Books are real containers of emotions. Words open boundless universes and every reader’s imagination travels, just as hearts tend to open up. Very often we identify with the characters whose adventures and stories we read, or more simply the stories themselves are so tragic that they deeply touch dormant chords and of which often even we were not aware. The 10 most moving books according to readers
This is precisely why we asked our readers to tell us which book they were most moved by. Among the most cited authors are Khaled Hosseini and Margaret Mazzantini, while “L’Amico Ritrovato” is certainly one of the books that has marked readers since high school. 1) “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini
At fifteen, Mariam had never been to Herat. From her wooden “kolba” at the top of the hill, she observes the minarets in the distance and anxiously awaits the arrival of Thursday, the day when her father visits her and talks to her about poets and wonderful gardens, about rockets landing on the moon and the films he projects in his cinema .. 2) “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini
It is said that time heals every wound. But, for Amir, the past is a long-clawed beast, ready to catch him back when he least expects it. Many years have passed since the day when the life of his friend Hassan changed forever in an alley in Kabul. 3) “The rediscovered friend” by Fred Uhlman
In 1930s Germany, two 16-year-olds attend the same exclusive school. One is the son of a Jewish doctor, the other is from a wealthy aristocratic family. A friendship of the heart is born between them, a perfect and magical understanding. A year later, their bond is broken .. 4) “The little prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
“The Little Prince” and the story of the meeting in the middle of the desert between an aviator and a funny little man dressed as a prince who arrived on Earth from space. But there is much more than just friendship in this surreal, philosophical and magical book .. 5) “The Bridges of Madison County” by Robert James Waller
When Robert Kincaid, a well-known photographer traveling for a shoot, arrives in the courtyard of an Iowa farm to ask for information, he does not know that the stop will mark his existence. And he doesn’t even know Francesca Johnson, the owner’s Italian wife. But a few hours are enough for both to understand .. 6) “Paula” by Isabel Allende
Paula, born on 22 October 1963, is a happy girl, in love with her husband, passionate about her work. Of her The of her and of her a simple life of her, which has nothing to do with that of her mother Isabel. Two women, two different fates. Suddenly Paula falls ill with a very serious disease, porphyria, which drags her into a coma from which there is no return .. 7) “Come into the world” by Margaret Mazzantini
One morning Gemma gets on a plane, dragging today’s son, Pietro, a sixteen-year-old boy. Destination Sarajevo, a border city between West and East, wounded by a past that is still close. Waiting for her at the airport, Gojko, Bosnian poet, friend, brother, missed love .. 8) “The Miserables” by Victor Hugo
In this great novel, one of the most important of French literature, Victor Hugo pours out most of his human experience and social, to build a story of fatigue, exile, love and poverty. An epic of misery and an imposing period fresco. 9) “The elegance of the hedgehog” by Muriel Barbery
We are in Paris in an elegant building inhabited by upper-class families. From her porter’s lodge the concierge Renee watches the flow of this life of luxurious vacancy, appearing in every way to conform to the concierge’s very idea: fat, sloppy, grumpy and couch potato. Instead, unbeknownst to everyone, Renee is a highly cultivated self-taught .. 10) “The Green Mile” by Stephen King
In Cold Mountain Penitentiary, along the narrow corridor of cells known as “The Green Mile”, inmates wait to die in the electric chair, watched over by guards. But no one can decipher the enigmatic gaze of John Coffey, a giant black sentenced to death for raping and killing two little girls. Coffey is a human-like monster or a being somehow different from everyone else

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