It has been written down in your agenda for a month, but you are delaying it day after day. It doesn’t matter that even Zara has reminded you with its Halloween collection that it’s time to dress up or that the ads for Halloween makeup ideas on Instagram haven’t stopped bombarding you, you’ve forgotten that we’re on the eve of the most terrifying party, but nothing happens.
If the bull always catches you and you end up dressing up with the first thing you see in your closet, these Halloween costume ideas from your favorite series and movies will help you find inspiration and crown yourself as the most original and glamorous of the horror party .
The characters of series and movies have made us laugh, cry; we have loved and hated them, many have a special place in our hearts. What better way to celebrate this Halloween 2021 than by becoming our favorite characters .
Of course, if what you love about this American holiday is to scare and be terrifying for a day you can opt for a spooky Halloween costume from your favorite scary movie , or include blood, tears in the clothes and wounds all over your clothes. Celebrities are also a good option, especially if we look at some of their most noted and criticized looks.
If you are tired of resorting to the eternal devil or vampire costume every year around this time, this Halloween dare to surprise with one of these costumes from your series, movies or even from your favorite celebrities. We offer you 10 costumes for you to go divine of death this Halloween 2021 .

Disney never fails: be a princess for a day

If you are in love with Disney princesses you will fall in love with this costume. We love Bella’s classic yellow dress, but for a change you can opt for the first look seen in the movie. You only need white and blue clothes, a bow, a basket, and of course, a book. You will be the most intellectual of the party (and the most elegant). if you want to givea touch of terror put on fake blood and add tears to the dress, it will look like the Beast has finally confronted you.

A true heiress on Halloween

Who has never dreamed of being Anne Hathaway (Mia) and discovering overnight that you are a princess and heir to the kingdom of Genovia. This Halloween is your chance to be her for a day, and what better way than to pay homage to her than to dress up as her in her iconic high school uniform, which you can also recreate with clothes you already have at home.

Co-ordinating costume for 90s fashionistas

It seems like we’re still not over the 90s movies (we may never be), but there’s never a bad time to dress up as Alicia Siverstone(cher). Of course, her iconic yellow pleated skirt look is a perfect fit, but you can choose your favorite Clueless outfit. We love this costume because it gives us the opportunity to go together with your friends.

Become the most evil villain of this year

This 2021 Cruella premiered, the story that tells how Estella became a textbook villain. This costume is a sure hit, you can choose between one of the classic outfits from the animated movie or dare for the most extravagant of this new Cruella played by Emma Stone. Of course, bicolor hair can not be forgotten.

The most famous family of Halloween, the Addams
Look no further, we already have the perfect matching costumes for this Halloween. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have already put themselves in the shoes of Morticia and Gomez Addams , and to us it seems like a top 10 costume: easy to recreate, elegant and above all, super flattering. Remember that perfection is in the details, don’t forget the hand and the red roses.

Group Halloween costume for fans of scary stories

If on Halloween you want to escape from the classic black and you want to be able to dress with colors, we also have the perfect costume for you. You either love or hate Scooby-Doo, but you can’t deny that Daphne’s dress and Velma’s outfit are now TV history. We love this cheerful costumebecause you can include all your friends to be part of the gang and thus recreate all together scary stories like Shaggy.

Halloween, the perfect occasion to go as a celebrity

Without a doubt, this American festival that settles more and more in Spain every year is an excuse to get all the costumes out of your trunk. It is also the ideal occasion to recreate iconic outfits of our favorite celebrities, and to be afraid of how divine we are going to be. This year, the star costume could not be other than this one worn by Kim Kardashian at the MET gala that she gave so much to talk about. Very easy to recreate, and there is no doubt that you will be the center of attention of the party.

Euphoria, the trendiest Halloween costume party
The Euphoria series (2019) is a gold mine for super creative costumes. All the characters have their own very marked style, so you can copy the one that best suits you. If you are looking for a group costume, you can be inspired by those chosen for the costume party itself within the series : angel, nun, cowgirl… you have a lot of options.

Movie costume for those who leave everything for the last day

We must confess, the costumes that we can make with clothes that we already have at home drive us crazy, especially if we go against the clock. To dress up as Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory you need a blue tracksuit, some purple makeup and some bubble gum . If you manage to find a Willy Wonka or an Oompa Loompa to accompany you, you will bethe sensation of this Halloween .

The return of the witches, true terror on HalloweenSome wicked witches from Salem

cannot be missing on these dates , especially if we seek to be truly scary. Some long, disheveled hair, corse and many beads, you already have the keys to be the most feared of the party. The best thing is that you can adapt the costume to your style, be comfortable while you play at being terrifying.

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