopping following the latest trends), but Lefties. A firm that has just launched its online store and that promises to fill us with surprises.

Twelve designs in ‘packs’ of two
Lefties cloth masks are sold in packs of two, at a very affordable price and with 12 different designs so you can choose the one you like best. These are CWA 17553:2020 fabric masks with a filtration efficiency of 70% according to EN-14683. It is resistant to at least 5 washing and drying cycles, maintaining its properties. They are only sold in adult size .
Lefties masks effectively protect and have the European certification that confirms that their use is safe. They are reusable, so we generate less waste in our day to day and we respect the environment. They are so pretty and affordable that you will have a hard time choosing which pack of two you like because you will love their prints(and its price). With polka dots, flowers, light blue, red… The colors and patterns are so beautiful that we can’t decide on one.
They are available on the Lefties website and are priced at 4.99. From October 26 they are also available in store.

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