Electric scooters are a sustainable means of transport that have more and more followers, this 2021 sales have increased exponentially. In the streets of cities and towns you no longer only see bicycles, electric scooters are the fast, efficient and sustainable alternative to move comfortably without polluting. If we have never had an electric scooter, the time has come to start thinking about acquiring one of them. Amazon has a wide selection of electric scooters.that perfectly fit our needs. If you want a powerful and effective tool to travel the streets of your city, do not hesitate, look for a sustainable vehicle that will allow you to save time and money. Say goodbye to public transport, traffic jams and crowds and say hello to the era of sustainable scooters. Take note of the best options to buy in 2021.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Xiaomi electric scooter is one of the low cost technology brandsthat lands on Amazon to offer us the best products, including electric scooters that stand out for their performance and price. The two ‘P’ good features at a reasonable price is what we will discover in this product. With a top speed of more than 20 km we travel the city with great autonomy. Its 12.5 kilos make it easily transportable, we will take it to the office or do the shopping with it comfortably.
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Smartgyro Xtreme

This electric scooter with three speeds is one of the jewels in the crownfor sale on Amazon, one of the most complete and efficient means of transport in this sector. It has an 800W motor, a 13,000 mAh lithium battery and 10″ pneumatic wheels to travel long distances on any surface. The cruising speed it reaches is 25 km, in a fairly decent power that will ensure total control and a enormous stability between distances regardless of the terrain we travel
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Cecotec Bongo Series A electric scooter

Cecotec is one of the reference brands on Amazon that offers one of the cheapest and most complete electric scootersthat exist. There will be no cost to resist us with a power of 700W. With a range of up to 25 km, we will be able to tour the city on a luxury electric scooter. A triple braking system ensures driving around the city and, in addition, it has an on-board computer that controls all our steps. Its folding system makes it very practical, we can easily leave it in a corner of the office or go shopping with it.
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Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30LE II
This scooter fits new generation 10” tires designed to allow us to travel on almost any surface. The paved streets and those that are not so well cared for, whether flat or up to a 20% slope, will not resist us with an acceleration that reaches 25Km/h. The rear traction offers greater stability and makes this scooter one of the most malleable in its sector. It has a drum and electronic brake that are easily controlled, ensuring a path in which we will perfectly control this electric scooter in the event of any setback.
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Denver Electric Scooter SCO-65110

This Denver electric scooter is a good starting pointin the universe of this type of vehicle. With him we will discover and learn how to drive a vehicle with a power of 250w that can support a maximum weight of up to 100 kilos. With a range that reaches 12 km it is perfect for short distances, with it we will discover the pleasure of a monotonous journey, from home to the office or to classes without investing anything in transportation. It is easily charged at home during the nights. It weighs 9 kilos and is easy to transport, it has an on-board computer to control it more easily, in addition to good brakes.
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Electric Scooter Riding’ Times
A low cost electric scooter is always a good gift. Foldable and easy to transport, this jewel for sale on Amazon is one of the best-selling electric scooters. With a weight of 5 kg and a capacity of up to 50 kilos of support, it is perfect for initiating the smallest of the house in the art of driving this type of scooter.
It will help them to gain autonomy and they will be able to move comfortably to school. It is ideal for children from 8 years old whenever they make supervised trips or enjoy the outdoors in the park.
With the bet of Riding’ Times the children will have up to 7km/h and a 120W motor, enough to enjoy and without worries, it also charges in just 2 hours.
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HOMCOM Electric Scooter Height Adjustable

EastThe electric scooter adjusts in height , so we can adapt it perfectly to guarantee the most comfortable and efficient driving. It folds very easily when not in use, and can be stored at the entrance of the house or in any closet without taking up space. It reaches a speed of 12 km and has a range of up to 10 km. A good low cost option to move efficiently around the city.
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Electric Scooter – 350W Folding Motor

This electric scooter for adults has a 350W motor, one of the most powerful in this sector that reaches up to 35 km/h. The speed can be adjusted to ensure greater safety. It weighs just over 11 kilos and is capable of folding in just 3 seconds, it is perfect if we want an efficient urban means of transport. This scooter is equipped with a series of extras to increase safety, dual shock absorbers, new super bright headlights and rear brake lights. It is one of the best rated electric scooters on Amazon.
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HOMCOM Electric Scooter Child 7-14 Years

Any child will enjoy their free time and travel through the park to the fullest with a luxury electric scooter. A maximum speed of 12 km/h in addition to several systems to guarantee total stability accompany this element with a front brake and a range of up to 10 km. A good option to make your first trips on an electric scooter that has everything you need and a little more, at a surprising price.
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ZWHEEL Electric Scooter for Adults

A good electric scooter for adults can change our livesand how to move around our city. We will invest in a vehicle that can save us traffic jams and money. This scooter is equipped with a 300W motor and an autonomy that reaches up to 20 km. It has the latest technology that allows you to control a large part of its functions from an App. A good disc brake will ensure comfortable driving around the city, as well as being very safe.
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