For those with a particular artistic inclination and passionate about art, attending courses at universities or academies is a good springboard to approach the world of creatives. Graduates who complete their studies in the arts, in fact, obtain a versatile preparation capable of providing solid educational foundations and the right means to increase their skills.
Obtaining an art degree provides individuals with opportunities to establish secure, long-term careers, as those who have studied art are among the preferred candidates of a number of organizations and businesses. However, finding the ideal job for those with a particular artistic talent is not always that simple. After proposing to you“The 8 ideal jobs for lovers of books and reading” , let’s see together which are according to The Balance the alternative careers that can be undertaken with a degree in art. READ ALSO: “5 Perfect Jobs for Art Lovers” Art Critics Art
critics are writers who write about art for newspapers, magazines, websites and other publications. Employers prefer to hire candidates who have a good understanding of the art world especially including those who have an arts degree. As with other jobs, of course, good writing skills are required to express themselves at their best. Curators
Curators manage museums and facilities related to the art world, most often specializing in a particular topic. Their responsibilities include the acquisition, storage and display of collections. In order to pursue this career, a master’s or specialist degree in museum management is usually required. Teachers
Teachers are responsible for training students on various topics. They first help them learn the fundamentals and then show them how to apply them. Graduates who have a bachelor’s degree in art have many of the skills needed to teach children, as well as good communication and time management skills. To go this route, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.Event
organizers Event organizers coordinate private events, conventions, trade fairs and business meetings. With their artistic eye they choose places, restaurateurs and decorations making use of their organizational skills, strong communication skills and good team coordination. Some employers prefer applicants who have a degree in event planning or experience in similar jobs. Art
Representatives Representatives provide sellers with products on behalf of manufacturers and wholesalers. They show them various products and then have them sell to their customers. Since art graduates have good knowledge of art materials, they are more qualified than other likely candidates.Sellers of objects of art
They are those who deal with the sale of photographs, paintings, sculptures, drawings and other pieces of art. Vendors work in galleries and for other businesses that sell art to the public and collectors. Good knowledge related to the art world, previous experience in similar works and excellent communication and relational skills are required to interface with the public. Art therapists
Art therapists are mental health professionals who use art and the creative process to help their clients cope with mental health problems. This profession combines knowledge of visual art with the study of human development, therapeutic practice and psychology. To pursue this career, it is also necessary to have a master’s degree in art therapy. Admission requirements often include courses in psychology and human development. Owners of art galleries
Art galleries display the works of artists such as painters, sculptors and photographers. Many gallery owners can exhibit their work alongside those of other artists. Your knowledge of art and your contacts in this sector can help you achieve success as an entrepreneur. To succeed in this sector, it is also important to have strong skills in the business world. University promoters
Promoters are responsible for recommending art schools to prospective students, their parents and guidance practitioners. They meet with students both in the university and outside, offering introductions, answering their questions and offering themselves as guides, before examining candidates. The communication and presentation skills acquired during the internship are essential for those who want to undertake this job. Interior designer
Designers are professionals who combine functionality, safety, style and beauty to create aesthetically pleasing interior spaces. They work closely with clients to achieve project goals. They also deal with the creation of drawings both by hand and through the use of computer software, they select materials and furnishings to ensure a space that meets the customers’ requirements. Interior designers work with contractors, architects and engineers to ensure that spaces comply with client wishes, building codes and inspection regulations. In order to undertake this work, it is necessary to complete the degree in interior design or related masters. Advertising designers
Advertising designers are public relations professionals who design, develop and produce advertisements for online and print publications. They work closely with clients to create visual images such as photographs, animations, sounds, illustrations and photographs using their own creativity. In addition to this they conduct careful research to meet cultural, social, physical and cognitive standards. Designers must create and present multiple layouts and sketches to clients before the final design is approved. Training to become an advertising designer requires a bachelor’s degree in graphics, art, advertising, photography, or related disciplines.READ ALSO: “How to become an established artist, 12 tips for a successful career in the art world”

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