Telecinco dedicated the entire afternoon of last Tuesday to paying tribute to Rocio Jurado with a special starring her daughter, Rocio Carrasco , who scored a 17.9% share of the screen or, what is the same, 1,760,000 viewers stuck in front of to their televisions.

Rocio’s last trip, despite dressing up as a tribute, was born from the legal obstacles that the Mohedano family has placed on the universal heiress of the chipionera singer so that the second part of her documentary does not see the light, in view of that they will not turn out well. What has been confirmed is that Carrasco is still a winning horse for the Mediaset chain,who does not give up in her efforts to extend as much as possible the success of the first part, Rocio: telling the story to stay alive.
Telecinco thus managed to recover some very favorable data that show that Rocio Jurado’s daughter continues to sell.Rocio’s last trip prevailed in its broadcast slot and the competition could hardly resist the onslaught of what was sold as a program that would make history.
-Jorge Javier: “Rocio Carrasco did not charge anything for the tribute to his mother” #yoveosalvame #APOYOROCIO15D
– GOSSIP BOY (@JuanjoCotilla) December 15, 2021
Finally, the space received exacerbated criticism, both for part of the media as in social networks, for lengthening too muchwhich in the end turned out to be merely opening a drawer to show some dresses that the artist wore at key moments in her career.

Antena 3 was the second favorite option on Tuesday for viewers with new broadcasts of its successful series: Amar es para siempre, which scored an 11.5% share, and then Tierra Amarga, which managed to reach a 14.5% share. quota, which represented almost 1 point (0.8%) above last Tuesday. Rocio Carrasco did not overshadow her in this regard, although she won the gold medal for Mediaset.

The third option of the public for Tuesday afternoon in which Salvame supposedly paid tribute to Rocio Jurado was TVEwith new installments of Two Lives, the series in which Gloria Camila, Carrasco’s sister, works as an actress, and which has already announced its cancellation due to low audience data. On Tuesday, it settled for a 5.7% share, growing later with Serve and Protect to 6.4%. La Sexta, in fourth position, scored 6.2% both with Zapeando and later with Mas vale Tarte.
This triumph of Rocio Carrasco in terms of audience has translated these days into fertile ground for the heart of the network programs. Ana Rosa’s program, It’s already noon and Salvame do nothing more than discuss what the daughter, the other daughter, the brother and the sister-in-law said. What will this expectation translate into
Probably, and if it is legally viable, the continuation of Carrasco’s documentary will be around to add fuel to the fire. This was what it was all about after all.

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