Do it yourself and naturally lighten your hair is a valid option and not to be underestimated when you want to change and opt for a new look but without resorting to hours and hours at the hairdresser and, above all, without ruining them. Add some lighter shades, lighten the darker shades and take advantage of the face framing to define and emphasize the facial features: thanks to the lighter locks, in fact, it is possible to change quickly and easily. Lemon, bicarbonate, cinnamon, hydrogen peroxide : the methods are so many and so different that it is essential to try to clarify and understand which one is perfect for each one.

  • The sun
  • With chamomile
  • With cinnamon
  • With turmeric
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Hair lightening products

The sun
Probably yes, but the sun is one of the natural lighteners for hair that you just cannot and must not give up. Enjoy the warm rays of summer and, in the meantime, your hair will become increasingly clear and softened by shades given in all respects by the sun. Thanks to the photo-oxidation given by UVA / UVB rays which can destroy the melanin contained in the hair fiber and, consequently, lightening will occur.
This process, however, is only valid for lightening blonde and brown hair. In fact, the more the hair is dark, brown or black, the higher the quantity of melanin will be and therefore the more difficult it will be to proceed with a lightening given by the sun’s rays.
Obviously it is essential, before prolonged exposure, to apply a protective product (in the form of oil or leave-in conditioner) to avoid excessive dehydration and any damage caused by the sun’s rays. A sort of SPF designed specifically for the hair. With chamomile
You have probably already heard of it, but lightening your hair with chamomile is a natural method used in the past and which, even today, can be used on natural and non-colored hair . To do this, just follow a small oneDIY recipe to try now. A small remedy from the grandmother that is absolutely harmless and without damaging your hair, on the contrary, you will add active and nourishing ingredients to your hair.
All you need is a simple decoction of chamomile , which you can buy at a herbalist’s shop and then keep for a few days in the refrigerator, soak a cotton pad and pass it all over your hair after having cleansed, hydrated and allowed to air dry. Once this is done, collect them and wrap them first with a shower cap and then with a dry towel in order to generate a slight heat and activate the process . After a maximum of 1 hour, remove everything with a cold rinse without detergent and let the hair dry in a microfibre cloth andwithout using heat sources .
Obviously this is a particularly long process and, to see the first results, it could take a month or more. With cinnamon
The natural products that can be used to lighten hair also include cinnamon which, combined with honey and lemon, produces hydrogen peroxide, essential for lightening hair. Not to be underestimated, however, the final result that will lighten the hair but make it turn to more coppery and reddish shades.
To do this, just create a mixture (which will have to rest for half an hour) of 240ml of honey and as many of your usual conditioner, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of cinnamon. Apply everything to damp hair and carefully spread the mixture from the scalp to the ends, collect it in a bun and close it all with plastic wrap or a shower cap. After 4 hours, or if you prefer a whole night, you can proceed to wash with shampoo which must be done with great care to remove the compress.
Obviously, being a natural treatment, you can do it and do it again as many times as you want but the results will be very mild and delicate. The perfect process for those who want a gradual and barely mentioned result. With turmeric
Turmeric is a great ally in the kitchen, but it is also an ingredient not to be underestimated for skin (as for DIY face masks) and hair, especially if you want to lighten them Obviously it is impossible to think of obtaining results on very dark hair, but browns light and blonde shades will be able to take advantage of the characteristic color of this spice to add warm shades.
To do this, you will need to mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric with 1 cup of hot water , let it cool and give the powder time to settle on the bottom.
Once this is done, then move on to the application of water on the hair, leaving it on for 20 minutes up to two hours, depending on the result you want to obtain. Rinse it all off and apply your usual onebalm .
To understand the final effects, our advice is to try it first only on the tips for about a month so as not to overdo it and not to overdo it with the yellow shades. Hydrogen peroxide
How not to know hair lightening with hydrogen peroxide
Great trend of the 90s, this methodology refers to the techniques used by hairdressers who mix oxygen-based preparations, with different volumes, with bleaching powders to make blondes and shatush to perfection.
If once upon a time hydrogen peroxide, which can easily be found in large retailers or pharmacies, was applied directly to the hair in the hope of not causing any disaster. Today, however, it is possible to buy 3% hydrogen peroxide and then apply it on the hair. To avoid unpleasant accidents, we advise you not to do it on already dyed or bleached hair.Moreover, always test the treatment on a small hidden lock to see the reaction of the fiber and color.
The procedure is quite simple: apply the hydrogen peroxide on a cotton swab that you are going to pass on the strand. Then rinse with cold water and see the result and, if necessary, proceed on all the hair using a nebulizer.
Do not forget, after rinsing everything, to apply a shampoo and a good dose of conditioner that will restore the right hydration to your hair dried out by the treatment. Hair lightening products
If you are not familiar with DIY or you are afraid of not knowing how to mix the right quantities, risking to ruin your hair in an attempt to lighten it. You can always opt for ad hoc products, such as ad hoc coloring shampoos and henna (in particular cassia), designed precisely to lighten the darker colors.
Do not think about chemical formulations, in fact there are many shampoos, masks and treatments to lighten hair based on natural and, to facilitate your choice, we have selected the best.
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