Among the dozens and dozens of paradisiacal destinations chosen by tourists from all over the world, there seems to be a place that always manages to make it into the first places in the rankings. We naturally speak of the splendid Tahiti, one of the most beautiful islands in French Polynesia .
Over time, Tahiti has acquired a growing reputation, so much so that today there are hundreds of people who wish to visit this place . What is the success of this unspoiled territory
Well, it is therefore necessary to consider the main characteristics of Tahiti, discovering the fascinating destinations that this nation offers .

Travel informed: useful information

  • Inhabitants : 189.517
  • Capital : Papeete
  • Languages : French
  • Local currency : French Polynesian franc (€ 1.00 = 119.40 CFP franc)
  • Climate : tropical, with medium-high temperatures
  • Vaccinations : no vaccinations required
  • Entry requirements : Passport, identity card and return flight ticket
  • Distance from Italy : 16,827 km (24 – 26 flight hours)
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Where is

Tahiti from a political point of view it is part of French Polynesia , indeed to be more precise, Tahiti is actually included in the group of the Wind islands, which also includes the island of Bora Bora. From a geographical point of view, Tahiti, on the other hand, is located in the South Pacific Ocean, between New Zealand and Mexico.

How to get

  • From Milan or Rome : in Italy there is only one direct flight to Tahiti that leaves from Rome. This flight is operated by Air Tahiti Nui and can be taken at Fiumicino airport. Generally this flight includes a 2-hour stopover in Los Angeles without changing aircraft.
    Flights from Milan from € 1.087,00 – Flights from Rome from € 1215.00
  • From the main European capitals : the main European cities indicated to reach Tahiti are Paris and Amsterdam. These cities offer direct flights to the French Polynesia destination thanks to flights operated by airlines such as AirFrance and Lufthansa.

When to go
Info on climate and best period

Month Average temperatures (min / max) Precipitation (days / mm) January 24 ° / 31 ° 15 days / 330 mm
February 24 ° / 31 ° 14 days / 290 mm
March 24 ° / 32 ° 12 days / 160 mm
April 24 ° / 31 ° 10 days / 170 mm
May 23 ° / 30 ° 10 days / 120 mm
June 22 ° / 30 ° 8 days / 80 mm
July 22 ° / 29 ° 8 days / 60 mm
August 22 ° / 29 ° 7 days / 40 mm
September 22 ° / 29 ° 7 days / 50 mm
October 23 ° / 30 ° 10 days / 80 mm
November 23 ° / 30 ° 12 days / 160 mm
December 24 ° / 30 ° 17 days / 300 mm

  • Climate : Tahiti belongs to the tropical typology. Average temperatures range between 26 ° and 28 °. Precipitation in a year reaches 130 days / 1184 mm. The sea temperature is high throughout the year and reaches an average of 28 degrees.
  • Best period : between May and October. In this period the temperatures rise, the heat increases a little but all in all it is fine.
  • Period to avoid : from November to April as it is considered the rainy season, with numerous rainfall and sudden storms.
  • Advice : Being a seaside resort, it is necessary to bring everything that can be useful for swimming in your suitcase. To this must be added a light and comfortable clothing. On the various beaches of the island then, it is recommended to bring everything you need to relax such as a good book or your MP3 player.

What to see and what to do: beaches and places of interest

  1. Papeete : what is in fact the capital of Tahiti. Papeete is a place where nature and culture come together to form a wonderful mix. Visiting it will delight any traveler eager to learn more about the traditional customs and traditions of Tahiti.
  2. Bougainville Park : one of the few untouched parks left on planet Earth. Visiting the park it will seem like crossing an enchanted garden where man has not ruined anything with his evolution and expansion.
  3. Taravao : one of the magnificent places in Tahiti. Taravao is a small town surrounded by green nature overlooking an incredibly beautiful blue sea. In Taravao, life is very carefree and the atmosphere of the city is capable of conquering the heart in a few moments.
  4. Papenoo : it is a magical place that seems to have come out of the mind of an artist. A nature reserve within which waterfalls, paths and paths immersed in dense vegetation are hidden. Lovers of nature and adventure will love this place.
  5. Tautira : represents the classic beach that can be found in Tahiti. It is in fact a place that has the typical dark volcanic sand. This destination is ideal for those seeking comfort and relaxation.
  6. Papara : considered the longest beach on the entire island of Tahiti. Papara is located in the southwest of the island. The beach is ideal for both couples and families.
  7. Arue : mystical place of historical importance for Tahiti and its people. Not surprisingly, the ancient rulers of the territory lived in this locality. For years this little corner of paradise has been a favorite of actor Marlon Brando.
  8. Paul Gauguin Museum: museum dedicated entirely to the French artist. In fact, the painter spent several years of his life in the wonderful territory of French Polynesia and several works he carried out were inspired by the Tahitian lands.

How much a holiday in Tahiti costs
Prices, offers and advice
It is
useless to go around it, French Polynesia is one of the most expensive destinations in the world . A hotel + flight package for two people can come at really high prices. For a couple who want to stay in a medium-high structure, the cost can reach a total of 8,000 euros. Even the excursions to be done on site have a fairly high cost. There are also several chains on the island that are entirely dedicated to an elite audience that has a large monetary budget. For catering then, if you do not want to spend too much and well, rely on typical restaurants that prepare excellent traditional recipes.

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