Thirty years ago, the characters of the heart belonged only to magazines: they were two-dimensional beings, with full-page color photos and rather simple headlines. Newsstand celebrities who crowded the pages, where they lived comfortably in their champagne parties and laughter with flash and without photoshop.
Isabel Pantoja, then very widowed without being persecuted, a virgin in jail, only appeared on TV on a few channels because of her musical facet. She had as a good friend the feared voice of the radio afternoons , the queen of the stretcher table, the rude Duchess: Encarna Sanchez. That relationship between the two, a good friendship as they said then, did not go beyond some hunted photos and a lot of contained hatred, but the duo Tuesday and Thirteenopened Pandora’s box, thus pecking at the heart of the magazines.
The full program of Tuesday and Thirteen ‘El 92… digs with everything’
They parodied and brought to New Year’s Eve dinner what until then had only been discussed in hairdressers and neighborhood snacks. Thirty years ago they finished recording their special on Encarna and “Isabell”.
The comic duo that had become grotesque, laughed unanimously throughout Spain, the journalistic style of “Encanna”, they were authorized to take the hair and the wig. Millan had only to pull down the corners of her to become this princess of the town and of the dumplings. Josema stood up on her heels and with the hair and manners of Maria Jose Cantudo she became Isabel Pantoja. She put together a great time, but neither Carlota Corredera nor Jorge Javier Vazquez could debate it. A program like Save me. which can now turn the plate into a forensic room, would then have been the product of a dystopia worthy of Orwell.
That special that turns 30 years old was called El 92… it digs with everything. No one could imagine then years as hard and complete as 2020 or, above all, as this 2021. On that New Year’s Eve three decades ago Irma Soriano, Consuelo Berlanga and Nieves Herrero closed the year on Antena 3 and Andoni Ferreno did it on Telecinco, in olympic eve. Tuesday and Thirteen were the apotheosis before the grapes, although this caricature of Encarna and Isabel began their decline and was the first special that did not live up to the criticism of the in-laws. Apart from the parody of the couple in Palma, the point of union of the sketches, there were no memorable moments like “tell me,” “she didn’t want to”, Gabriel detergent or Linda Prestley’s jazz,viral moments by dint of seeing them each at home on VHS.
Josema and Millan, who in 1992 would be dragged into a weekly program, began to repeat themselves: the “grrs”, their words and their “look at you” were repeated everywhere. It was nice while they lasted. And although Encarna Sanchez was very upset by that special, where a boy named Dani Martin and an unknown Anabel Alonso appeared as Sor Bete.

Anecdotes from a New Year’s Eve that opened the door to the year of Cobi and Curro, a 92 that led to a local crisis whose challenges we would like to overcome today.

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