Regardless of whether you love to get your hands dirty and surprise your family and friends with the most exquisite and elaborate preparations, as if when you think about cooking you enter the 7 evils, a kitchen robot is the perfect appliance for you . With it, you will see the perfect solution to all the problems that arise in your elaborations. For those people who love to cook, with a good food processor they will be able to show off even more and spend less time in the kitchen; for the seconds, it will avoid many headaches since they can be programmed so that the kitchen robot controlsthe proportions of the ingredients and not have to worry about anything other than surprising the rest of the diners with their developed culinary skills.
Kitchen robots knead, chop, blend, cook food, steam, cut, chop, slice, grate and can even be programmed with a specific temperature, so it will not be necessary to even be at home when they are in use. functioning. Kitchen robots are very useful both personally and professionally. With these small but great appliances, you will be able to take advantage of the day in other tasks, you will save time in your kitchen, you will keep it clean without effort and you will not mess it up when you have to prepare any dish.
Within the different ranges of kitchen robots, you can find that there are different types: multifunction kitchen robots, programmable pots, food processors and mixers, so it is important that you review the characteristics of these , to choose the best one. suits your needs and lifestyle. Today, the catalog of these devices is endless, and choosing the best one for you is not easy. There are different brands, ranges and models with very different prices. Next, we present a list of the most important characteristics to take into account when you dare to buy a kitchen robot:

The best kitchen robots

Cecotec Mambo 10070 kitchen robot
Of this model of kitchen robot, it is worth highlighting its versatility . With it, you can cook and fry without having to choose speed or put the lid on, always controlling what you are cooking. It is an all-rounder for the modern kitchen and contains a multifunction “zero speed”. In addition, it is tested accident-proof, and contains a lid with a double safety lock, accident-proof.
This kitchen robot, which you can find on Amazon, contains a total of 30 functionsamong which are: chopping, chopping, emulsifying, mixing, poaching, confit, grinding, reheating, grating, stirring, steaming, blending, beating, whipping, grinding, pulverizing, fermenting, frying and kneading. With its SlowMambo mode, you can cook with the utmost precision and at grade-by-grade pressure. It also has the turbo function and the bain-marie. In addition, with its MamboMix spoon, you will achieve uniform textures and you will be able to knead without cutting the dough, making it homogeneous.
It is ideal for preparing dishes for the whole familyor in meetings with friends. It has a useful capacity of 2 liters, perfect for 4 people, and its stainless steel jug is of very high quality. With this kitchen robot, you won’t even need to buy a scale to weigh your food, since it has one built in. With it, you can work with the exact amounts to achieve the best results.
Not only can you make one dish at a time, but you can prepare up to 4 elaborations at the same time , so the kitchen will spread much more. It also contains a specific app, App Mambo, from which you can download hundreds of recipes both for your day to day and for special occasions. In these recipes you will see the step by step of the preparations with which to get the most out of this Cecotec kitchen robot.
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Kitchen robot SilverCrest Monsieur Cuisine

This kitchen robot stands out especially because it can connect to the Wi-Fi network and download recipes for free without the need to subscribe to any newsletter. The robot itself will follow the recipe instructions step by step through its LCD touch screen. In this way, the connection through Bluetooth or an external mobile device will not be necessary.
This kitchen robot has been and continues to be one of the best sellersthanks to its great value for money. Its customers value the simplicity of its use, and the possibility of connecting it to Wi-Fi. In addition, it is a very competitive brand in the kitchen robot market. What is important for you to know is that you should be very careful when there is stock, since these kitchen robots are sold out in the blink of an eye, and it is usually very common for them to run out quickly . In addition to the possibility of connecting to Wi-Fi, users value the great capacity of this small appliance, since its glass has a capacity of 3.1 liters , greater than the main competing robots. In addition, the 3-year warranty makes the purchase experience of this kitchen robot a more than rewarding experience.
the applianceIt includes a recipe book with more than 160 ideas for you to become a cook, if you are not already one. Definitely, the SilverCrest Monsieur Cuisine food processor wants to make your life easier. In this sense, all its accessories are suitable for washing comfortably in the dishwasher. Another of the most valued factors if you want to save time in the kitchen.
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Bosch MC812M844 MultiTalent 8 Food Processor

The value for money of the Bosch MultiTalent 8 MC812M844 food processor is one of the reasons why this device is the favorite of hundreds of users who have already tested its results. It is a powerful food processor, which has 40 different functions. Therefore, with just one appliance you can cover the functions of many others, including; cut, beat, chop or grate. In this sense, this food processor can replace many other appliances in your kitchen.
With its blender glass, you can blend even the hardest foods , even being able to make mincemeat of ice. Also, with the mini chopper with integrated blade, you can chop all the food you need without having to dirty the whole food processor. In seconds, you will have chopped everything you need. This kitchen robot from the renowned Bosch brand has a power of 1,250 wattsand you will be able to cook, cut and chop foods that you will not be able to process with other models. With this power, it is capable of performing the most difficult tasks and handling large amounts of food at exceptional speed.
The Bosch MultiTalent 8 MC812M844 has a compact size, however, despite its design, it is suitable for working with large quantities. Its container has a capacity of 3.9 liters or 1.5 kilograms . The blender glass reaches 1.5 liters.
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Kenwood Chef KVC3110S

kitchen robot This Kenwood brand kitchen robot has a power of 1,000W, which will allow you to prepare all kinds of elaborations, regardless of the hardness of its ingredients. It is an appliance that stands out for its robustness and power . Its bowl is perfect for preparing large quantities as it contains a capacity of 4.6 litres. Its accessories are made of stainless steel, which makes them more resistant to use and guarantees the best results in all your cooking recipes.
It includes a large number of accessories, which will make your cooking easier and saves you the price and space occupied by other appliances that perform the same functions. The accessories that this kitchen robot includes are: the dough hook, perfect for making desserts, cakes or bread, the rod mixer, to achieve the best textures and emulsify all your recipes, the K mixer, essential if you want to achieve homogeneous mixtures , the glass blender, to crush and mix soups, sauces and drinks, and the anti-splash lid with a nozzle to incorporate ingredients without having to stop the device every time you have to add a new ingredient to your preparation.
If it still seems little to you, you have the possibility of expanding the accessories of your food processor, sinceThere are more than 20 additional accessories that will allow you to unleash your skills as a chef, and expand the possibilities in the kitchen. And to make your life a little easier, with its illuminated intelligent control you can control the speed gradually. You contain 6 different speeds, to avoid splashes.
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Taurus Mycook Touch kitchen robot

With the Taurus Mycook Touch you don’t have to be a great cook to impress everyone with your preparations. With this kitchen robot you can eat in a healthy and balanced waywithout going crazy with the elaborations of your dishes. The great advantage of using this food processor is that you will not need an extensive instruction manual, nor will you need to be an experienced cook. You can prepare varied dishes from the most absolute comfort. This kitchen robot is one of the best on the market , and it has the option of connecting to your home Wi-Fi network to directly access an endless list of recipes that are very simple to prepare and suitable for all tastes. Its recipe book includes more than 9,600 recipes of all kinds.
This version of Taurus offers a more connected and tactile experience . It makes it very easy for you to access thousands of recipes, the preparation of daily menus and access to all the nutritional information. His7-inch touch screen will allow you to navigate between its different functions in a very intuitive way and you will be able to synchronize more than 500 recipes that you can store in its memory to be able to use them even without an internet connection.
Among the more than 9,000 different recipes that this food processor includes, you will find: baby food, traditional stews, vegetarian menus, for celiacs, soups, pastry recipes… all of them will serve to prepare a complete menu, from appetizers to dessert. Well you can use these recipes in your day to day, as in more special occasions. In fact, you will also find cocktails. In this sense, the Mycook Touch allows you to grind, pulverize, fry, grate, knead, chop, emulsify, grind, chop, assemble, steam and cook in less time thanks to the 140° induction cooking system and up to 10 speeds . of cooking to adapt to the different preparations.
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Cecotec GM programmable

pot This Cecotec programmable pot is a revolution in the kitchen pot market. It has an ideal capacity for you to prepare a recipe for the whole week, if you have guests or a large family. Its 6 liter capacityand its possibility of programming for 24 hours, are designed to make your life much easier. It also contains a scale and an innovative folding lid, which is more comfortable to release the pressure that accumulates during your preparations. This kitchen robot is capable of preparing any preparation in record time. You will find 19 cooking possibilities that will help you prepare, in the best possible way, stews, meats, stews, fish, desserts, pasta, rice dishes… and all the recipes you can imagine. In addition, it incorporates a very precise scale that will make you accurately calculate the amount of each of the ingredients that make up your preparation.
It has an integrated anti-splash coverso you can stir and serve without staining the whole kitchen. In addition, this innovative Advance cover releases pressure progressively and very comfortably, to avoid accidents. It has a non-stick bowl so you can achieve excellent results in any of your recipes. It is programmable 24 hours a day and contains an Eco mode so you can save up to 50% energy during cooking. Your kitchen with Turbo is very suitable for preparing rice, pasta, bread, desserts, rice dishes, frying or frying. It includes a complete recipe book so that you surprise, every day with your creations. In addition, with its 11 adjustable temperatures of up to 200 degrees, you can make all kinds of recipes. Its LCD screen with control panel is very ergonomic and allows you to clearly and completely visualize the cooking process.
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BOJ Kitchen Robot MC-2000

The BOJ kitchen robot is compact, but one of the most complete that you will find in the market for this small appliance. Among its characteristics, which makes it one of the best kitchen robots, is its great capacity. It contains a glass capable of supporting 2 gross liters of food.In addition, its 7-inch HD touch screen makes it one of the most outstanding kitchen robots. Includes more than 100 recipesthat you can prepare in a very simple way, whether you are in a hurry or want to surprise someone on a special occasion. The MC-2000, BOJ has developed an exclusive application with 100 wonderful recipe ideas from Karlos Arguinano , which makes his choice even more attractive. Also, you can remotely control this appliance from your device.
Its HD screen has a high color resolution. It is easy to read and its speed can be adjusted in a range from 1 to 10. Its temperature ranges from 30 to 120 degrees and you can program the preparation of your dishes and forget about everything. This model includes the food scale. With it, you can calculate amaximum of 5 kilograms of weight, with an accuracy of up to one gram.
The BOJ MC-2000 chops, mixes, cooks in a bain-marie, grinds, stirs, sautées, grinds, poaches, pulverizes, confits, kneads, reheats, cooks at low temperatures, whisks, boils, keeps warm, whips and emulsifies. So it integrates the functions of many other appliances, which you could do without.
To finish this description, it is important to highlight that it has a self-cleaning function , although both the bowl and the accessories are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.
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This IKOHS food processor is a great alternative for those who do not want to invest a large amount of money in this device and are looking for a multifunction machine. The ChefBot Compact belongs to the category of kitchen robots that bring together many different tools in a single device. Specifically, when you open your box, you will find up to 13 utensils to apply to 23 functions . It contains different accessories for it, and you can choose between the basic functions such as: chop, cook over low heat or steam, automatically, or you can manually adjust the temperature, power and time.
One of the pluses to take into account when choosing this food processor is that the accessories can be washed in the dishwasher .which will save you a lot of time. Its operation is very intuitive and quite simple. Just plug it in and press the power button. Thus, the ChefBot kitchen robot can help you: grate carrots, chop onions or meat, or cut potatoes into slices. It is also very suitable for making desserts and other pastry recipes. Another of its advantages is that it heats up very quickly , and although it does not have as much power as others, it retains heat very well. It is very useful for making stews, stews, eggs or risottos. Its timer allows you to program it up to 90 minutes.
The power of the shredding blades and the whisk accessory meet the expectations of the most demanding users, and the blades are also interchangeable. You will be able to stir with the stirring paddle without having to crush or damage ingredients in preparations in which you are not interested.
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Moulinex Maxichef Advance MK8121

The Moulinex Maxichef Advanced food processor has 45 cooking programs that include a wide variety of techniques, from stews and baby foods to fried steam cooking, among others. It is a multifunctional and very versatile device ., ideal to use in your simplest preparations for the day to day and in your most complicated dishes for more special occasions. Its handling is very simple and intuitive, and it is a very complete kitchen robot. It has a maximum cooking capacity of 5 litres , so its size is ideal for a family of 4 or 5 people . Its power is 750w and is more than enough to make all kinds of recipes. Among the functions of this kitchen robot we find that it has 45 cooking programs. Each one of them is specific for making fried foods, stews, stews… Thanks to its spherical bowl technology, the degree of cooking of the food will be adjusted to each of the culinary preparations.
Your maintenance programtemperature lasts 24 hours , so you won’t have to worry if you change your meal time unexpectedly. In addition, it contains a control panel with which, by means of simple buttons on the LED screen, you can start your food processor very easily and effortlessly. Its technology to reheat, start, stop, turn off, keep warm, time or adjust the temperature allows you to adjust the temperature, time, cooking programs, as well as memorize your own recipes.
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Moulinex ClickChef multifunction kitchen robot
This is the latest model in kitchen robots from the French brand Moulinex, in addition to a low cost appliance, since it is suitable for all budgets. Close our list of the best kitchen robots for their quality price.
It is one of the most compact designs on the market , but do not be fooled by its appearance. Despite the fact that its base measures only 28 centimeters (which occupies a DIN A4 sheet), it is ideal for smaller kitchens, and its results have nothing to envy to the large kitchen robots.
All your accessories can be stored in the glass of your steamer, which will prevent them from being lost and occupying an unnecessary space in your kitchen. The scale is not integrated into it, but is next to the bowl. The main advantage of this is that if you make a mistake when adding an ingredient, you can rectify quickly as the scale is not integrated into the robot. The jug of this Moulinex food processor model is made of stainless steel , which makes it very resistant. It has a capacity of 3.6 liters so it can be used for 4 or 5 people. Its lid is hermetic and all its components can be separated for a more comfortable cleaning. This food processor has 5 automatic programs: Cook at low temperature, especially for soups, dough, sauces and steamer. In addition, from the control panel you can set the speeds (up to 12), the time and the temperature (from 30 to 120 degrees, in intervals of 5 degrees).
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