Are you looking for supplements to gain weight or gain weight
The first thing you need to know is that there is nothing that allows you to gain weight quickly or helps you to enlarge a certain part of the body.
Let’s find out what they are, if they are really needed and what types exist. Supplements to gain weight and tonic

  • Supplements to gain weight and tonic
    • The tonic
    • The supplements
    • When to use them
    • It is good to know that not all people can take supplements to gain weight and the effects vary from person to person. It means that in case you can take them, it is not said that you will experience positive effects.
  • Which supplements to gain weight to choose
    • Natural tonic
  • Supplements for children
  • Two exercises to gain weight
  • Weight gain, the winning recipe

When you want to gain weight you can use food supplements and tonic. Before you can make a decision on which one is the best and the most suitable for you, it is good that you know the differences. The tonic
The tonic are useful substances in case of tiredness, debilitation or malaise. They are used to restore the general well-being of the organism and help to gain weight. Supplements
Supplements, on the other hand, are substances that are taken when there is a lack of a particular element, failing to make up for this deficiency with normal nutrition.
The difference between the two is that restoratives are defined as indirect adjuvants for weight gain as they simply help the body in general by predisposing it to weight gain.
Supplements are considered direct adjuvants since, together with a balanced meal plan, they help those who want to gain weight. When to use them It is good to know that not all people can take supplements to gain weight and the effects vary from person to person. It means that in case you can take them, it is not said that you will experience positive effects.
Always remember to contact your doctor first and only then, on his advice, take these substances.
In case you can use them, supplements are ideal for:

  • flu: usually one of the main causes of weight loss since you don’t eat properly.
  • age: for those over 50, the tonic are indicated to alleviate the state of general debilitation.
  • debilitating pathologies: after infections, dysentery or other pathologies that lead to significant weight loss.
  • pregnancy / breastfeeding: the need in these cases changes and increases.

Which supplements to gain weight to choose
As already suggested, it will be the doctor who will advise you whether or not to take supplements to gain weight along with a meal plan. This will happen after a careful evaluation of your nutritional deficiencies.
To gain weight, the body needs macro and micronutrients present in the right quantity.
There are different types of supplements. Here are the main ones:

  • Vitamins. Necessary in case of deficiencies caused by malaise and / or stress. Vitamins help to achieve proper functioning of the body. They are found in the form of single vitamins (if you have a specific deficiency) or in the form of “multivitamins” (in case of fatigue / general malaise).
  • Minerals. Generally they are taken in case of anemia, but not only. Among the best known is iron and vitamin B12.
  • Essential fatty acids. Useful for controlling the level of cholesterol which, with weight gain, could increase.
  • Amino acids. To be taken when you want to increase lean mass.
  • Proteins. When weight loss has also decreased lean body mass, protein may be needed. This way you can gain weight in a healthy way.

Natural Restorers
If you have opted for restorers or your doctor has not given you permission to use the supplements, you can use natural restorers.
Natural restoratives are nothing more than substances present in nature that can help you in case of exhaustion, stress, general malaise. They can be used in conjunction with your weight gain meal plan:

  • Royal jelly. Its production is due to bees and is obtained starting from a transformation of the pollen. It is often used as an energy tonic and tonic, even for children.
  • Eleutherococcus. Indicated to counteract weakness resulting from weight loss. Eleutherococcus is a plant very similar to ginseng.
  • Honey. Thanks to the presence of sugar, it is considered an excellent tonic. Perfect for those who want to gain weight having a high calorific value.
  • Spirulina algae. Contains minerals such as iron and various vitamins (B, C, D, A, E), but also proteins, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids. The presence of macro and micro nutrients makes it particularly useful in case of weight loss caused by a too rigid (slimming) diet.
  • Ginseng. Contains tonic properties necessary when you are tired or in low spirits.

Supplements for children
If for an adult the use of supplements must be allowed by a doctor, this is even more true for children! In the event that your child is underweight, the pediatrician will surely have thought of a way to normalize the weight. Supplements that are not of natural origin are normally not recommended.
Do not give the child anything that could harm him. Always ask your doctor for advice. The only thing you can do independently is to give it natural restoratives like those already mentioned (honey, ginseng etc ..). Two exercises to gain weight
To gain weight, targeted and controlled training is recommended.
You can perform two exercises that will help you reach your goal:

  • squat for legs
  • weight lifting for biceps and triceps lats

Both exercises can be done at home and / or in the gym with the use of weights.
Always remember to change and increase the intensity and number of repetitions. The continuous increase will stimulate the muscle and allow you to gain mass.
Remember not to engage in high-intensity cardio activities. Activities like running, for example, will make you lose weight, don’t take it!
Conversely, brisk walking (perhaps uphill) or swimming will help you build muscle and mass.
If you love running and don’t want to do without it, look with your personal trainer for the most appropriate way to implement this activity in your training plan.
It is generally good to keep heart rate monitored. Above a certain threshold there will be more effort than the benefit obtained. Weight gain, the winning recipe
If your goal is to gain weight, you can’t rely on food supplements alone. As mentioned, they are not the magic formula to make you gain five pounds in two weeks.
Just as to lose weight you need a lot of effort that includes at least a balanced diet and weekly training, also to gain weight (or gain mass), you need the same effort.
It is practically the same thing but in reverse.
However, you must always have:

  • A check-up by the doctor to determine the percentage of lean and fat mass and understand how to act;
  • A visit to a nutrition specialist to determine the right meal plan for you;
  • A training plan. It is not only necessary to go to the gym, you also need to know which equipment to use or you will run the risk of losing weight instead of taking it! Ask the personal trainer to draw up a weekly plan to gain mass / gain weight in a healthy and balanced way;
  • Food supplements. If your doctor has authorized you to take them, food supplements could help you gain weight by also compensating for any deficiencies in your meal plan;
  • Constance. Nothing happens immediately, nothing happens without effort. Don’t be discouraged if the results are slow in coming. It takes time, patience and persistence.

If you follow all these tips, you will surely see the desired effects.

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