Heir to the Surface Book, hitherto the top of the Surface family for performance, the new Laptop Studio further raises the performance bar thanks to the presence of a powerful dedicated graphics card alongside the latest generation Intel processors. The truly high performance, at the level of a true graphics workstation concentrated in a portable PC with a 14.4-inch display and a weight of 1.8 kilograms, did not, however, come at the expense of flexibility of use, a characteristic strength of the ‘entire family of Surface, which are indeed enhanced by a practical and fast folding mechanism of the display above the keyboard, which thus allows it to be transformed if necessary into an intelligent graphics tablet for taking notes,
During the test, in fact, the mechanism studied by Microsoft for the Surface Laptop Studio proved not only effective but also very fast to use, more than the electromechanical mechanism used on the Surface Book 2 to physically separate the display containing all the electronics from the keyboard. with the second battery and dedicated graphics card. With Surface Laptop Studio it is sufficient, once the display is open as on a normal laptop, to exert a slight pressure on the upper part of the screen to activate the central hinge, made up of a special fabric that wraps around the back, to be able to angle the screen itself up to to completely cover the keyboard by leaning against the aluminum and magnesium frame. Special magnets keep the monitor firmly anchored both to the rear panel and to the keyboard,
The 14.4-inch PixelSense Flow display, of the multitouch type like the whole Surface family, is a real feast for the eyes thanks to an excellent color fidelity and the refresh system that can be set at 120 Hz, which makes it perfectly fluid in all circumstances. . Multitouch support is perfect for making the most of Windows 11, but Surface Laptop Studio also adds excellent support to Slim Pen 2, Microsoft’s digital pen capable not only of recognizing 1,096 different pressure levels, but also of a mechanism of haptic feedback which makes it extraordinarily similar to a real pencil. The combination of Surface Laptop Studio and Slim Pen 2 has also proved to be perfect for giving vent to creativity in all applications, from those for drawing such as Corel Draw to those dedicated to photo editing,
The large haptic touchpad, which allows you to click at any point on the surface, always providing feedback to increase effectiveness, is also precise and very comfortable in practical use, as is the keyboard, also comfortable for writing long texts, which however, it does not reach the excellence of that of the Surface Laptop 4. The three-dimensional face recognition system through the front camera and the infrared projector managed by Windows Hello has always proved to be a perfect mix between safety and ease of use, while the two USB-C ports on the left side are compatible with the Thunderbolt 4 standard, thus allowing you to connect any device with excellent performance.
To allow Surface Laptop Studio to withstand demanding applications for a long time without problems, Microsoft has equipped it not only with processors that go up to the 11th generation Intel Core i7 and a dedicated graphics chip, the Nvidia GeForce Rtx 3050Ti with 4 Gb of dedicated ram, but also an effective cooling system that expels the hot air from the sides of the computer through the ventilation grilles placed in the frame under the keyboard surface, which during the test proved to be silent even under load and unnoticeable in normal use. Thanks to this equipment, Surface Laptop Studio can quickly and without problems support not only all applications for individual productivity or software development such as Visual Studio, but also for video games such as Forza Horizon, Flight Simulator or Asphalt 9, which also take advantage of the excellent Quad Omnisonic speakers capable of full and powerful sounds even in low frequencies. All the available power has an impact on battery life, especially with the screen refresh set at 120 Hz, thus bringing the autonomy to around eight hours under standard conditions of use for business activity. (All rights reserved) working activity. (All rights reserved) working activity. (All rights reserved)

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