Who said that scarves are not for summer

It is true that rising temperatures do not invite you to wear a scarf in the traditional way, but there are many original ways to wear a scarf in your summer looks. Especially this summer, when the top scarves of the 90s , bandanas, are back in trend. Especially after having seen the 10-euro Zara scarves that you will wear in a thousand ways in your summer looks.
Now we are a bit dazed with the Zara sales and it seems that the tree does not let us see the forest, but we thank Mr. Amancio for having discovered these super ideal handkerchiefsfor our summer outfits. With this we mean that the Zara scarves do not belong to the sales, but it is not that we care much because their price is quite cheap (9.99 euros).
With original prints and made of silk , Zara scarves are ideal to wear in a thousand different ways in your summer looks. You can wear them as a complement to any of your summer hairstyles , as a top with white wide-leg pants, as a belt, as a turban… You just have to use your imagination to make the 10-euro Zara scarves become in that complement of your outfit capable of taking it to another level.
We know that a scarf has the gift of giving a style that touch that it lacks to be outstanding and, in that sense, betting on one of the scarves that Zara offers us seems like a good option. Forget about wearing the classic handkerchief around your neck and take full advantage of this ideal and irresistible accessory, now super cheap thanks to the handkerchief proposals made by Zara. We already have our favorite summer scarf and we are very clear about how we are going to wear it, discover which one is yours and mark the summer look.

10 ways to wear Zara scarves in your summer looks

Linked in a herringbone braid.
As a top.
Like a headband.
In the neck.
On the handle of the bag.
Tied at the wrist.
In a ponytail.
Surrounding the monkey.
Like a bandana.
Like a belt

Zara yellow satin scarf Zara

‘s yellow satin scarf is priced at 9.95 euros.

Zara flower

scarf The Zara flower scarf is priced at 9.95 euros.

Zara red flower

scarf The Zara red flower scarf is priced at 9.95 euros.

Zara mauve print scarf Zara

‘s mauve print scarf is priced at 9.95 euros.

Zara tropical print

scarf The Zara tropical print scarf is priced at 9.95 euros.

Pink scarf with flower print from Zara

The pink scarf with flower print from Zara is priced at 7.95 euros.

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