MILAN – March 8 should not only be the time to give mimosa to mothers, wives and girlfriends, but also the right day to reflect on the importance that women have played and have in the world. In the world of literature there are many writers who have marked the era in which they lived with their works. We asked you which writer from each era was your favorite . Let’s discover the other writers who enter this special ranking. Click here to read and share the aphorisms about women! Jane Austen
One of the most famous and fashionable writers of all time. Jane Austen (1775-1817) is remembered for her works(Pride and prejudice, Reason and sentiment, Emma), but also and above all for having brought a style and themes to the literary field that later became real topos. The work of him and, again, a point of reference for entire generations. Many young people, in fact, can draw from it many useful tips also on the increasingly frequent fashion of online dating. Austen is a literary icon that still makes thousands of readers dream all over the world and, for the most avid fans, we also point out 10 places absolutely to visit related to her works and the places where she lived . Click here to read and share the writer’s aphorisms. Charlotte Bronte
Daughter of an Irish clergyman, in 1820 she settled with her family in Haworth, in the moorland region. Since her childhood Charlotte, often left to herself, together with her sisters Emily and Anne and her brother Branwell have created an imaginary world, on which the boys built complicated cycles of childhood stories. The life of the Bronte sisters was marked by serious family mourning: they lost their mother with cancer as a child, and also her aunt, who had moved into their home to raise them, left early. Charlotte was not very lucky even in the sentimental field: she fell in love, without being reciprocated, with a professor already married, and when she married a shepherd, she died the following year, while she was expecting a child. “Jane Eyre” and Charlotte’s alter ego: both lived an orphaned and abandoned youth.
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Not only a writer, but a journalist and activist, Fallaci (1929-2006) was the first woman in Italy to go to the front as a special correspondent. As an author, she has published 20 novels, selling twenty million copies worldwide. You forcefully returned to the limelight due to the news related to terrorism. Her strong and courageous analysis of the relationship between Islam and the West is remembered. It was 2001 when, after the terrorist attacks of 11 September, the writer Oriana Fallaci proposed her harsh point of view regarding the tragic events of the Twin Towers through newspaper articles and books. The most important ” Anger and pride ” and “The power of reason “. Public opinion is still divided in half. Some think that Fallaci’s positions were too extreme, as well as the measures to be taken, while others consider her as one of the symbols of the fight against terrorism.
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‘s love poems are romantic and poignant. The English writer and poet famous for her only novel Wuthering Heightsand one of the most loved and appreciated women in British literature. Emily Bronte died very young, just 30 years old, and in front of these sensitive and promising personalities one wonders what they would have left in the world if only they had lived a little longer. The father lived longer than all his children, the last survivor, the eldest sister Charlotte was able to publish the poems of Emily Bronte delivering them to the world, before she too died in 1848. Isabel Allende
Isabel Allende, born in Chile in 1942, she is certainly the most read and loved South American writer ever. Her novels are often inspired by autobiographical events, such as the famous “ The house of the spirits”, Which was also made into a film with Meryl Steep and Jeremy Iron. Others are dedicated to South America, to the historical events that have seen indigenous protagonists and conquerors, to the stories of unforgettable women.
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JK Rowling has been writing stories since she was a child, and she has always wanted to be a writer. The inspiration for “ Harry Potter”Came to her years ago on a train from Manchester to London. A saga that makes millions of readers dream all over the world. During the following years I begin to outline the plot of each book and to write the first chapter of the saga from Bloomsbury in 1997 and from Salani in 1998. The adventures narrated by Rowling marked a turning point in children’s literature, they have been at the forefront of all for years. the rankings of international bestsellers and have received endless literary awards. In bookstores and recently arrived Lethal White , the latest adventure of detective Cormoran Strike, written under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith.
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Roman writer and playwright, Margaret Mazzantini won the Strega Prize in 2002 with her novel Non ti mettere . Her books have been translated in thirty-five countries and in Italy and she is loved above all by Nobody saves himself alone , published by Mondadori in 2011. She made her debut in 1994 with the novel Il basin di zinco . Her life and her novels are intersected by two common threads, the first and that of conflicts, faced on different fronts. The second is that of motherhood.
Susanna Tamaro
Originally from Trieste, distantly related to Italo Svevo, Susanna Tamaro and the author of the bestseller Go where your heart takes you, the novel published in 1994 and which has sold fifteen thousand million copies worldwide. The film of the same name starring Margherita Buy and Virna Lisi was based on the famous and appreciated novel. In 2011, at the Turin Book Fair, the book was included among the 150 Great Books that have marked the history of Italy. Other unforgettable novels by the author are Anima mundi and the children’s book Cuore di ciccia. Dacia Maraini
Daughter of the ethnologist and writer Fosco Maraini and of Princess Topazia Alliata, Dacia Maraini is one of the most popular writers of Italian literature. During Fascism her father, to escape the dictatorship, moved with the rest of the family to Japan, but it is precisely here that little Dacia spent three years in a concentration camp, as they had not recognized the Japanese military government. In the collection of poems Mangiami pure , the writer reports all the sufferings and hunger suffered in those years. Freed by the Americans, Dacia Maraini returns to Italy, Sicily and then to Rome where she continues her studies and she begins to collaborate with important magazines and to take an interest in theater. In 1962 she published her debut novel Di lei La Vacanzaand begins the love affair with Alberto Moravia, who leaves his wife Elsa Morante for her. In 1973 she founded the Teatro della Maddalena, exclusively dedicated to women, for which she composes more than thirty plays. Loved and recognized, Maraini won the Campiello Prize in 1990 with The Long Life of Marianna Ucria and in 1999 her novel Di lei Buio di lei won the Strega Prize. Agatha Christie
Beloved and appreciated writer, Agatha Christie is the queen of mystery: the characters of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple are world famous icons, so much so that she is the second most translated English writer in the world, after William Shakespeare. Novels like Ten Little Indians , Murder on the Orient Expressand Miss Marple and the Thirteen Problems are irreplaceable pieces of the history of world literature.
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Elsa Morante was the narrator of works in sharp contrast with the contemporary Italian and European panorama. In fact, she was a wild and anarchist writer, far from the realism so fashionable at the time. Wife of Alberto Moravia, Elsa Morante marked the history of literature with one of the most beautiful and significant novels of the twentieth century: The story , directly printed in paperback, paperback and low-cost edition, to make it more accessible and within the reach of most humble.
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