Tell me how, how much and when you sleep and I’ll tell you how you are.
We could start like this. We all know that sleeping soundly and soundly is essential for the well-being of sleep . In fact, while we sleep, we strengthen and regenerate. But for many of us the difficulty in falling asleep or being able to sleep only a few hours is now a constant that conditions life. This condition makes us live every moment with little energy and higher levels of stress every time, significantly penalizing the well-being of sleep as well as the quality of our life.. Furthermore, as now all research shows us our immune system is strongly influenced by the quantity and quality of sleep. As a result we get sick or are healthier.

The key aspects affecting the well-being of sleep

  • HOW we sleep : in a deep, superficial way, we dream a lot or a little, we are rested when we wake up or more tired than before. When we sleep deeply and in a relaxed way, we will easily have sustained dream activity, we will wake up full of energy and desire to do. We will be rested and looking in the mirror, our face and our skin will tell about this regenerative process that took place during sleep. In fact, the face will be relaxed and the skin softer.
  • HOW MUCH we sleep : it is important to sleep continuously for at least 6 – 8 hours. Sleeping too little or sleeping too much can bring us the same effect of fatigue and apathy.
  • WHEN we sleep : we sleep in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening or late at night. This is precisely the key aspect that often deeply affects our sleep well.

Following a natural process, the hours of sleep are from 21 to 6/7 in the morning . In fact, during these hours our body is predisposed to rest and relaxation. If, on the other hand, in these hours we feel full of energy and in the morning we are more predisposed to sleep, we must put our autonomic nervous system in balance, which has certainly gone haywire. Yes on tilt! We know it too: we do not feel rested at all, the stress is sky high, we are also easily rising physically. We feel that something is wrong, that we need to change some habits.

Some precautions to be taken to restore balance to our system
If our living conditions allow it, we should prepare ourselves for relaxing activities, so avoid doing aerobic sports before going to bed. Excellent methods are meditation , yoga , reading a good book , listening to relaxing music . If we also slow down our movements and breathe more deeply, it will be easier to relax and be able to fall asleep deeply in the evening, promoting the well-being of sleep.
Also, it is very important to clear your mind and avoid thinking just before falling asleep. Thoughts otherwise will accompany us all night, also causing constant awakenings. So it is advisable to get distracted to lighten the mind and wake up more fresh and able to resume thoughts and find solutions. Nutrition can also affect sleep. In the evening what and how much you eat
In the evening, the lighter the meal (maybe even just a little vegetables), the better.
So, doing a quick recap. For a quality sleep it is important to sleep from 6 to 8 hours , in the time slot from 21 to 7 in the morning and prepare yourself for sleep by lowering the gears and suspending thoughts. We are in fact about to stop and fully recharge. We are the ones driving ourselves, let’s always remember that.

The food supplement for the well-being of sleep
Another ally of sleep is Melatonin Pura by ESI . Melatonin is a hormone naturally contained in our body, but sometimes for different reasons its concentration decreases causing difficulty in falling asleep and favoring the onset of sleep disorders. Melatonin Pura is the supplement based on melatonin useful for facilitating falling asleep and improving the quality and well-being of sleep .
The Melatonin Pura line includes a wide range of products: easily swallowable microtablets, also in retard form, pure drops, ovalettes with valerian and buccal strips.Melatonin Pura drops with Herbs of the Night contains Escolzia, Passiflora, Hawthorn, Chamomile, Linden and Valerian, natural extracts that promote normal relaxation of the mind , essential in times of stress and difficulty falling asleep to help you sleep.
Sweet dreams!

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