When the sun heats up here on the beach… Los Panchos sang it and we don’t stop humming it when we see that summer vacations are approaching. Because there are a thousand destinations in which to spend the summer holidays, but we are the ones who prefer the longest beaches in Andalusia to sunbathe and the best beaches to watch a sunset.
Because for us summer is synonymous with sand and sea, because the Andalusian coastline is wonderful and because we can say that the most beautiful beach in Spain is in Andalusia. For all this and much more, we are clear that we have to start (continue or even end) the summer holidays on one of the best beaches in Andalusia .
White sand beaches, small coves , lonely corners, beaches with historical monuments and even areas where you can do tourism, these are some of the best beaches in Andalusia to start your vacation . You probably already have your favorite little coastal corners and you are very clear about where you are going to start (or spend) your holidays this summer, but before that you have to see the selection of the 12 best beaches in Andalusia that the Rumbo portal has prepared and that we we are dying to know (yes, we want to go to all the beaches that they recommend).

Punta Umbria Beach, Huelva
You will only have to go about 30 minutes from Huelva’s capital to find this summer town and be able to enjoy its beaches. The name does not deceive you: yes, Punta Umbria is a point of fine white sand that goes into the sea , leaving the very Huelva estuary on one side. In this fishing village you can count on all kinds of services and infrastructures such as showers and bathrooms. There are also a variety of beach bars and restaurants in the pods, from having an elegant lunch to enjoying a concert. If you are passionate about water sports, it also has a windsurfing school and other activities .

Los Canos de Meca, Cadiz

Clean waters, fine white sand, kilometers of coastline, beach bars, nudist areas… who cares

Canos de Meca has already become a classic and there is probably not a human being on Spanish territory who does not know this famous Cadiz beach. From the historic Cabo de Trafalgar to the very beach of Barbate , Canos de Meca has postcards to give, and give away. Who can resist so many charms together

Playa de Cuesta Maneli, Huelva

You find yourself before a true natural oasis . Cuesta Maneli belongs to the Donana National Park and has an impressive five kilometers of fine white sand protected by cliffs and sand dunes that you will never want to leave. away from civilizationMake sure you take everything you need to spend the day with you as you will only find one beach bar and only during the busiest summer months. Also on this beach you can choose to enjoy the sea and the sand with or without a swimsuit: nudism is allowed here .

Playa de Nerja, Malaga

Did you think that Nerja only had the famous caves and the Chanquete ship

Nothing is further from reality. This town in Malaga also has one of the most beautiful and enjoyable beaches in the entire province . Do not forget to eat a rice in Ayo, the mythical beach bar that appeared in the series Verano Azul. And, if you have time left after enjoying the beach, don’t think about it and do a bit of tourism. The streets of Nerja have a special charm and its famous caves will leave you speechless .

Playa de los Muertos, Almeria Almeria

‘s rugged coastline has idyllic corners watered with waters that could well resemble those of the Caribbean. And it is that between cliff and cliff there is room for small coves and beaches that satisfy the dreams of any lover of the coast. If we tell you that the beach of Los Muertos gets its name because in ancient times the corpses of shipwrecks arrived here, maybe we will put you off… isn’t it
But don’t worry, that is history and today this idyllic corner of Almeria, located within the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park , is one of the biggest attractions in the province.

Playa del Palmar, Cadiz

If there is a reason why this idyllic beach is filled with people from all over the world when the heat hits, it will be because it is simply perfect, don’t you think

El Palmar still retains that essence of a wild beach but, at the same time, It is close to other charming corners of Cadiz, such as Vejer de la Frontera , the municipality to which it belongs. Its fine white sand extends for no less than 4 kilometers where you can lie down to sunbathe and forget about the world.. In addition, if the wind blows a little you will have a guaranteed show: you will be able to observe how many young people play with the waves, encouraging themselves to practice kitesurfing while you relax comfortably on the shore.

Playa del Sombrerico, Mojacar, Almeria

It is the turn of one of the beaches less saturated with bathers in all of Almeria . The Sombrerico beach, which stretches for 600 metres, boasts a fairly calm sea. And if Almeria is a land of cinema, this enclave could not be less: precisely here some scenes of the movie Treasure Island, by Orson Welles, were shot. In addition, since 2012 in the Sombrerico the use of swimsuit and the nudist is compatible, so if you are one of those who like to enjoy nature as your mother brought you into the world, this is a good place.

Playa del Duque, Puerto Banus, Malaga

When the Mediterranean coast reaches Marbella, the height of Puerto Banus, the beaches are transformed into small coves with which you will fall at their feet. It does not matter if there are more waves on the surrounding beaches, these oases will remain calmer than normal since they are protected by long breakwaters that go into the sea. If your body asks for even more glamour, try having a mojito listening to good music in one of the trendy clubs that are located on the beach .

La Joya Beach, Motril, Granada
The crystalline beaches and the hot sand of Motril’s beaches are its greatest hallmark. And there are many that bathe the coast of this Granada town, but we are left with La Joya , where two coves, protected by the cliffs of the area and where naturism is allowed, merge with the Mediterranean giving away a postcard without equal One of the outcrops is known as Cape Sacatrif , where there is a lighthouse that also serves as a viewpoint. So, after cooling off in its waters, take a walk to enjoy the views .

Bolonia Beach, Cadiz

They say that Bolonia isone of the last virgin beaches that exist in the south of Spain , one of those corners to visit at least once in your life. This treasure full of white sand dunes bathed by the Atlantic is a short distance from Tarifa, and in addition to giving you wonderful landscapes , it also offers you the opportunity to see Morocco from the top of its great dune. In addition, in Bolonia you can visit, on the very beach, the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia , another of its great attractions.

Playa de La Herradura, Granada

Attention, take note of this name if you plan to move along the coast of Granada, because we stop at what is possibly one of the best beaches in the province. Both its coast and the seabed are considered a protected Natural Area for containing corals and species in danger of extinction . Another key reason why La Herradura is so beautiful is in the Sierra de La Almijara, since its landscape can be enjoyed while you take a swim on the beach. La Herradura belongs to the municipality of Almunecar and offers, in addition to its crystal clear waters and dark sand on which to bask in the sun, all the services you may need.

Playa de Monsul, Almeria

You just have to look at the large rock formation that decorates the center of Monsul beachto recognize it: it is nothing more than solidified lava, and one of the aspects that warn us that it is not just any beach. In fact, if Steven Spielberg set his sights on it to shoot some scenes for the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, it would be for a reason, wouldn’t it

Its 300 meters of golden sand make this corner of Almeria an absolutely paradisiacal place. Remember to take with you everything you need to spend the day, because it is such an idyllic beach that not even the beach bars or kiosks spoil the landscape .

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