There is an unwritten rule according to which whenever the season changes, you have to give a different air to the decoration of the house. It is evident that elements such as bedspreads, cushions and curtains are altered when changing from one season to another. Neither the fabrics are the same nor the patterns and colors are similar in one season or another. But the change of season goes far beyond the simple change of cushions and bedspreads, going from summer to autumn (and from winter to spring) provokes an irrepressible desire to completely change the entire decoration of our house.
Sometimes, that urgent need to give our home a new look is held back by the mistaken belief that to do so it is necessary to make an economic outlay. But neither is it necessary nor should that limit us, we just have to take into account some details to achieve a spectacular decoration and with which to completely change the appearance of our house.
Taking into account the power of simple and minimalist, it is important to take into account the small details that, applied correctly, will serve to give your home another air .. Play with household items and give them a new life, look for strategic places and dare to innovate with what you already have in your home and follow these ten decorative recommendations to make your house look like a magazine.

Mix patterns to create volume

There is nothing better to create dynamism in a room than mixing patterns. It may seem risky (we all think of leopard print on the upholstery of a sofa) but the truth is that it creates a spectacular effect. As we do not want to overload the room, it is preferable that the patterned elements are isolated, for example the cushions, the upholstery of the sofa, a rug, the curtains… Forget monochromatism and play with the different cushion and sofa covers that you already have. you have at home

reuse furniture
There is nothing better to give your home a personal touch than reusing a piece of furniture. Not only are you giving it a second life and betting on sustainability, you are also giving your home a vintage touch worthy of the best decoration magazines. An old table, a trunk, a bedside table… Any piece of furniture can have a second life and, furthermore, with a function very different from that for which it was created.
Economic investment is not necessary, you just have to take a walk around your neighborhood and see which neighbor is getting rid of furniture. At grandma’s house, there are sure to be pieces of furniture that are looking forward to a second chance. If you are a handyman, take the opportunity to give him your own vision in his second life.

A new life for the books you’ve already read
If you are one of those who enjoy reading and only conceive of reading on paper, at this point in your life you will have so many books on your shelves that your new literary acquisitions no longer have a place. With this decoration proposal you will not only have room for new books, but you will give a very special touch to the favorite corner of your house. Take advantage of the excess of books to stack them and turn them into a bedside table or a simple decorative element.

Plates hanging on the wall
Definitely yes

A deeply rooted custom in traditional Andalusian houses is to hang ceramic plates on the wall. Get inspired by this trend to give your home a different air. Handmade ceramics, the classics of the Cartuja, with drawings, geometric… choose the ones that best suit your style and replace photos and paintings with original plates.

Bet on giving it a touch of color

The best way to break the monotony of a space and give it dynamism is to provide it with color. But not sprinkled throughout is space, it is better to do it in specific points that capture the focus of all eyes. It is a good option, especially in rooms with excess white. For spaces like the living room or the kitchen you can bet on more acid colors, for the bedrooms it is more advisable to play with powdery tones.

Play with mirrors

A small house or a room that is too cramped can be enlarged with something as simple as a mirror. Place a mirror strategically in whatever space you want to enlarge and you will see how it gains in depth. It is a key trick when it comes to little diaphanous spaces.

It’s time to do crafts

You don’t need to be an expert in plastic arts, just be a little creative. With any frame you have at home, a cardboard and little else you will have a new element with which to decorate. If you can’t get inspired when making your own painting, bet on prints or postcards from old trips and take advantage of them to give your home a new decorative touch.

Incorporates vegetable elements
Do not panic among those who are not capable of keeping even a fake plant alive. The option of decorating the home with plants is always highly recommended, especially if it is the classic poto that, in addition to needing little care, is so beautiful that it falls when it grows. But our proposal goes beyond buying a poto. Take advantage of the autumn leaves to make compositions in paintings, dry pineapples for centerpieces and have as many decorative elements as plant ideas come to mind.

headers that do not exist
Use any element to create the headboard effect (in the case of not having one or having one but wanting to innovate) and give your room a different touch. From wrapping paper, to paint, through colored lights. The horizon is your imagination and the infinite budget, since it does not imply any expense.

Wicker everywhere

It is a very low-cost material but whose effect in terms of decoration is definitive. A basket at the foot of the bed, flowerpots on shelves, a lamp shade… A small investment with which to get a lot out of the decoration of your home.

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