For the pope’s day , get out of the classic schemes and choose a special way to wish your best wishes by organizing a nice surprise. You need some ideas
Here are some that will amaze and surprise you! Pope’s Day: Organize a Surprise Party
There are many ways to celebrate the Pope’s Day in a special way, without falling into banality and the usual cliches. If you have never celebrated this anniversary with your family, or if you are not in the habit of doing it anyway, the idea of ​​a surprise party will certainly amaze him and make him very happy.
We know well that our parents are important to us every day of our life (and we probably already prove it to them every day), but making everything even more special with a nice surprise can only please.
We have chosen some ideas and ideas – but these are just a few examples – to allow you to organize a small surprise party to celebrate your pope. The fake forgetfulness: a classic of surprise parties that is particularly effective with popes who are particularly interested in receiving greetings. Start in the morning and get along with all your family members, including children. Nobody should mention good wishes or celebrations and pretend that they have completely forgotten the anniversary. But in the meantime he organizes a surprise behind the scenes: a dinner in a pizzeria, at home with the family, in a restaurant or a nice evening all together with films and board games. The fake call for help: if your dad is a little couch potato it becomes difficult to convince him to leave the house. For this it is necessary to find an excellent excuse to let him come to your house, where you will have organized, without his knowledge, a nice party. Invent a fake “emergency” (nothing that scares him, please) like a leaking tap, a light bulb to change or you can ask him to go and buy something you didn’t remember having finished, for example, milk or coffee. In this way it will be easy to “bother” him and make him get up from the sofa. When he arrives at you, be ready for a nice surprise party with all of him and your loved ones. You keep the children for meas an ancient proverb says “if Mohammed does not go to the mountain …” This idea is perfect if you are unable in any way to get your pope out of the house. If you have children, nothing better than a fake commitment at the last moment! Ask him for the favor of keeping them and bring them to him: instead of having him babysit, show up with gifts, sweets or a “home” dinner prepared in advance. A nice surprise that can be organized at the last minute together with your whole family.
Any of these excuses will be perfect for throwing a surprise family get-together, unbeknownst to your dad. You can bring a cake (even prepared with your own hands), organize a nice barbecue or, simply, be all together for a while in the name of chatter and fun.

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