At the beginning of autumn we already warned that the dresses were going to be one of the great revelations of the season. Absolutely versatile, dresses have always been our faithful companions on summer days, for being cooler. But, how could we miss out on such a beautiful garment just because it’s a little cold in winter
The dresses, with different prints and in different fabrics, are always presented as functional garments that can make our day to day more comfortable but without losing an iota of style and glamour. For this reason, because the dresses are comfortable and fit us perfectly, we refuse to give up being able to wear them in winter. You just have to take into account a series of style issues with which, in addition to reinforcing the sophistication that dresses give us, you won’t be cold at all.
The fabric, its accessories, the combination with other trends of the moment are some of the style keys that we can follow to be able to wear a dress in winter without dying of cold and without losing style. Pay attention to the proposals.

knitted dresses
Knitwear this year is the absolute trend, that’s why knitted dresses are all the rage. Opting for a knit dress is a great option to go warm , comfortable and stylish. This garment also meets one of the basic standards for a truly warm winter dress, that it be made of a warm fabric. As for the length, it will always be better midi or long.

Sweaters are the new dresses

Wool and the warmest fabrics, typical of maxi sweaters, are ideal for a good look that can be finished off with high XXL boots, another super trend this season and with which you will achieve a with a lot of roll in your outfit.

Dress with maxi coat
Long coats, in addition to making you withstand the cold better, in general, give dresses a more elegant touch. It doesn’t matter if you go for a knitted dress, a little black dress or one with an original print, you will give the final touch with a coat, either in the typical camel, black or gray or in one of the colorful trends of this season.

T- shirt lingerie dresses

Another trend that returns and that can protect you from low temperatures. Dresses with a t-shirt underneath in the purest 90s style are a good option if you want to continue taking advantage of that black dress that you like so much but without being cold. It is a most original proposal.

long sleeve dresses
One of the best options is to opt for a long-sleeved dress. Thus, you can wear the garment without the need for sweaters or multiple layers to protect you from the cold. Bet on a dress with an original print and take the opportunity to show it off.

Mini dresses with maxi boots

It is the most trendy combination of the whole season. A very short dress with XXL boots elevates your look to the stratosphere and also keeps you completely warm and warm. Also, it is an undeniable fact that maxi boots are very flattering; they make you taller without necessarily having high heels and they make your leg slimmer.

Dressed with a sweater or t-shirt underneath
You have a dress in your closet that you love and you die of grief every time you see it because you know that you won’t be able to wear it until next summer. Or not. Bet on a knitted sweater and combine it with your favorite dress to continue wearing it even if it’s winter. It is a great option to avoid having to store it in the closet and also allows you to create a perfect combination.

Dressed with a garment on top

And, suddenly, a trend arrives stomping that, in addition, is our perfect ally to be able to wear dresses in winter and not die of cold. The cardigan, which has never really gone away, has arrived with a bang and seems to us to be a super top trend to combine with a dress. Creating layers and textures in a look is always a safe bet.

With a maxi scarf
The maxi scarf (or the maxi handkerchief) is the perfect accessory that, season after season, keeps us warm and helps us give our outfits a chic touch. Bet on one in a striking color and give that ideal point and roll to your style.

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