Do we confirm that this year has been the year that we have done the most rituals to attract luck in the world
Yes, we confirm. That’s why, after a whole year searching for good fortune, relying on horoscope predictions and playing a card with our zodiac sign, we can’t think of a better way to start 2022 than by resorting to the most classic New Year’s Eve rituals. so that we do not lack health, money, love and good fortune .
It seems that it is already becoming customary, but this 2022 we ask Goddess Fortune again to preserve our health, ours and that of our loved ones. Although, put to ask, to 2022 we also pray that we do not lack love(either if we look for it or if we have already found it); that work never ends and that our economy allows us to always have a plate on the table.
With these needs covered, we are more than ready to start with the New Year’s Eve rituals so that in 2022 there is no lack of health, money, love and good fortune .
As in almost everything in life, resorting to the classic is usually quite successful, so the New Year’s Eve rituals for a 2022 full of health, money, love and good fortune are quite simple and, ultimately, those of forever. No extravagant New Year’s Eve rituals, we prefer to resort to the small details that have been working all our lives and with which we are sure you will attract good luck this 2022.
From food, to the placement of objects, through underwear, these are the New Year’s Eve rituals so that in 2022 there is no lack of health, money, love and good fortune that we propose for the last night of the year.

The last supper, let it be lentils, the grapes at twelve

o’clock Our Italian neighbors usually dine on New Year’s Eve with a nutritious plate of lentils (whoever wants them, eats them, those who don’t, leave them) to attract prosperity and perhaps The time has come to copy their tradition. To finish off the ritual, don’t forget to eat the twelve lucky grapes during the chimes . It is advisable to make a wish for each grape and visualize it (Schopenhauer, Schopenhauer). Nothing brings greater fortune than trusting that good things happen.

An extra bit of luck with your New Year’s Eve ritual: You must eat the grapes with your left foot raised, to enter 2022 with your right foot and under the shoe that you have resting on the ground you will place a list with the three wishes . After the last bell, burn the paper.

The ritual of the 13 coins and the red purse

If we want to attract prosperity, it is advisable to enjoy the evening with thirteen golden coins on top . In the case of not having them, we can also use a large ticket and place it inside a red purse . It is the easiest way to attract prosperity by invoking luck.

Recommendations for this New Year’s Eve ritual:You can also put a large bill inside your shoe (right foot, obviously). So you will be entering the year attracting money. But we must warn you, do not resort to these three rituals at the same time because they can be exclusive. Choose one and bet on it.

Underwear, better yellow

Perhaps it is not as sexy as red, nor do we think of that color as a tone that brings us fortune (the number of years that yellow has been fighting with the fame of giving bad luck that it has), but some Indian tribes They consider yellow to be the color that really brings good luck.

An extra bit of luck with your New Year’s Eve ritual: As a recommendation for the simple ritual to be more effective, it is advisable that you stay the entire dinner with theyellow underwear inside out and that you put it on the right side after twelve o’clock.

A red bow to find love

Single people (or those who are in a relationship, but do not believe that this is love) should place a red bow around their waist and stay with it all evening if they want to attract love.

An extra bit of luck for your New Year’s Eve ritual: During the year, that red ribbon must be present in your day to day life. It is not necessary to go outside with the post, having it in a visible place in the room is enough.

Eggs to increase fertility (of all diners)

Those who have already found love by New Year’s Eve have the same among their priorities to increase the family. For 2022 to come loaded with children, all you have to do is place six boiled eggs on the table .

Details of this New Year’s Eve ritual that must be taken into account: Before you get excited about this ritual, you should know that performing it will increase the fertility of all diners. In case anyone doesn’t want to increase the family yet.

Sweep the house from the inside out (in a scandalous way) and burn rosemary

Both rituals are the perfect tandem if what we are looking for is to expel negative energies from the house. Once twelve o’clock has struck and we have eaten our twelve lucky grapes, we must take a rosemary bush and burn it in the open windowwhile we repeat that thing about rosemary, rosemary, let the bad come out and the good come in (we can even do a little Andy and Lucas-style song). In this way, we will be expelling all the bad omens .

An extra piece of luck with your New Year’s Eve ritual: We must take the broom and sweep the house from the inside out (we can do it at the entrance and with the door open), thus expelling all negative energies . Make noise while you sweep, so you scare away evil spirits.

Throw water out the window to make the bad go

away Throw water out the window, in addition to an act of purification, is a way to get rid of bad omens and negative energies so that 2021 can be filled with a positive vibe. In addition, by throwing the water out the window we will also be keeping tears away from us and situations that may cause us pain in the future. When do we do it

Just before we eat the grapes.
Recommendations for this New Year’s Eve ritual: It is not necessary for your inn to appear to be a waterfall, you just have to take a glass of water and throw its contents into the street.

Place your bags behind the entrance door

It is the favorite ritual of the most travelers , those who are dying to explore the world in 2022. You only have to take a suitcase(It is advisable to take the one that is used regularly on trips) and place it behind the door of the house. The cosmos will know what our intentions are and will grant them to us next year.

An extra bit of luck for your New Year’s Eve ritual: Also, don’t forget to enjoy dinner with your passport on the table , you will be attracting luck and favoring that 2022 comes loaded with travel.

A candle for each wish

Candles and Christmas are a concept that do not exist without each other, but if what we want is to attract luck in a special way, we must light colored candles during the New Year’s Eve dinner. And not just any candle. We must choose the colors that symbolize concepts that we want to have very present in 2022.

The colors of the candles : Green candles for health, red candles for love, yellow candles for prosperity and abundance, blue candles for peace and calm…

The lucky sheep sits at the dinner table

Sheep’s wool has always been known to bring fortune and good luck. For this reason, it is advisable to give a sheep to that person to whom we wish all the luck in the world for 2022. It does not have to be a real sheep, obviously, a stuffed animal, a figurine and even a craft is worth it.

An extra bit of luck with this New Year’s Eve ritual: If no one gives it to us, we can resort to a sheep that is present at our tableduring the New Year’s Eve dinner so that the luck we seek is shared with all the diners (have you considered having dinner on New Year’s Eve with a sheep costume/pajamas

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