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To say it and Rafa Nadal after two hours and 40 minutes of competition in which a Matteo Berrettini gives applause to the Spanish tennis player in the semifinal of the US Open , but then is forced to surrender in front of the Majorcan who beats him in three set: 7-6 (6), 6-4, 6-1. Solid game of the Roman, who plays for a long time on par with the feared opponent, goes 4-0 in the tie-break of the first set and cancels nine break points. Then the collapse at 3-3 in the second set, but Nadal promotes him.

All the clarity and genuineness of Matteo #Berrettini’s post-match analysis after the setback against Rafael #Nadal in the semifinal. # UsOpen #Slam
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Nadal will face Daniil Medvedev in the final, for Matteo Berrettini the dream of the great enterprise, to be the first Italian to play the New York tournament until the last act, vanishes. The first set is to be skinned by applause for how well the Roman plays it. The first game goes easily to Nadal, Berrettini takes only one point and appears very nervous. However, this is only an impression, given that the Roman opens his turn with an ace. Rafa tries to bite him and wants to speed up the practice, but Matteo fixes everything and immediately cancels two break points. The set is also wonderful because played absolutely on a par, Berrettini is perfect in the strategy of playing blow for blow on his fearsome opponent who at a certain point also seems to lose his phlegm: in fact he slips a double foul, nullifies three other break points on 4- 3 and even the set point ball at 5-4. We go to the tiebreaker, with Berrettini who seems to have an advantage from a mental point of view: Nadal loses his serve twice and the blue’s double minibreak is worth an unthinkable 4-0. Nadal’s comeback is however as slow as it is inexorable: 5-2, then 6-4, then 6-6 (on a gamble by Matteo, a short ball). Until 6-8 , which gives the Majorcan a set that he probably never would have thought could break the wall of the hour and a quarter of duration.

– first ATP titles
– top ten close
– slam semifinal played on par with Nadal ……
Matteo if you give up now we’ll kill you !!!
ehehe # Berrettini
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The pattern remains substantially unchanged also in the second set: Nadal attacks, Berrettini rintuzza. And it seems to work, if it is true that Matteo maintains another turn of service after ten points, also canceling the break points number seven and eight of Nadal’s game (who has not yet brought home even one). The ninth will also arrive, once again canceled by the Italian in a slightly less tense third game, but the impression that the pendulum of the match is starting to lean towards King Rafa is palpable: the 3-3 of the sixth game matures later that Berrettini managed to take only one point in the three rounds with Nadal at the bar. And in the end the Roman fort falls in the seventh game, which the Spaniard takes with an almost immediate break point while Berrettini is just at 15. Reacting at this point becomes an almost impossible mission, a further change of pace is needed that Matteo no longer has in his arms and legs (although probably in the head and heart yes). The set ends without further jolts: everyone keeps their turn to serve.

Berrettini tries, in a third set that opens with an eternal and grueling game: ten points, exactly like the previous set, but this time the piles are running out and at the first break point Nadal takes everything.It’s just the 1-0 point, but it’s worth much more. In fact, it is the pass for the final, even if making it clear to Berrettini and hard: Matteo takes the third game without leaving points to Nadal, so he takes away the whim of canceling three more break points at 3-1. The Majorcan, however, this time does not leave any injuries along the way, and the fourth break point is the right one: second service lost for Berrettini, who will never return to the game and will have to settle for a 6-1 final, ungenerous as shown during the whole match.

The ovation of the New York public addressed to Matteo #Berrettini at the end of the match against Rafael #Nadal
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