This winter we are going to stay a long time at home. With little social life (if not zero) and after having installed the office at home due to teleworking, the time we spend at home has increased scandalously. During the first stage of the pandemic we faced confinement in a somewhat more optimistic way, so at that time we still gave importance to our physical appearance . Even if we were to stay at home all day. Now, quite discouraged by the situation, we assume this new stage in a different way.
We are not confined, but we are staying home for a long time againAnd, if in March we at least put on lipstick, even if we weren’t going to move from the sofa, now we have fallen into laziness and carelessness that can have very negative effects on our minds. Yes, we spend a lot of time at home again; Yes, teleworking allows us to be in tracksuits all day, and yes, comfort comes first.
But that being at home does not become synonymous with neglect, because our physical appearance, together with these new routines and habits, can end up undermining our morale. You don’t have to put on a gala dress to telecommute, or paint yourself like a door to go on a trip to the supermarket, you just need a good hairstyle to feel divineeven if you stay at home. After having seen the infinite possibilities of hairstyles that you can wear with a mask, we propose ten easy and comfortable hairstyles with which to be at home and work a little on that self-love that we need so much these days. Come on, cheer up and bet on one of these simple hairstyles for every day .

Bet on a headband

The headband, that accessory that our mothers put on us when we were little and that is now super fashionable, can make our appearance as glamorous as possible. Choose an original model and place it on your head. You do not need anything else.

The ballerina jumpsuit
Easy to do and very elegant looking. Make a high ponytail and wrap your hair and voila. You can always give it extra volume with the donut trick. Depending on the day and your mood, you can go for a more polished look or give it a casual touch by leaving a few loose strands.

The mane with pins

A hairstyle that does not require much effort to achieve the desired effect. As with the headband, opt for an original and sophisticated design and place it on one side of your hair. The result is incredible.

The classic ponytail
It’s the one they used to make us to go to school but, really, the ponytail is the most flattering hairstyle in the world. Give it a polished look betting on leaving it tight and you will get a runway look, even if you are going to stay at home.

A basic ponytail

If the ponytail doesn’t convince you, you can always go for the classic low tail. This one offers many more possibilities, since you can opt for its sophisticated version, placing the part in the middle and polishing it to the maximum, or you can let the strands have freedom of movement and thus give it a casual look.

The semi-updo with bangs
It is a classic, and always feels good. It does not require much effort, since you only have to collect two generous strands at the back of your head and let the bangs escape. It is suitable for all types of bangs, but we love it with paraded bangs or curtain bangs.

A disheveled braid

Going for a disheveled braid is always a success. In addition to the fact that we will have it done in a matter of seconds (when looking for a disheveled effect we do not need to put so much care into it), its casual appearance gives us a super French-inspired bohemian air with which we will feel divine and empowered even if we stay at home.

The pigtail braid
It is a version of hairstyle two in one. On the one hand, it bets on the always successful ponytail and, on the other, it gives it a sophisticated touch by merging it with the braid. This hairstyle may require a little more effort than the previous one, because you will have to pay a little more attention to the braid part, but the result is spectacular. It will be your favorite hairstyle to be at home as soon as you try it.

The half updo with a monkey
It is the most informal and the least elaborate of the hairstyles in history, but at the same time it is the hairstyle with the most roll of all those that we propose. Gather the hair on top of your head for comfort only and roll the strands into a small monkey. Let the rest of the strands fall around the face and, if you want to give it an even more casual but very top look, shake your head a little so that the strands fall and are placed naturally.

Loose hair with soft waves
You don’t need much time to get a mane with soft waves with which to be at home and look divine. When you dry your hair, give yourself the last touch by rolling up some strands and applying the heat of the dryer on them. Shake your hair afterwards and you will have super soft waves that will take your stay-at-home look to another level.

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