After many years cooking in the microwave, you have realized the great variety of preparations that you could carry out if you had an electric oven in your kitchen. The fact is that this appliance allows you to cook your food in a very healthy and simple way .
And now, you don’t need to buy a large oven. If you don’t have much space in your kitchen, but still don’t want to do without an oven, take a look at this list of the best electric tabletop ovens that we have prepared for you.

Infiniton HSM-12N18 tabletop oven

With this model of Infiniton HSM-12N18 tabletop electric ovenyou can save a lot of space in your kitchen, and prepare the best recipes. It has a capacity of 18 liters , so you will be able to make large preparations in very little space. Its maximum power reaches 1200 W and it has a sixty-minute timer, which you can program and ignore. In addition, its temperature range covers from 100 to 230º , which allows you to play with different cooking modes and textures. Contains a baking tray and a chrome rack.
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Cecotec tabletop oven with pizza stone

This model of small electric ovenIt is made of lacquered steel and includes a stone for baking pizzas. This accessory will make the result of these have nothing to envy to the best Italian restaurants. It is equipped with an interior light, so you can see the status of your food at all times. In addition, it has a 26 liter capacity .
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Electric tabletop oven Orbegozo HO 255

This model of electric tabletop oven from Orbegozo has a power of 1500 W , which will help you cook all your dishes in less time. It contains a double glass so that the temperature inside is perfectly maintained. In addition, it includes a tray and grill that are very easy to clean., so that you are not lazy to use your tabletop oven.
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HOMCOM electric tabletop

oven This HOMCOM electric tabletop oven has a very easily adjustable temperature, which allows you to cook between 100 and 230º of temperature . It has a practical timer that you can program between 0 and 60 minutes. In addition, its glass door allows you to control the state of your food at all times so that you can adjust its cooking state. Its tray can be adjusted in two different positions , and thanks to its compact size, you can place it anywhere in your kitchen.
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SEVERIN TO 2056 Toaster Oven
This model of small electric oven is very practical and reliable. It is a very intuitive and easy-to-use appliance thanks to the fact that it contains a switch with four cooking modes : top heat, bottom heat, convection and top heat with rotating skewer. It has a very elegant design, both inside and out. Its maximum power reaches 1,600 W of power .
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Tefal Toast & Grill TL6008 electric oven and toaster

If you choose this Tefal electric oven model, you will be opting for an appliance model, capable of doing two functions in one. This oven is also a practical and functional 2-in-1 toaster. Its power is 1300 W.and contains a six-position adjustable thermostat. It is a very comfortable model to use, since it does not need preheating. In this way, you will save 75% energy compared to a traditional oven.
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Orbegozo HOT 397 tabletop
This model of electric tabletop oven is ideal for small kitchen spaces. It also contains a black finish that makes it very elegant and easy to combine with the furniture of any kitchen style. Includes a temperature selector and timer up to 90 minutes .
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SAGE Smart Oven
If you want to always get perfect results in your preparations, using energy intelligently, you will love this SAGE model. Contains five quartz coils so you get precise, stable heat right where and when you need it. In addition, you can prepare all your recipes very quickly, thanks to its 2400-watt preheating.
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Microwave with Grill Orbegozo

This model of appliance is in between an electric oven, and a microwave model with grill. It contains 20 liters of capacity , and has a design that sets it apart from the rest, thanks to its attractive maroon color. It is very easy to use, and you can have all your recipes under control, thanks to its LED digital display and chrome details.
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DeLonghi EO32352 tabletop oven

This model of electronic tabletop oven has a power of 2000 W , which will allow you to prepare your dishes faster. Thanks to its new functions of grill and convection heat, you will get a uniform distribution of steam, to cook all your recipes. Includes a grid, an enamel baking tray and a skewer.
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