The 10 most read ebooks of the week. It is well known that printed paper has an unattainable charm. The smell that radiates while we read, the feeling of well-being that you feel when you turn the page, the robustness that you feel when handling the book are unique and indispensable emotions, but it is undeniable that electronic reading devices have several advantages: yes they can easily carry with them, even in a small bag; with the integrated light you can read even in conditions where the light is scarce or completely absent; they are light and compact, very comfortable if you want to read outdoors or lie down. This is why, day by day, the spread of ebook readers and ebooks is growing more and more. The most read ebooks of the week
Today we find out which are the 10 most read ebooks in the last period through Amazon data ranging from March 27 to April 2. 1. “Rancore”, by Gianrico Carofiglio
When a very rich baron dies in mysterious circumstances certified as death of natural causes by the doctor, the victim’s daughter desperately turns to Penelope Spada, a former PM who hides secrets and a turbulent life, to discover the truth behind what happened. A thriller that represents first of all an exciting adventure to the last page, with an exciting and multifaceted protagonist. 2. “I do it for myself: Being mothers without the myth of sacrifice”, by Stefania Andreoli
The second ebook in the ranking is completely different. “I do it for me” is a book that comes from the social space of the psychotherapist Stefania Andreoli, who through her Instagram profile has collected hundreds of stories of mothers who want to make the right choices for their children. With this job, the psychotherapist wants to send a fundamental message to become good educators: you need to dedicate time and not feel guilty, finding your own personal way of being a mother. 3. “The Girl from Sputnik”, by Haruki Murakami
Haruki Murakami tells, with his captivating style, the story of Sumire and Myu, two girls who find themselves in love and who, however, are unable to meet as they would like. Sumire is a girl with a passion for writing, with the myth of Kerouac. He loves Myu like never before with the guys he met. Myu is a rich, beautiful and married woman. She also has feelings for Sumire, but her seemingly insurmountable obstacles separate her from the girl and the realization of her love. Who tells us this extraordinary love story is a boy in love with Sumire. Three protagonists who seem like three parallel lines, destined, perhaps, never to meet. 4. “Nobody disturbs love”, by Anna Zarlenga
Among the most read ebooks in the last period there is also “Nobody disturbs love”, a fresh and modern love story that has as its protagonist Dori, a twenty-eight-year-old writer struggling with everyday difficulties: between family who does not support her, the editor who presses her and daily commitments, just can’t have a private life outside of work. For this she decides to move to another city and change her life. A choice that will lead to many twists. 5. “Bridgerton 2. The Viscount Who Loved Me”, by Julie Quinn
With the release of the new season of Bridgerton on Netflix, “Bridgerton 2” could not be missing in this ranking, the chapter of the saga in which Julie Quinn tells the interesting character of Anthony Bridgerton, a coveted bachelor who seems to have no desire to take wife. This is at least what it seems, because in reality, the charming man has long ago decided who wants to ask for the hand. 6. “Bridgerton 3. A Gentleman’s Proposal”, by Julie Quinn
“Bridgerton 3” has also skyrocketed in the rankings. Julie Quinn introduces us to the life of the beautiful Sophie Beckett, a girl of noble birth who did not have an easy life. She is in fact the illegitimate daughter of the Earl of Penwood, and has always been treated like a maid. A story that immediately recalls the tale of Cinderella, and that can be read in one breath. 7. “Bridgerton 1. The Earl and I”, by Julie Quinn
Also the first chapter of “Bridgerton” is among the most read ebooks of the moment. The story, which he fascinated both on paper and on the small screen, centers on the coveted bachelor Simon Arthur Henry Fitzranulph Basset, the new Duke of Hastings and heir to one of England’s oldest and most prestigious titles.8. “Off Limits: He wants the one thing he can’t have”, by LA Cotton
And an ebook dedicated to the youngest, “Off Limits: He wants the one thing he can’t have”. Lily is finishing her high school journey and although she has always tried to go unnoticed, this time she wants to try to overcome her limits and her shyness. Kaiden Thatcher, on the other hand, has always been the most popular kid in school and the strongest at football. The fates of the two boys cross in a completely random and unexpected way. What will come out will be a wonderful love story or a terrible disaster 9. “Memory of my sad whores”, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Among the most purchased and read ebooks lately there is also him, “Memory of my sad whores”, the small masterpiece in which Marquez, in the guise of a solitary and eccentric journalist, discovers the pleasure of abandoning himself to the senses without the urgencies of desire , the fears and the sense of modesty that distinguish relationships in the years of youth. 10. “Eleven deaths are not enough”, by Raffaele Malavasi
In the last period, the latter ebook written by Raffaele Malavasi has also been downloaded a lot, an exciting thriller set in the Genoese hinterland, where the corpse of a woman is found, hiding an indecipherable manuscript. The crime appears immediately delicate, linked to a series of murders that took place between the 1950s and 1970s. A reading full of twists not to be missed.

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