This small appliance will make our day to day easier, since due to its size we can clean in places that are difficult to access, both at home and in the car . Likewise, thanks to the accessories they have, we can collect everything from liquids to pet hair without having to depend on the large vacuum cleaner at home.
If you are thinking of getting a wireless handheld vacuum cleaner , which makes cleaning easier and does not take up much space once stored, in this article we are going to show you a good variety of these devices, which make up the selection of the 10 best handheld vacuum cleaners

Conga PopStar Micro 18.5 V Handheld vacuum cleaner

The Spanish firmCecotec presents us with a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner with cyclonic bagless technology . It sucks up all types of dirt, both solid and liquid , thanks to its 110W power and its 7.5 kPa suction power. It includes a high-efficiency filter that helps retain a high percentage of particles, mites and dust. A handheld vacuum cleaner with excellent value for money.
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Bosch Hogar Move 14.4V Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
This is
a wireless handheld vacuum cleaner from theBosch brand that is very comfortable to handle. Your High AirFlow systemeffectively separates dust thanks to its triple filtering, which, together with its battery with twelve minutes of autonomy, allows you to keep dirt at bay. Includes an ideal nozzle for hard-to-reach places. With only 1.3 kg of weight, it is the ideal device to carry out cleaning tasks quickly and easily.
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Rowenta Extenso Cyclonic Handheld Vacuum Cleaner AC476901

This Rowentahandheld vacuum cleaner has a very ergonomic handle, with the power button located on the top, which offers an easy and comfortable grip . The tank is easily removed for emptying, as is its filter , which can bewash with water . As accessories it includes a telescopic nozzle and a special mini brush for places of difficult access. Provides a power of 7.2V and an autonomy of 16 minutes . In short, a practical model, simple and pleasant to use.
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Conga Rockstar Micro 15000 Clean&Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

With this Cecotec Conga Rockstar we are facing the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner on the market , thanks to its 20,000 pascals of suction force. Its brushless cyclonic motor provides a lot of power, more durability and less noise. It has two suction modes: Eco and Turbo , the first offers up to30 minutes of autonomy that is shown on its digital screen. It includes a high efficiency filter, an accessory for upholstery and an accessory for furniture and/or corners. One of the best cordless handheld vacuums that can be purchased today.
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Vacuum Cleaner
This is a model that is specially designed for homes with pets . Its motor absorbs hair and dirt that accumulates on furniture, carpets, car or any other area where pets play. Its removable motorized brush helps capture more hair and dirt, providing a

deeper cleaning . It has a double action filtering system, a 14V battery and a good 0.6liter capacity tank with an easy emptying system. If you have a pet, this is your perfect handheld vacuum .
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Xiaomi SSXCQ01XY Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi , the Chinese electronics giant, has in its catalog a mini handheld vacuum cleaner that will not leave you indifferent. The first thing that jumps out at you is its minimalist cylindrical design that will allow you to store it anywhere. It has a power120-watt, two-speed power (with multi-stage cyclonic technology) more than enough for small cleanups Charges via a USB Type-C port. Its small weight of only 500g makes it oneof the most manageable on the market.
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Black + Decker BHHV520BF-QW Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This Black + Deckermodel is especially suitable for collecting pet hair. It has an intelligent technology LED panel with indicators to clean the filter and low battery. The filter and pre-filter are washable with water and its large 700 ml capacity dust and debris container is emptied with a single touch. The battery lifeoffers about 20 minutes. If you are looking for an off-road handheld vacuum , this should be on your list.
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Tōngyong 9000PA Handheld Vacuum

Another powerful cordless handheld vacuum that also sucks up liquids . It stands out for its 100W cyclone motor and 9000PA suction power that collects all types of waste without problem. It has a 2600 mAh battery that allows it to work for 25 minutes . In addition, it incorporates 2 washable HEPA filters with great filtering capacity. It has two interchangeable brushes to collect all kinds of dirt in hard-to-reach areas.An excellent model for day to day.
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Honiture H206 Handheld Vacuum Apowerful cordless handheld vacuum

model that offers a slim design. It mounts the latest brushless motor technology of 170 W and 18000Pa of suction to combat stubborn dirt effectively. It has a HEPA filter and a stainless steel filter that give it twelve levels of filtration. It stands out for its low noise level of only 65dB. If what you are looking for is suction power , this cordless vacuum cleaner is a good option.
Buy at Amazon Bosch Universal Vac18 Home and Garden Handheld Vacuum
Another model from the German firm, synonymous with robustness and durability in its products. Highlights the

high filtering efficiency by incorporating a flexible and easy-to-clean pre-filter that prevents the main filter from clogging quickly. Its diverse scope of use (to clean both indoors and outdoors) is facilitated by the included accessories and the ergonomic, light and compact design . Its universally compatible battery can be used with the entire range of Bosch Home & Garden 18v products.
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If you were thinking of buying a handheld vacuum cleaner , this is the best selection of models on the market to get you to start it at home soon.

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