Genius and figure of meteorological information. The space Your time with Roberto Brasero has just celebrated ten years on Antena 3. The journalist from Toledo attends us and shares his happiness with us.

–What balance do you make of the 10 years that ‘Your time with Roberto Brasero’ has just completed –I am very happy with the work of all my colleagues, it is always one that appears in front of the screen, but Your time with Roberto Brasero it became a program we do it among many and the work of the entire team is spectacular.

–How did you decide to become the weatherman-I really didn’t decide it, it wasn’t something voluntary. I used to work at Telemadrid and a director arrived with new ideas. Among those ideas, he wanted me to take care of time. At first I thought it would be very boring. He told me give it a spin, prepare it and do it in an entertaining way. And that’s what I did. It was about telling it as if it were information, adding images and counting on the active participation of the spectators. This is how my way of giving time arose.

–You are also one of the few people who has a personalized weather section…-That’s how it is. When I arrived at Antena 3 in 2005, it was El tiempo al dry. In 2011 it became a program and we had to give it a name. We met with those responsible for the chain and I liked that it was called Your time because it referred to a way of counting time one by one, in a natural way. In the end Your time stayed, which was what I wanted, with Roberto Brasero.

–How do you deal with errors in weather forecasts
–You never get used to it, and that’s part of the job. Some that seem very clear then in the end are not fulfilled and others that you have not seen and finally surprise you. In short, it is that part of uncertainty that gives emotion to the predictions.
The weather influences the mood of people. Is that where the concern of the Spanish for weather forecasting comes from
could be one more ingredient that explains the love we have for the weather. In this case we dedicate less importance to it than it has. There are people who take it to the extreme and condition their mood a lot. They are meteosensitive. The population, in general, also puts us in a bad or good mood weather conditions. Not for everyone, the sunny day is the best, there are people who feel good with the clouds and a gray sky. In my particular case, I have very bad days of embarrassment and haze.

–Do they ask you a lot on the street about the weather-Well yes. And I give them to you. There is a classic that is Easter, since the end of December they are already asking me about the weather forecast. In May I try to meet few people because whoever doesn’t have a communion has a wedding. I’m noticing a little that over the years they ask me for more selfies than forecasts.

-The trend is that temperatures will be higher in the future…–The appreciation that one has of the weather is different from the one offered by climatological balances. For example, without going any further. This summer has been, officially, very hot, because the temperature of the three months has been 1º above the average. However, for the majority it has not been like that, especially in the northern half with the cool nights and the cloudy days of June and part of July. But August arrived, and in just four days of heat wave the average rose. If you have only been here those days, the summer in Spain would not only seem warm but a real hell.

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