Autumn is time for remedies to run away from the effects of a summer of sun and sunburn, paying more attention to the well-being and correct functioning of our body. Thus we start with careful care for the skin , remedying the effects caused by the sun’s rays and a lack of hydration. After months of sun, in fact, some spots and wrinkles inevitably appear, and the skin takes on a more irregular appearance.
After the exposure from the umbrella, with the arrival of the cold, the skin tends to become thinner and thinner. This consequence is due to the lack of light in the winter months, not enough quantities for the body accustomed to a greater beneficial solar reception.

Supplements, valid allies for the skin
By nature our body defends itself from the attack of the most harmful sun rays, enhancing the turnover of keratin-producing cells, called keratinocytes. These increase significantly in number and lead to a thickening of the stratum corneum of the epidermis, which is often associated with dryness, skin surface irregularity and peeling.
In this fight against UV rays , supplements based on collagen , hyaluronic acid and resveratrol are a valid ally and tonic for the well-being of the skin .
Dehydrated and not very bright skins are not only due to tanning or the effects of the summer season, but can depend on many factors, such as sex, age, genetic predisposition and geographical factors.
What remedies to apply
How to solve the imperfection of thick skin and irregular grain
What to do to make the skin smoother and with fewer imperfections Supplements

with Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Resveratrol Food supplements of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Resveratrol

they give elasticity and resistance to the skin, which is why they are recommended as a reinforcement for proper hydration of the epidermis. Collagen, in particular, plays a fundamental role in the general well-being of our body. Being one of the main proteins present in our body, its contribution is essential to keep our skin radiant.
Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, is characterized by its great solubility, an essential quality that promotes greater hydration on our skin. Furthermore, it is an important ally against viruses and bacteria, and its action increases tissue plasticity and collagen formation.
In addition to taking oral supplements based on these essential ingredients for the well-being of the skin, we suggest below other tips to apply during the day:

  1. The right moisturizer We
    recommend a light, moisturizing and revitalizing cream, which also has a gentle exfoliating effect, so that the skin regenerates gradually.
  1. Daily hygiene
    The use of suitable and at the same time effective detergents, dedicated to the removal of sebum, impurities and fine dust that can deposit in the pores. Recommended are a good handmade soap with olive oil, effective and delicate.
  1. Scrub
    A suggested move for cell turnover may be a gentle scrub on the skin. It must be done once a week for the removal of necrotic cells and impurities from the epidermis.
  2. A healthy
    diet A diet based on seasonal vegetables, not cooked if possible, is recommended for skin regeneration. Allied to any cosmetic treatment, the diet should also be slightly low-calorie, to allow the body to purify itself effectively.
    In particular, the consumption of heavy foods such as cured meats and cheeses should be strongly limited, to be replaced with lean meats, fish and legumes.

Curiosity: gender, age, origin. How our skin changes
Male skin is generally a bit thicker and more oily than women’s skin. In Mediterranean areas the skin thickness is on average greater than in Nordic populations, and even more in African ethnic groups.
Speaking of age , however, in young skin the life of a cell is shorter, it lasts about twenty-eight days. After thirty years, however, a skin cell can live up to two months: this means that the elimination of “old” cells in favor of new ones is considerably slowed down. The effectsare the lack of brightness, a greater thickness with irregular grain, roughness, dryness and lack of elasticity.

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