Molise is one of the many regions of Italy that hide wonderful places that seem straight out of a postcard: one of these is Termoli. Rich in history and events , Termoli overlooks the Adriatic Sea and is one of the most inhabited cities in the whole region. Let ‘s find out what to see, where to eat and what to do in the evening in Termoli .

What to see in Termoli

1 – Il Borgo Antico
Photo by Massimiliano Scarabeo. It is one of the most important and characteristic places in the city. Formed by an infinite number of streets that intersect in a checkerboard pattern, up to the Piazza del Duomo. Right between these alleys you will be able to see something more unique than rare: the rejecelle,a street so narrow that it can only allow passage if placed sideways .

  • How to get there: from the Bus Terminal in via Martiri della Resistenza you can only get to the Borgo Antico on foot. The route is 1.6km – Get directions
  • Hours: always open
  • Ticket cost: free

2 – Cathedral of Santa Maria della Purificazione
Photo by Trocche100. Heart of the Borgo Antico and its cathedral, located in Piazza del Duomo. Built in Romanesque style , it presents itself to those who visit it with its majestic door, surrounded by 7 arches decorated with bas-reliefs. Inside it is possible to visit the crypt, with 3 apses assigned to it, which today has become the place dedicated to preserving the relics of San Basso and Timoteo .

  • How to get there: the Duomo is located in the heart of the Borgo Antico. It can be reached in 20 minutes on foot from the Bus Terminal – Get directions
  • Hours: every day from 7:30 to 15:30, from 16:00 to 18:30 in winter, from 16:00 to 20:00 in summer. Closed on Friday afternoon
  • Ticket cost: free

3 – Trabucchi
On the sea it is possible to visit the trabucchi, ancient fishing machines built in wood , which use the same principle as the stilts. The structure is formed by a palisade stuck between the rocks, which ends with a walkway that connects it to the mainland. A rectangular net is supported along the length of the structure, which is lowered into the water with a winch.

  • How to get there: they are visible all along the coast of the ancient village – Get directions
  • Hours: always accessible
  • Ticket cost: free

4 – Castello Svevo
Perhaps one of the most famous buildings in the whole of Termoli , the Castello Svevo is located just a short distance from the Borgo Antico, between the city and the sea. Built in the 11th century, during the Norman domination , it was built exclusively with sandstone and limestone. Its structure consists of a nucleus, which includes the 4 turrets still visible today, and an elevated central tower, which today has become the weather station of the air force .

  • How to get there: from the train station take corso Nazionale for about 1 km – Get directions
  • Hours: on request
  • Ticket cost: free

5 – Torre del Sinarca
Always close to the sea and this watchtower, located in the immediate vicinity of the Sinarca stream, from which it takes its name. Also called the Saracen Tower , this construction is characterized by its pyramidal shape with a square base, with a top decorated with battlements made during the Carolingian period. To date, the tower can only be visited from the outside , unless you want to eat inside: in fact there is a restaurant inside.

  • How to get there: from Pescara and Vasto you can arrive via the A14 and following the Montenero di Bisaccia exit, towards the SS16. The route is 98 km from Pescara. The same route is done from Foggia, but in the opposite direction – Get directions
  • Hours: always accessible from the outside
  • Ticket cost: free

6 – Sant’Antonio beach
Photo of AlMare. Sant’Antonio beach is perhaps the most famous coast of the whole area. Its beach located north of the city, deep and very fine stands out against the profile of the ancient village, and is excellent for those who want to enjoy a bit of sea even in a day dedicated to history and this beautiful city . In addition to walking you can also take advantage of the private beaches present, which from 5 in the afternoon onwards come alive with music and group dances.

  • How to get there: 10 minutes on foot from Termoli train station – Get directions
  • Hours: free
  • Ticket cost: free

7 – Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Canneto
A stone’s throw from the Trigno river, near the remains of a Roman villa dating back to the 1st century AD, is the church of Santa Maria del Canneto, a beautiful church built in Romanesque style , with a bell tower that to see it looks more like a tower, and its interiors divided into 3 naves, supported by Romanesque columns. Of particular importance is the Lingna statue of the Virgin and Child, visible inside.

  • How to get there: from the A1 take the S. Vittore exit, towards Iserna and Vasto San Sanvo. From the A14 and the Adriatica state road, exit at Vasto sud, towards Isernia – Get directions
  • Hours: always accessible
  • Ticket cost: free

8 – Larino and the Amphitheater
A short way from Termoli is Larino, seat of the ancient Roman amphitheater built between 80 and 150 AD . Inside there could be up to 18,000 spectators, seated on its steps made of tuff. Like every amphitheater, the structure has an elliptical plan, interrupted by 4 doors each placed in correspondence with a cardinal point. Inside it is still visible a square pit , which most likely had to be used to raise the cages with animals.

  • How to get there: with the railway line through the Campobasso-Termoli line. With the car from the A14 exit at Termoli and seuguire Campobasso / Larino, proceed on the SS87 to the destination. From the A1 exit at Caianello and continue towards Venevento and then Campobasso – Get directions
  • Hours: Mon-Sat from 8:30 to 13:30
  • Ticket cost: free

9 – Lake of Guardialfiera
Photo by Fflavio74. This artificial lake, born following the construction of the dam on the Biferno river, is one of the most beautiful places in Termoli and its surroundings . The crystal clear waters of the lake, during dry periods, show the remains of an ancient Roman bridge , known as the Hannibal Bridge, which according to history would have been the point where the rotten leader together with his troops to arrive in Puglia during the Second Punic War.

  • How to get there: from the Casacalenda-Guardialfiera station on the Campobasso-Termoli line. By car from the A14 you have to follow the signs for Campobasso / Larina, continue on the SS647 and continue towards Guardialfiera – Get directions
  • Hours: always accessible
  • Ticket cost: free

10 – Petacciato Marina
Always speaking of naturalistic oases, the area of ​​Petacciato Marina could not be missed. Famous resort on the Adriatic coast , it is the ideal place to take long walks on the beach or to shelter from the summer heat under the trees of its pine forest. Furthermore, its proximity to the city makes it a very convenient destination to reach, and also a little different from what the rest of Termoli offers.

  • How to get there: from Termoli take the SS16 northbound for 15 km. The same road can also be done coming from Pescara and Vasto – Get directions
  • Hours: always open
  • Ticket cost: free

Termoli itinerary in one day

Morning – Whether you arrive by bus, train or car, the reference point for the start of the day is the Termoli station, which is very close to the multi-storey car park in via Campania (cost € 0 , 60 per hour). After a hearty breakfast at the Central Bar, you can start the day by heading towards the ancient village , the heart of the city. Here are some of its most important attractions, such as the city ‘s Cathedral, that is the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Purificazione and the Swabian Castle , dating back to the Norman domination.

Afternoon – After having lunch at the Svevia Restaurant, dedicate the afternoon to the coast of Termoli, with hisviale dei trabucchi , in which you can see these typical buildings dedicated to the world of fishing, and continuing northwards, the beach of Sant’Antonio , symbol of the summer of the city with its festivals and music and the Torre del Sinarca , an example of Saracen architecture which today has also become the seat of a restaurant (where we suggest you treat yourself to a tasty dinner).

One day itinerary at a glance

  1. Breakfast at the Central Bar
  2. Borgo Antico – opening hours: always open – ticket price: free
  3. Cathedral – opening hours: every day from 7:30 to 15:30, from 16:00 to 18:30 in winter, from 16:00 to 20:00 in summer – ticket price: free
  4. Lunch in Swabia
  5. Viale dei Trabucchi – opening hours: always open – ticket price: free
  6. Sant’Antonio beach – opening hours: always open – ticket price: free
  7. Torre del Sinarca – opening hours: always open – ticket price: free
  8. Dinner at Torre del Sinarca

Where to eat in Termoli

  • Il Binario dei Sapori : suitable for fish lovers, freshly caught and cooked in a refined way
    Average price per person: € 35.00
    Address and contacts: via XXIV Maggio, 12 – Get directions / tel: 0875705645
  • Federico II : retro style, with fish-based dishes prepared according to tradition
    Average price per person: € 30.00
    Address and contacts: via Duomo, 30 – Get directions / tel: 393 149 5740
  • Ristorante da Nicolino : famous for its brodetto, it offers very generous portions that are enough for two
    Average price per person: € 35.00
    Address and contacts: via Roma, 13 – Get directions / tel: 0875 706804

What to do in the evening: nightlife areas and the best clubs
Nightlife in Termoli is very frequent, but not as you might think. People here frequently stroll along the waterfront after dinner, or indulge in a cocktail at one of the many pubs and clubs that come to life after midnight. Strangely, there are no discos, but the reason is simple: in a place where summer is lived on the beach, the discotheque often becomes the coast itself, with evenings of music and events.

  • Project Pub : suitable for those who want an old-fashioned pub, with football matches, excellent sandwiches and desserts for all tastes.
    Address: via Abruzzi, 5 (Get directions) / Facebook page
  • Brewery : industrial style, with a wide selection of beers
    Address: via del Lecci, 24 (Get directions) / Facebook page
  • Victor Mixology Bar : famous for its cocktails, from midnight offers lounge music selected directly by the DJ
    Address: via IV novembre (Get directions) / Facebook page

Plan your stay in Termoli: info and useful tips

  • How to get there: by train from Bologna, Rome and Bari. You can also get here thanks to a dense network of buses that depart and arrive in Rome, Naples, Isernia, Ancora, Florence, Bologna, Milan, Turin, Foggia and Campobasso. Another possibility is to arrive by car along the A14 towards Pescara and exit at Termoli, or the SS 87 towards Campobasso, the A1 up to Caianello and then continue to Campobasso, or the A24 towards Pescara and continue on the A14
  • How to get around : if you want to stay in the historic center, the best way is to move around on foot. To reduce the time and also take advantage of the bus service, very efficient, and also usable by the disabled
  • Where to park : there are several car parks in which to leave your car, and they go from the most peripheral areas to the Tremiti Islands hydrofoil dock. We suggest you stop at the multi-storey car park in via Campania, cost € 0.60 per hour (Get directions)
  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b from € 79.00 per room – see the offers
  • What to see in the surrounding area : among the various nearby areas there is the castle of Civitacampomarano, 45 km from Termoli, or the Ducal Palace of Battiloro. Furthermore, about 30 km from the city there is the Abruzzo city of Vasto.
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