MILAN – All the children, when they started reading ” Harry Potter “, wondered which character in the saga they resembled the most. To satisfy the thirst of the most avid fans, we too have made specials, from the test to find out which character in the saga you resemble the most to an article that has tried to understand your literary tastes based on your favorite house of magic. As we continue along this path, thanks to, we will try to tell you which Harry Potter character most resembles you based on your zodiac sign. Here are 12 characters from the saga, each for a sign of the zodiac.
. 1) Aries – Ginny Weasley
You are a hothead, but even though this may seem like a negative side of your personality it does mean that you have a great character. You are adventurous and independent and you are very good at managing relationships, even with people older than you. Ah, one more thing, you are never satisfied. You would definitely argue with Ginny Weasley. The reason
Because you have the same character.
. 2) Taurus – Ron Weasley
You are reliable and stubborn, but the best part about you is that you know how to be a great friend. Some people may mistake you for a shallow person, but you are not superficial. Your emotions are bigger than you can imagine. When it comes to love, you are totally overwhelmed with feelings that don’t make you think. Talking about you or Ron means talking about the same person.
. 3) Gemini – Draco Malfoy
Sorry if you are a Gemini, but someone must have looked like Draco Malfoy. While the Weasley twins are so energetic and fun, the twins have two personalities like Malfoy. He lives a double life, like you, and you are both good at keeping up appearances. You are opposed by all other signs, but this is only because they are jealous of your mental energy.
. 4) Cancer – Rubeus Hagrid
You are a person with a big heart. Love your family and friends, even pets. Sometimes you are moody and insecure. Surely you are sensitive people even if you hide it well. Faithful and loving, within the wizarding world of Harry Potter you have an alter ego, Hagrid. It went well for you, no
. 5) Lion – Harry Potter
You are the protagonist of every situation without your wanting it. You are not self-centered even if you are a natural leader and other people imitate your behavior, they trust you. The positive side of being the center of attention and attracting loyal friends, that they will go out of their way to protect. The downside is that it seems like everything, for better or for worse, is your fault. Luckily, you have the strength of character to weather any storm. Your identikit could only correspond to the protagonist of the saga, the little great wizard Harry.
. 6) Virgo – Hermione Granger
You are a perfectionist person in everything, perhaps too much. You are deemed a fussy person, but you really are not. After all, you are an incredibly compassionate person who cares about doing the right thing first and foremost. You don’t mind letting other people take center stage, but when it’s your turn to shine, you’re bright. As Hermione, you combine incredible strength with boundless genius.
. 7) Libra – Remus Lupine
Bring balance to any situation and people love you for it. You seek harmony in every situation and manage to remain calm even when life does not turn out to be as you imagined it. Within the Potterian universe, Remus Lupine is the person who most resembles you.
. 8) Scorpio – Bellatrix Lestrange
Don’t blame the comparison with Beatrix, your resemblance to her is based on the fact that both of you are passionate, resilient and with a lot of strength. You can think what you want about Bellatrix Lestrange, but it’s not without passion or power. Like her, you are fanatically loyal to the people you love.
. 9) Sagittarius – Sirius Black
You are an expressive person and full of a love of life. Nobody should try to put your morale down, because you are a restless soul, but you can be optimistic even in dark times. You are the freest sign of all. You believe that anything is possible. “If you want to know what a man is like, he looks at how he treats his inferiors, not his peers,” one of Sirius’ advice that you will surely share fully.
. 10) Capricorn – Severus Snape
You are the most patient and ambitious among the signs of the Zodiac. You are good at waiting for your time to come and persevering in achieving your goals. You are difficult for other people to understand, but you don’t care, you are self-sufficient. Your ambition can make you seem like a cold person, but you are a person who knows how to convey love. Your persistence and cynicism makes you similar to Severus Snape.
. 11) Aquarius – Albus Dumbledore
People around you may think you are a little eccentric, but in reality you are not. You are wise and are always too busy studying the big picture for you to be surprised by anything. You have a good spirit, capable of sacrificing for a higher cause. An important comparison is up to you, the one with Albus. You are a point of reference and you are able to solve problems, you are a natural leader.
. 12) Pisces – Luna Lovegood
You are the dreamer par excellence. You are a sensitive and mysterious person who is always looking for “magic” in the world. You are certainly also very creative. Luna is considered “strange” by other students because of her rather bizarre ways of doing her and maybe you have been considered it too in the past. Despite this reputation of her, and loved by her friends of hers, as deeply outspoken, open and extraordinarily witty and intelligent, it proves her that she has been assigned to the Ravenclaw house. She could be your exact copy.

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