Ancient seaside villages, wild coast and super popular tourist resorts: Lazio has a lot to offer! Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, it boasts hundreds of kilometers of very varied coastline with almost all beaches located on the mainland, except for the spectacular ones found in Ponza and Palmarola. Many locations have received the Blue Flag , so we speak of excellent waters and quality of services that help ensure the livability of the area.
The Lazio coast, with its islands, is one of the most popular destinations in Italy. For this, here are the 10 most beautiful beaches in Lazio !
Beach Location, Province Type Sabaudia beach Sabaudia, Latina sand
Sassolini beach Minturno, Latina gravel and sand
Spiaggia dell’Angolo Sperlonga, Latina sand
Cala Nave Ventotene, Latina volcanic sand
Serapo beach Gaeta, Latina white sand
Chiaia di Luna Ponza island, Latina white sand, gravel and rocks
Latina Lido Latina sand fine white
Cala del Porto Island of Palmarola, Latina golden sand and stones
Spiaggia dei Gigli Anzio, Rome sand
Beach 300 steps Gaeta, Latina sand

Map and photos of the beaches
1 – Photo of the Sabaudia (Latina) beach at sunset

2 – Photo of the beach by Sassolini.Scauri in Minturno (Latina)

3 – Video of the Angle Beach in Sperlonga (Latina)

4 – Photo of the Cala Nave beach in Ventotene (Latina)

5 – Photo of the Serapo beach in Gaeta (Latina)

6 – Photo of the Chiaia di Luna beach on the island of Ponza (Latina)

7 – Photo of the Latina Lido beach at sunset

8 – Photo of the coast of the island of Palmarola (Latina)

Photo of Lido dei Gigli, Anzio (Rome)

10 – Photo of the beach 300 steps in Gaeta (Latina)


1 – Sabaudia beach, Sabaudia In the
shade del Monte Circeo and immersed in the Circeo National Park, is the beach of Sabaudia with its soft dunes 25 kilometers long. It is characterized by very fine sand, thick vegetation and its protected dunes.
The long beach of Sabaudia,awarded with the blue flag , and equipped with many free areas and very quiet bathing establishments (Lilanda, Le Streghe, Saporetti). In addition, the sea tends to be rough and the beach windy, making it perfect for surfing and kite surfing . Unmissable Cala del Prigioniero and its cave, located in the Circeo Promontory.

  • Where it is : on the southern coast of Lazio, the closest city is Latina. By bus: from the Eur Laurentina station in Rome in the direction of Sabaudia. By train: to the Priverno-Fossanova railway station, from here a bus leads to Sabaudia. By car: A2 motorway towards Naples or Rome, Frosinone exit – Get directions
  • Ideal per : relax, surf, kite surf
  • Type : fine sand
  • Where to sleep in the surrounding area : Hotels and b & b from € 50.00 per room – see the offers

2 – Sassolini beach, Minturno
Photo of Fontema. The Sassolini beach, surrounded by rocks and Mediterranean scrub, is located in a small cove west of the Torre di Scauri. Obviously, the name is due to the fact that it is made up of pebbles of ocher color mixed with sand and is washed by a transparent sea. There is both a bathing establishment and a free beach, and it is famous for having appeared in some scenes of “Il Conte di Montecristo” and in the film “by grace received” by Nino Manfredi.

Perfect for relaxing and leisurely swimming.

  • Where it is : located at the extreme south of the coast in the municipality of Minturno, province of Latina. By train: the nearest railway station is Minturno-Scauri – Get directions
  • Ideal for : relaxation
  • Type : pebbles, sand
  • Where to sleep nearby : Hotels and b & b from € 55.00 per room – see the offers

3 – Spiaggia dell’Angolo, Sperlonga
Photo by Aldo Ardetti. The Angolo beach is located near the remains of the Villa di Tiberio in Sperlonga and is one of the most beautiful stretches of free beach with its golden sand and its primitive charm, considering that a thick vegetation develops behind it. The sea is crystal clear and the sloping seabed is rich in flora and fauna, perfect for diving.

  • Where it is : southern coast, near Sperlonga. By car from the A1 Rome-Naples Autostrada del Sole motorway, Cassino exit. By train: Rome-Naples to Fondi station, from here bus line – Get directions
  • Ideal for : relaxation, diving, snorkeling
  • Type : golden sand
  • Where to sleep nearby : Hotels and b & b from € 55.00 per room – see the offers

4 – Cala Nave, Ventotene Island
Among the most beautiful beaches of Ventotene there is certainly that of Cala Nave, one of the Lazio beaches awarded with the blue flag . It has a small strip of dark sand that alternates with gravel. A large rock and a stack make this jewel a wonderful place to discover.
Cala Nave is equipped and suitable for children , thanks to its seabed that remains low for many meters, the sea is calm and transparent.

  • Where is it : south-eastern part of the island. It can be reached by sea from the ports of Formia and Terracina, in summer also from those of Anzio, Naples and Ischia. Some ferries connect it to the island of Ponza – Get directions
  • Ideal for : relaxation, children
  • Typology : volcanic sand, rocks
  • Where to sleep nearby : Hotels and b & b from € 60.00 per room – see the offers

5 – Spiaggia di Serapo, Gaeta
Photo by John Perry. Serapo beach, one of the main Lazio beaches awarded with the blue flag , is the main one in the municipality of Gaeta and is very sandy. In summer it is particularly crowded and the bathing establishments are full, while the free stretches are very small. The scenery is suggestive , with shallow waters and the surrounding hills. From the beach you can admire the “Nave di Serapo”, a rock whose shape resembles that of a ship.

  • Where it is : south coast. By car: A1 exit Cassino. By train: Gaeta station and from there you can arrive by bus – Get directions
  • Ideal for : relaxation
  • Type : white sand
  • Where to sleep in the surrounding area : Hotels and b & b from € 50.00 per room – see the offers

6 – Chiaia di Luna, Ponza Island
Chiaia di Luna is the most famous and scenic beach on the island of Ponza . The shape recalls that of a crescent moon and the fine white gravel ensures the turquoise and brilliant color of the water: ideal for bathing and swimming.
This amazing place is accessible only by sea and the bathing service is present only along the eastern stretch of the beach. The rest is pure nature!

  • Where is it : island of Ponza, west coast, opposite the island of Palmarola. You can arrive by sea by ferry or hydrofoil, which depart from the ports of Terracina, Anzio, Formia, Naples and San Felice Circeo – Get directions
  • Ideal for : relaxation, swimming
  • Type : white sand, gravel, rocks
  • Where to sleep nearby : Hotels and b & b from € 60.00 per room – see the offers

7 – Latina Lido, Latina
The city of Latina has beautiful beaches bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, namely Marina di Latina or Latina Lido. Among the best are Capo Portiere and the lido di Foce Verde , with fine sand and sloping seabed, suitable for families with small children and for groups of friends.
There are numerous accommodation and tourist facilities in the area and several bathing establishments, since here there are many tourists who choose this location as a destination for their summer holidays.

  • Where is it : near Latina, about 20 min (10.5 km) by car or by bus from Latina to the beaches – Get directions
  • Ideal for : entertainment, families
  • Type : fine white sand
  • Where to sleep nearby : Hotels and b & b from € 62.00 per room – see the offers

8 – Cala del Porto, Island of Palmarola
Cala del Porto or Spiaggia della Maga Circe, on the island of Palmarola, is made of sand and stones , dotted with tuff caves and protected from the high Faraglione di San Silverio. A crystalline sea and the contrast with the stones of the beach enhances its colors: its appearance is truly fascinating and wild !
In the summer months the boats of visitors and organized tours are crowded, because thanks to the variety of the coasts and the pristine appearance, it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world .

  • Where is it : island of Palmarola, reachable by sea both through organized excursions and ferries from Ponza – Get directions
  • Ideal for : relaxation, swimming, snorkeling
  • Type : golden sand, stones
  • Where to sleep in the surrounding area : Hotels and b & b from € 65.00 per room – look at the offers

9 – Spiaggia dei Gigli, Anzio
The Lido dei Gigli is part of the municipality of Anzio and is a free sandy beach , with no establishments or restaurants, just lots of greenery and an integrity of fauna and flora to be admired. Its sand is golden and is home to dunes up to twenty meters high . It is a perfect area for those who want to spend a few hours relaxing by the sea.

  • Where is it : central southern coast between Anzio and Pomezia, easily reachable by train and bus with the Rome-Nettuno line – Get directions
  • Ideal for : relaxation
  • Type : golden sand
  • Where to sleep in the surrounding area : Hotels and b & b from € 52.00 per room – see the offers

10 – Beach 300 steps, Gaeta
Between the towns of Gaeta and Sperlonga, along the Via Flacca is the Beach of the 300 Steps (or Arenauta), with golden sand and crystalline sea, and behind it rocks and vegetation. It is accessible through a paid path made up of about 300 steps .
In the western half there are some bathing establishments, while the rest is free. A part is frequented by those who practice naturism , or the left side, referred to as the “last resort”. The place is quiet and very charming.

  • Where it is : southern coast near Gaeta. To get there you need a car. Follow the Flacca to Sperlonga and then beyond, passing Gaeta and the Piana di Sant’Agostino – Get directions
  • Ideal for : relaxation
  • Type : golden sand
  • Where to sleep in the surrounding area : Hotels and b & b from € 57.00 per room – see the offers

Organize your holiday in Lazio: flights and hotels
Lazio in terms of tourism is confronted with the important presence of Rome, which obviously attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Its coasts are also beautiful and the ancient port of Ostia still preserves refined mosaics and a theater. Inland, on the other hand, are the wooded mountains of the Apennines , with nature reserves, villages and lakes.
Airport connections are ensured by Leonardo da Vinci and Rome-Ciampiano airports, which often make direct national and international flights to the most famous cities in the world. The transport system in Rome is guaranteed by an integrated network of buses, trams and metrothat lead to all tourist attractions, and more. Throughout Lazio there are buses and trains that connect the major cities.
Hotel prices are average , with some offers below € 50.00 per night.

  • Low cost flights: starting from € 33.00 – check the offers
  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b from € 50.00 per room – see the offers
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