MILAN – As we know, literature is the greatest producer of stories that exists. From this mine, in addition to cinema and music, he also drew on musicals, a genre that was able to masterfully reinterpret the stories of unforgettable characters of literature. Thanks to the interaction of different art forms such as acting, dance, scenography and music, it knows how to give life to new atmospheres and strong emotions. Here are the 10 most beautiful musicals taken from literature. Pinocchio In 2003 the musical ” Pinocchio
was produced in Milan (consecrated in 2010 after landing on Broadway), based on Collodi’s fable (Carlo Lorenzini), ” The Adventures of Pinocchio“. The musical, by Saverio Marconi with the music of Pooh, is a show that summarizes the Italian culture, creativity and identity and which has had an incredible success, considering the hundreds and hundreds of replicas throughout Italy and around the world. “Pinocchio” brings to the stage the poetry of Mangiafuoco’s theater, the gags of Cat and Fox, the magic of Turchina that multiplies Pinocchio in the scene of mirrors and the explosive rhythm of the land of Toys. Spectacular are the changes of scene and colorful costumes. At the center there are always current issues, such as diversity, family, the parent-child relationship and friendship. Aladdin
The musical Aladino debuted in 2010. Conceived and produced by the famous Italian group Pooh, it is inspired by Aladdin and the wonderful lamp, one of the most famous tales of “ The Thousand and One Nights ”, a masterpiece of Arabic literature. The lyrics and lyrics are by Stefano D’Orazio and directed by Fabrizio Angelini. On the wings of the magical flying carpet, the musical transports you to the world of “A Thousand and One Nights” where, inebriated by the scents of the East, you meet the young princess Jasmine, the perfidious Grand Vizier Jafar and above all the brave and reckless Aladin, who, together with the faithful Abu and with the magical and amazing help of the Genie of the Lamp, he learns to grow and find his place in the world. Cats
First staged in London in 1981, Cats is inspired by the poems about cats that Thomas Stearn Eliot dedicated to his grandchildren (The Old Possum’s Book of Pratical Cats). At the heart of the musical is a story of marginalization that turns into integration: the old cat Grisabella, once an idolized star who had come to renounce her tribe of Jellicle cats, returns repented and asks to be readmitted. Before her shunned and cast out, she manages to obtain forgiveness and is chosen by the Old Deuteronomy leader to enter the “Sweet Aldila” of cats, the highest honor reserved only for a chosen one. Cats is back this year on the Italian stages thanks to the Opera Populaire company that will perform on Saturday 25 March at 9pm and Sunday 26 March at 5pm atCondominio Theater of Gallarate . The company does not offer a simple replica but a renewed version in the settings and costumes, expertly designed and adapted for the musical. The tour will end in Monza at the Manzoni Theater on May 6th and 7th. West Side Story
West Side Story debuted successfully for the first time on September 26, 1957 in New York for the Broadway theater with Carol Lawrence, Chita Rivera, Marilyn Cooper and Reri Grist reaching 732 performances. It was written by Jerome Robbins, who reinterpreted the Shakespearean tragedy of “ Romeo and Juliet “, transporting it to modern times. West Side Story is still represented with some frequency by minor and major companies around the world today. Cabaret
This musical is based on ” Farewell to Berlin “, the novel by Christopher Isherwood, produced on Broadway in 1966. The text by Joe Masteroff, with music by John Kander and lyrics by Fred Ebb, is a classic of musical theater and boasts a extraordinary soundtrack, rightfully entered in the heritage of musicals thanks to timeless songs such as Mein Herr, Money Money, Maybe This Time and Life is a cabaret. It was staged in Italy for the last time in 2015 by the Compagnia della Rancia . All together passionately
Inspired by “ The Trapp family“, The autobiographical novel by Maria Augusta von Trapp, All Together Passionately and one of the most beloved musicals ever. The show not only tells the story of a widower forced to take care of his seven children alone (five girls and two boys) who is moved by an educator like Maria, who just doesn’t feel like becoming a nun, but also the other story, the one that filled the books, ugly and devastating, of Austria being invaded by the Nazis. The Miserables
To date, I miserabili is the musical represented several times in the world, seen by over 60 million people and represented in 42 countries and 21 different languages. Written in 1980 by Claude-Michel Schonberg (music) and Alain Boublil (lyrics), and based on the novel of the same name by Victor Hugo. After the success of the Parisian edition, the show was noticed by producer Cameron Mackintosh, who made an English language version, which achieved unprecedented success both in London’s West End and on Broadway. The Phantom of the Opera
Based on Gaston Leroux’s most popular novel, it was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber (music) and Charles Hart (lyrics) with the collaboration of Richard Stilgoe for the libretto. The musical was staged for the first time in London on 9 October 1986. The story, as we said, is freely inspired by the novel, with the same title, by Gaston Leroux, a story that tells of the hopeless love of a musician with a face disfigured and covered by a mask (the Phantom) for a young singer. Notre-Dame de Paris
Based on the novel of the same name by Victor Hugo and staged in 2002 with music by Riccardo Cocciante, Notre-Dame de Parisit made its debut in Italy on March 14, 2002, at the Gran Teatro di Roma, built for the occasion. Notre Dame de Paris has been sung in seven different languages ​​and performed around the world over 4,000 times. England, Switzerland, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Canada, and dozens of other countries, were the various stages of the opera, enjoying unprecedented success and audience attendance records. The dates for the 2017 tour have just been announced . The Wizard of Oz
This musical debut in Chicago in 1902, edited by the same author, Lyman Frank Baum, who had published the novel of the same name two years earlier.. A show that transports the viewer to one of the most fascinating realms ever, that of Oz. In this world we meet the famous wizard, good witches and evil witches. Let’s take this journey together with little Dorothy, casually catapulted into this magical kingdom, together with her three traveling companions: the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow. The young girl will be able to return home

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