Coughs and colds are among the most common problems at any time of the year. The latest events related to the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus have brought to light the importance of properly taking care of the respiratory tract in a natural way. Phase 1 is over and we have entered phase 2, but we must not let our guard down. It is necessary to keep the immune defenses high , starting from the prevention of symptoms that lead to the onset of some more serious lung diseases.
Nature comes to meet us by providing us with tea tree oil to combat coughs and colds. Also known as Melaleuca essential oil, it is a natural extract that has several beneficial properties. A natural solution that cleanses the body in a delicate but effective way, eliminating bacteria and germs. This product is characterized by a balsamic aroma that allows the oil to improve breathing even in case of cough and cold .

The beneficial effects of tea tree oil
The essential oil of tea tree is ideal for the prevention of annoying symptoms related to flu diseases. It also lends itself to multiple uses with considerable advantages for psychophysical well -being .
The strength of tea tree oil is its active function againstcolds . Especially those that occur in winter with typical flu symptoms, such as colds, coughs, sore throats and fever. To solve these annoying ailments, the extract in the form of oil can be used to relieve symptoms and facilitate recovery . Just a few drops and that’s it!
When you start coughing and runny nose preventing proper breathing, you feel debilitated and without enthusiasm to carry out any activity, work, domestic and even recreational recreational ones. In this case, tea tree oil comes to our aid by offering a valid opportunity to improve the health of the respiratory system and greater general well-being. Indeed, in case offlu or cough and cooling diseases , the Melaleuca extract has different possibilities of use and being totally natural and recommended for everyone.

Tea tree oil for coughs and colds: benefits for the respiratory tract Tea tree oil
can be used in several ways. It is possible to vaporize it through the use of special tools that by producing heat allow uniform and constant diffusion in all rooms. Another useful method to take advantage of the benefits of this natural product is to apply it on the chest through a light massage, covering everything with a warm and soft cloth. This method is recommended for the night as it facilitates breathing during sleep by clearing the airways .
Baths flavored with oil are very pleasant and also useful for facilitating breathing . The aroma that is released through the steam of the hot bath in which a few drops of tea tree oil have been poured, is able to free the airways .
As an alternative to the bath you can do some fumigations. Using a large pot full of boiling water, pour a few drops of Malaleuca oil. Then he places his head over the pot, under a towel, to breathe the vapors released. In this way you can take advantage of the beneficial effects of the plant that frees the respiratory tract , eliminates germs and bacteria and disinfects the throat by calming the cough.

The tonic action of tea tree oil for the immune defenses
It must not be forgotten that tea tree oil also plays an important toning action at the level of the central nervous system with a considerable benefit in cases of psychophysical fatigue, apathy and lack of energy and reactivity . These qualities are essential to support body and mind . Especially in times of physical weakness and strong psychological tension like the one we are experiencing in this particular period.
Tea tree oil therefore proves to be a valid ally to increase physical and mental endurance, enthusiasm, the will to live and feel good. These positive feelings and thoughts given by a greater sensation of strength stimulate the immune defenses that react by strengthening the barriers against flu, viral and other kinds of diseases. A valid help to face phase 2 with strength and renewed enthusiasm.

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