The coronavirus has changed our consumption habits and now we prefer to buy online. We avoid leaving home, the risk of exposing ourselves to the contagion of Covid-19 and we have all the facilities at our fingertips , such as buying anywhere in the world or facilities for the return of products.
As a button shows. According to data from the IAB Spain Annual eCommerce Study , in Spain, in 2020 there have been 2.2 million new online buyers. In addition, 74% have seen a product or service onlineand then he has also made the purchase through that route (six points more than in 2019). This means that more and more Spaniards rely on digital to make their purchases.
We do the weekly shopping online, we also plan purchases for gifts, Christmas or treat ourselves. This is clear from the analysis carried out by SEMrush , which has collected and analyzed recent data from more than 2,000 of the most visited e-commerce websites around the world and from different market niches to determine what the new face of digital marketing is like.

Amazon, in first place in themarketplace

categoryAmazon is positioned as the brand that has generated the most traffic to its Spanish business page, with an average increase of252.41% between January 2019 and September 2020. AliExpress

follows with an increase of 227.35%. in its average traffic in the same period of time, consolidating itself as the third most visited marketplace in Spain after El Corte Ingles , whose online visits have grown by an average of 181.64% , since January 2019. They complete the Fnac
ranking (+149 %), Alibaba (+137%), eBay (+136%), Carrefour (+121%), Chollometro (+114%), Alcampo (+106%) and Worten


For the home and garden

On the other hand, visits to firms with products for the home and garden also increased.Thus has grown 300.32% in traffic to its commercial website from March to June 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. Although it is true that the study also indicates that continues to dominate in number of visits with more than 330%, leading the ranking during this period.


Cube , the German bicycle manufacturer , is one of the beneficiaries of this increased concern for our health and well-being. The traffic to your page is 230.32% since the start of the pandemic. SEMrushIt reflects that the online world is gaining more and more weight, and that the relationship between brands and Internet users is becoming more and more robust. As for the brands that have registered the most visits, has almost doubled its traffic from March to September, going from 16 million at the beginning of the pandemic to 30 million visitors at the end of the summer.


Cosmetics and beauty products have also experienced a boom in recent months. The SEMrush study reveals that the websites of and , with an increase in visits of 87.63% and 86.81%, respectively, are the ones that have generated the most traffic during the months of the pandemic.

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