Teacampa starts in Spain with one of the most groundbreaking trends of the moment in sustainable accommodation surrounded by nature, by the designers and interior designers Jose Perez Dodero and Alberto Gallardo . It is about glamping , the union of ‘glamor and ‘camping’, an experience that is no longer only associated with distant and exotic places such as Africa or Antarctica but, thanks to new entrepreneurs in our country, such as the creators of Teacampa, we can enjoy it in wonderful enclaves of our national landscape.

Teacampa Gamping is located in the middle of nature in the province of Cadiz, in Tarifa, more specifically in theDove campsite . Their Glamping area is located there , under a forest and on land surrounded by Mediterranean/Atlantic flora next to Valdevaqueros beach.
The brand seeks to offer an experience that appeals to all the senses , where connecting with the purest nature is essential. To this end, every detail has been carefully monitored and taken care of when drawing up and developing this project.
In the words of the Teacampa team of designers and artisans, “nothing we do makes sense if it is not based on our commitment to sustainability. It is the only way to unite present and future. The design of our stores is the result of a long reflective and creative process, from the origin of our wood and materials, through the design itself and ending with the assembly processes”.
“A pioneering, sustainable and ‘Made in Spain’ project ‘ where true artisans conceive the assembly of their tents as an organic process that imitates the ways of proceeding of nature itself “

Nature, sustainability and exclusivity

The Glamping Teacampa is equipped with an infrastructure that respects the environment and is ecofriendly. From the moment it was just a sketch, its creators were clear that it should be a space that blends in with nature, minimizing its impact on the environment. All this without giving up luxury facilities that have everything you need to make your stay even more comfortable and comfortable.
“You will not only be in nature, but you will be with nature. Our stores are unique, like the places where they are located and they do not generate any impact on that environment”
Teacampa also has a total of 38 unique, exclusive stores and different , categorized in Janda , the smallest of the family; Tamaral , with two double beds; Algaida and Brena, Canadian style; and Almoraima suites , the most spacious and special for its large terrace. All of them with a minimalist design without ceasing to be avant-garde and a 100% sustainable experience .
The tents are distributed along several natural paths that run through the forest of the campsite, elevated above ground level, on which they are supported by a series of wooden pillars of variable height, and being completely integrated in the middle. All the modules have been manufactured in its workshop in Chiclana de la Frontera , after which they have been transported to the site, thus reducing the time, waste and effects generated in the area.
The height on which they rise makes respect for the original terrain is maintained. An approach through which it is intended to bring customers the experience of sustainable luxury and comfort in a completely natural environment.

The experience

The Valdevaqueros beach and the forest of Camping La Paloma in Cadiz, (Carretera Nacional 340 Kilometro, 74, 11380 Tarifa) is the only enclave chosen by the brand for the first location of the stores in Spain.

Reservations and information: www.teacampa.com.

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Stores available with exclusive design
The design of its stores is the culmination of a creative process that relies on quality as the first requirement : from the selection of wood to the assembly processes themselves. Each store adapts to the peculiarities of the environment in which they are installed. The chestnut trunks used in each unit are selected, peeled and embedded individually to adapt and integrate into the natural space .
Almoraima Suites. Nature is a world of possibilities and that is why it is the most extensive and versatile store . Its different spaces can be configured to accommodate couples, families or groups of up to six people . To live and share nature with your loved ones.
Pinsapar. As if you were in the mythical Cadiz forest that gives it its name, Pinsapar invites you to relax and contemplate through its windows the changes in the light of the forest , the shades of the afternoon, the sparkles of the night.
Brenda. With the traditional structure of Canadian stores , it becomes an ideal space for getaways as a couple. Simplicity in its lines to forget everything superfluous. Nature and you , without more.
Algaida. It will make you doubt if you are inside or outside the natural environment thanks to its front glass . This store contains everything you need to enjoy in company. Whether with family or friends, yourfour seats offer you a comfortable space to enjoy with those who matter most to you.

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