Until now you may not have considered the possibility of marking yourself a great autumn look, but now that the temperatures have finally dropped , it is time to sign the basic autumn garments (like those corduroy pants that have been making eyes at us for a month) and bet on the best trends of autumn 2021.
It is logical that with this unstable weather these months you have not yet been able to think of the perfect looks for autumn ; temperatures change too much from night to morning, and that makes us indecisive about the type of shoes to wear, how warm we should leave the house.
Even so, it is already noticeable that the temperatures are dropping and that is why a summary ofthe outfits that we will see the most this autumn 2021 . Although we have already noticed that some trends such as chocolate brown, prints, or shirts and pants with retro dyes have taken over street style, we do not want any star garment to be missed; We never know where inspiration can come from.
We love this fall’s trends because they seem to us to last over time, those investments that we make for one season and we don’t regret it after three more. If you are impatient to control and have your autumn outfits ready , this list of the most popular garments of the season will help you a lot to know which autumn keys you need and which ones you already have in your closet. These arethe 10 most trendy garments of autumn 2021 that you cannot miss in your wardrobe.

Autumn garments 2021: the green down jacket

One of the favorite colors of this autumn-winter is green, (along with brown and purple), therefore, getting a down jacket in this tone seems like a sure hit. It will give life to your most muted looks, since in autumn we often opt for black and gray, and you will be super warm and fashionable.

Autumn garments 2021: the animal print sweater
Yes, we don’t quite understand why, but this season we’ve become a bit obsessed with bright colors. We believe that one of the reasons is the presence in the street style of sweaters in shades of pink and purple that brighten up the rainiest days. Also, if they are animal print on top, they end up making us fall in love.

Autumn 2021 garments: the two-tone jacket

The bank and black always works, especially when we talk about garments like this leather-effect jacket with a geometric print. The vintage aesthetic is going strong this fall, and this jacket seems like a perfect investment, you can wear it with casual looks combined with jeans, but also for your most important dates with midi dresses.

Autumn clothes 2021: the jacket suit with a retro print
We couldn’t like jacket suits more, elegant and versatile, they save us from any situation. This autumn we have fallen in love with one with a retro print, the leading trend of the season, and we promise you that if you get one like this one from Pilar de Arce you won’t regret it.

Fall clothes 2021: leather pants

You don’t know it yet, but these leather pants will save you from any situation. They are a wardrobe staple every fall, and this season the influencers are back in the spotlight. The best thing is that you can choose the shape with which you are most comfortable: straight, skinny jeans, bell…

Fall 2021 garments: high boots
If you are very observant you will have noticed that in all the shop windows there is a pair of high boots, and that is that they are very popular this autumn. In black, brown or even white, get them in the tone and style that you like the most (with platforms, grunge style, military…) and level up all your looks.

Autumn garments 2021: the XXL scarf

Surely you already have a pair because they became fashionable several seasons ago, but this year dare to wear your XXL scarf with a matching hat in bright or pastel tones, you will feel that your looks are filled of color, and without giving up being super warm.

Fall Outfits 2021: The Olive Corduroy Pants
When we were little we hated it, but this fall corduroy is very fashionable, especially in pants. These in olive green with a straight cut have made us fall in love, and now we are like crazy looking for ones to immediately make them the star garment of our wardrobe this season. They have all the keys to also become your favorites, a beautiful color, they stylize the legs and of course, you won’t even notice the cold.

Autumn garments 2021: loafers with track soles
It’s clear that you either love them or hate them, but these moccasins that mix the Oxford style with a track sole are a big hit this fall, and we’re sure that if you get one in your favorite color you’ll know how to get a lot out of it. With jeans, with mini skirts and stockings, with jacket suits… They are not the shoes that have the most followers, but we must recognize that they are super versatile and stylish.

Purple pajama-style set, the most chic

confy trend The confy trend derived from the pandemic has not yet completely abandoned us, but far from the tracksuit sets with so many details like this one, they have completely won our hearts. In purple, one of the top colors of the season is a safe bet if you are looking for a 10 look.

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