Today is the International Kissing Day. For Cirano di Bergerac the “kiss” was the pink apostrophe between the words “I love you”. For many painters the “kiss” was the theme with which art was able to represent the ecstasy between two lovers. There are many kisses in the history of art. On the occasion of this day we propose here the most famous and representative. FRANCESCO HAYEZ, “The kiss”
“The kiss” is a famous painting by Francesco Hayez from 1859. It is a very sensual painting, where the two lovers exchange a kiss before the escape of the man who is already with one foot on the ladder. But the painting also has a great Risorgimento significance: in fact the man has the colors of the Italian flag while the woman has the colors of France, our ally and beloved. The painting expresses the pure and passionate sentiment, typical of Italian Romanticism. GUSTAVE KLIMT, “The Kiss”
As famous as the first and certainly “The bay” by the great Austrian artist made in 1907 and kept in Vienna in the Osterreichische Galerie. This work, in full accordance with the canons of the Liberty style, is painted on canvas with gold-colored decorations and mosaics in the background. It represents the ecstasy that love causes. Man and woman seem to belong to a single body which in turn becomes one with the universe. The flowers and buds on which the two lovers are resting represent the vital charge that is generated by love. RENE MAGRITTE, “The lovers”
“The Lovers” is a painting by the Belgian surrealist painter Rene Magritte painted in 1928. The painting depicts a couple covered by a veil embracing and kissing. Obviously symbolic, many have speculated as to why the couple is veiled, while others have interpreted the painting in different ways; in any case the most common interpretation is ‘Love is blind’. GIOTTO, “The meeting of Anna and Joachim at the Golden Gate”
The meeting of Anna and Joachim at the Golden Gate and a fresco by Giotto, datable to about 1303-1305 and part of the cycle of the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua. It is the last of the Stories of Joachim and Anna in the highest register of the right wall, looking towards the altar. The moving meeting can be considered as the first kiss painted in the history of painting.EDVARD MUNCH, “The kiss with the window”
“The kiss with the window” and a painting of 1892 preserved at the National Museet for kunst in Oslo. The painting is part of a group of works on the theme of the cycle of life, death and love. The relationship between man and woman is a theme often addressed by Munch. The two embraced figures, impossible to distinguish separately, represent the loss of identity. The relationship between man and woman is configured as a tension between the desire to love and the fear of loving. The ambiguous relationship is expressed by the physical fusion of the two figures who embrace in an attempt to cancel or assimilate. In this Munch transfers that painful sense of loneliness linked to his personal experience. MARC CHAGALL, “Birthday”
His “Birthday”, made in 1915, is part of the series of paintings that praise the artist’s love for his first wife. Bella di lei, in her book, tells that, while she was decorating her room with flowers for her husband’s birthday, Chagall asked her to stop because he wanted to portray her. The image is characterized by the couple suspended in the air and the artist who, in order to kiss his wife, takes an impossible angle. Chagall painstakingly paints everything, indicating that when he is with his wife Bella, everything in reality is perfect and it seems that she can bring him happiness. WILLIAM ADOLPHE BOUGUEREAU, “Cupid and Psyche, children”
“Cupid and Psyche, children”, is an oil painting of 1890, which is in a private collection and is one of the most famous works of the author. The work is erroneously known as “The First Kiss”, it symbolizes pure love, childish sweetness and the purest aspect of love.
. AGNOLO BRONZINO, “The Allegory of the Triumph of Venus”
“The Allegory of the Triumph of Venus” and an oil painting on wood by Agnolo Bronzino, datable to about 1540-1545 and kept from 1860 at the National Gallery in London. It is considered one of the finest masterpieces of early Italian Mannerism. . ROY LICHTENSTEIN, “Kiss”
The kiss of the American artist, one of the most famous exponents of Pop CORREGGIO, “Jupiter and I” is decidedly effervescent
The painting, datable to about 1532-1533, made by the famous Emilian painter, and dedicated to the story of Io, priestess of Era, as narrated in the Metamorphoses, Ovid’s epic-mythological poem: in love with her but fearful of her jealousy. wife, Jupiter made a thick fog fall on the earth and seduced the charming girl.

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