If you still don’t know the Term app , it’s time to make a change to your purchases and finances. We are talking about a free online card and bank account that you can manage through a mobile application. This app offers you a variety of advantages to manage your finances from your mobile, quickly and easily. What you were waiting for! You can request it in just three minutes and online at this link.
Without complications, Deadline has several functions, because it is a two in one; on the one hand, an account and, on the other, a Mastercard cardwithout conditions or commissions. The objective is to manage your finances from your mobile, pay for your purchases, send and receive money. That easy. An all-in-one that prevents you from having a variety of applications to concentrate them all in one.
In addition, by paying with the card, Termo returns part of your purchases, up to 30 euros on purchases you make in the supermarket plus exclusive offers that are added every month. Because we are talking about a card that has a reward: it gives you back part of your spending on your purchases.
So you have a free bank account without links and the Mastercard debit card without maintenance fees.
Another advantage is being able to make your payment with your mobile, in an instant: you pay with a physical or virtual card, with Apple Pay or Google Pay. In addition, to have Term you only need to have a Spanish IBAN, be of legal age and the DNI / NIE or TIE card. Download the app now and receive cashback for your purchases!
It is a completely secure application, with the Mastercard, all payments and purchases are protected from fraud. It has biometric access, SSL Certificate and TLS encryption protocol, and there is a quick card lock in case of theft or loss, deactivate your card with a click.
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How to sign up for Term

It’s easy and in a second. Being 100% digital , it is done through the Term app. In three minutes you can register only with your mobile + the DNI/NIE. The account and the virtual card are activated immediately so that you can start paying through your mobile immediately.
So you have a virtual card from the first moment it is used with the mobile and, in less than three days, you receive the physical Mastercard card at your home without any cost. Once the customer has transferred money to his Termo account, he can start paying with the card and benefit from all its advantages.
Discover the diversity of services you have with this card, and soon there will be more advantages for everyone.
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Register in just three minutes, you can do it from home.
Receive your card on your cell phone immediately
Part of what you spend is refunded and you have access to the credit line

What advantages does it offer TermFree

account with Spanish IBAN
Mastercard card without commissions , without links
Get discounts and real money when using the card
Te returns up to 30 euros in the expenses you make in supermarkets during the first six months. Allows you to earn money for inviting a friend to sign up for Term (up to €100).
When you top up the card with €20, you receive €15

to enjoy one of the experiences that you can find here (with a link to: https://www.planazodeplazo.com/ )(the recharge must be the first week after registering)
100% management through the app

Service 24/7 customer service by phone and chat
Line of credit from €500 to €5,000
Works with Apple Pay and Google Pay
Being able to have the flexibility of paying by card or mobile device
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