The first thing to keep in mind for sweet tables is the public and the theme. If the party is for children, the sweets should be soft, the ones that the little ones like the most. While if the event is intended for an adult audience, stronger flavored treats may be available.
As for the theme, you must be careful that it fits with our sweets. If it is, for example, a table of sweets for Halloween , we will not use sweets in the shape of a heart or with really bright colors. Since they would not fit each other.
Another factor to take into consideration is the decoration that accompanies the candy banquet.. This is of equal or greater importance than the sweets that are going to be used. From chocolate fountains to vintage candy jars. Here we show you a complete list of elements to make that corner look fantastic, and best of all: most of them can be used at home to decorate or organize your cupboard.

Candy jars

Victorian style creates a charming vintage village atmosphere. Fill the jars with your own mixes of treats, candies and nuts. You can find them from €18.49.
*Price: €18.49
*Price may vary

This set of two hermetic jarsCandy boxes are ideal not only for storing sweets such as chocolate or cookies, but also for coffee or sugar. They make great kitchen organizers . Each candy canister features a removable lid that provides airtight, dry food storage. You can get them from €17.99.
*Price: €17.99
*Price may vary

Candy Boxes

These airtight candy boxes are perfect for a store counter, for Christmas party table decorations , for a fireplace, car, nightstand, shelf , but especially for our sweet table. Its price from €12.99.
*Price: €12.99
*Price may vary

Stand with three heights

This stand can be disassembled without tools, and is made of non-toxic plastic, easy to wash. Can be used as a cake rack for up to 3-layer cakes. You can find it from €5.98.
*Price: €5.98
*Price may vary Cardboard


Simulating a bird’s cage , this pretty Jannyshop stand is made of high-quality, resistant and durable synthetic cardboard. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, can be used many times and has 3 levels. You can get it from €11.93.
*Price: €11.93
*Price may vary

Classic tarter

This ceramic tarter with lidIt is the classic option for the sweet table of your party. The lid is glass with a knob. Its price from €28.56.
*Price: €28.56
*Price may vary

Popcorn Boxes

This unicorn popcorn box is great for a night out or for the birthday of your children’s dreams. The price of the pack from €2.99.
*Price: €2.99
*Price may vary

Talking tables

Talkig tables come in many shapes but this one in the shape of a hot dog stand is great. Its price from €20.58.
*Price: €20.58
*Price may vary


La Noria SnackFun Express is also a good option for children’s birthdays or communions. Its price from €42.92.
*Price: €42.92
*Price may vary La Cioccolata di Trevi

chocolate fountain , has three levels of cascading design 17 cm high, with individually adjustable height feet. The stainless steel case and tower are made of stainless steel. Get it from €32.99.
*Price: €32.99
*Price may vary String of lights
Strings of Led lights like this one from Toplus are waterproof and made of wire, perfect for decorating a sweet or savory table and giving a unique light to whatever you put on it. You will find them from €8.99.
*Price: €8.99

*The price may vary


The rose gold color is a trend. MMXT balloons are in this color, perfect for any more formal celebration. Get this pack from €9.99.
*Price: €9.99
*Price may vary


Omufipw artificial flower garlands are great to decorate your sweet table. The raw silk material for the flowers and leaves is the most realistic, while the wine is made of flexible plastic. Artificial roses are an easy and inexpensive way to maintain a beautiful home, hotel, office, garden or patio throughout the year. year. Its price from €6.83.
*Price: €6.83
*Price may vary


Kakoo’s pennants have Candy Bar inscribed on them and are perfect as a decorative element at any event. Its price from €8.99.
*Price: €8.99
*Price may vary

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