Raise your hand if you want to go on vacation . At this point in the year it is practically impossible for there to be someone who has not raised their hand, who has not organized their summer getaways and who has only thought of the super comfortable hairstyles with which they will face all those plans. Not to mention the accessories you need for a summer getaway, which you already have more than ready.
Because we want to go on vacation, because we need to experience different things or because the pandemic has affected us too much, the fact is that these days we are looking for the most original activities to do during the summer holidays , either alone in company.
Because we are not only prepared to sunbathe alone, the most original plans to do during the summer holidays can also be enjoyed alone . Especially if it is about original and surprising activities that what they seek is to motivate us (who does not want motivation this summer


Drive a Formula 2.0 on a circuit, jump in a parachute; sleeping in a cabin on a tree , swimming among sharks, taking a bath in beer or sleeping while contemplating the stars are some of the most original and sought-after activities to do during the summer holidays. In fact, adventure reservations on the Aladinia platform, the Spanish website specializing in experience gifts, have increased by 130% in the last month and are already almost at the levels of the summer of 2019, the one before the pandemic.
Among all the most original activities that can be done alone or in company during the summer holidays, the Aladinia experts have told us which are the seven most popular on their website. The activities to do on vacation are for all tastes , for those who enjoy being in company, for those who prefer solo experiences, for the adventurous and for the leisurely. Discover the most original activities to do alone or in company during the summer holidays.

1. Drive a Formula
For those who are passionate about Formula 1 and motorsports in general, this is a perfect proposal to feel like a true professional driver , feeling how the wheels stick to the asphalt while driving at high speeds.
You can combine this experience with driving a Formula 2.0 or going around the circuit with high-end cars such as Hummer, Ferrari F430 F1 or Lamborghini Gallardo . The test can be carried out in different circuits throughout Spain such as the Catalunya circuit or the Can Padro circuit in Barcelona, ​​Jarama in Madrid, Campillos in Malaga , Calafat in Tarragona, Aragon-Motorland in Teruel, Chiva and Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Monteblanco in Huelva, Arcos in Navarra or the FK1 circuit in Valladolid, among others, with a route per lap that goes between 1.6 and 3.9 km .
This day begins with a theoretical briefing where a professional will teach piloting techniques , safety instructions on and off the track, among other things. In addition, one will receive all the necessary information to make the most of this moment. Most of those who try the experience comment that it falls short, so it is advisable to reserve more laps than the initial ones .

2. Spend the night under the stars

Have the opportunity tosleeping outdoors inside a transparent capsule and enjoying contemplating millions of stars , some planets and the moon in the middle of nature is an experience difficult to forget and one of the most romantic that exists.
It is possible at the Hotel Zielo Las Beatas, in Villahermosa, Ciudad Real , a place away from all noise and pollution, from lights that prevent you from appreciating all the beauty of the sky, enjoying silence, intimacy and unbeatable views.
There are five of these capsules equipped, naturally, with a telescope, each with its own private plot to preserve privacy and with names that evoke the experience of the firmament: Galileo, Copernicus, Halley, Kepler… In addition, in the surroundings of the hotel, numerous leisure and adventure activities can be carried out.

3. Fly in a helicopter and jump in a parachute

In this experience, emotion, adrenaline and unique moments come together . The first thing is a private helicopter flight from Barcelona to Empuriabrava contemplating impressive views with coastal and inland landscapes. Then, from the Skydive Empuriabrava facilities we will be prepared for the big jump.

In the heart of the Costa Brava we can experience a free fall for a minuteand a quieter parachute flight for 5 minutes, with the Bay of Roses at our feet. For friends who do not believe that we have made this experience, there will be a professional audiovisual report and an accrediting diploma . Afterwards we will return to Barcelona with the helicopter to continue admiring the views of the coastline.

4. Sleeping in a treehouse

A dream that everyone has had as a child and that can now come true at Agroturismo Mari Cruz, in Villanueva de Arce, Navarra. Protected by three beautiful oak trees is the Cabana Duendes , the perfect refuge to unwind as a family (2 adults and two children) in the middle of nature, wake up to the song of the birds and admire beautiful sunrises.

The cabin is fully equipped and in the same accommodation there is a bathroom with shower, running water and a terrace where you can admire the beautiful green landscapes of the area. In addition, the rural area has a farm where you can interact with chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep and many more animals. That yes, they recommend wearing comfortable shoes to get to the cabin , as well as backpacks or bags instead of wheeled suitcases, since the terrain is not smooth.

5. Diving and sleeping among sharks

Another of the most demanded adventureswill surprise more than one. Perhaps, this year of pandemic has made many Spaniards lose the fear they used to have to carry out certain activities and apply Carpe Diem to their lives and decide to release adrenaline. It is nothing more and nothing less than diving among sharks .
This activity can be done at the Palma Aquarium in Mallorca. A truly unique experience in which we will immerse ourselves in the Big Blue, one of the deepest shark tanks in Europe , almost 9 meters deep and with 3.5 million liters of salt water, where we will feel as if we were Jacques Cousteau. diving in the middle of the ocean accompanied by 11 sharks that reach up to 2.5 meters in length.
The activity is available both for people with degrees and without degrees. At all times we will be accompanied by an experienced diver who will give guidelines and guide to make the experience an unforgettable moment.
And for the little ones , L’Aquarium de Barcelona proposes sleeping with sharks , an activity they will never forget that starts with a game of clues to find out everything about these animals. After dinner pizza, potatoes, yogurt and water and stories about sharks will be told to later sleep surrounded by 8,000 different fish including sharks.

6. Take a cooking class
First the confinement, then the closure of many bars and restaurants and finally, the fear of many Spaniards to go out, has meant that more than one had to manage as best they could at home and not all of us can boast of being great chefs with a Michelin star .
On the contrary, a vast majority of people have realized their culinary limitations, and surprisingly, cooking courses are being one of the most demanded activities for the coming months : Japanese and Sushi cooking workshops, fresh pasta, vegetarian, hamburgers. , marinated fish, rice and even cupcakes and fondant cakes are being the stars of the kitchen throughout Spain .

7. Beer Spa circuit and massage
Not everyone is willing to live exciting adventures and release adrenaline, others just want to relax, get a good massage and have a beer . But this can also be something special.
Scattered around different parts of Spain there are some original and fun spas where the main protagonist is beer . These are the Beer Spas where we can immerse ourselves in the ingredients that make up this drink: yeast, hops and barley dissolved in hot water.
The yeast will bring vitality to the skin and reduce fatigue, while the hops will open our pores. Later we will try the beer sauna and enjoy the relaxation area with barley beds. While we notice how the stress is disappearing and we rest, we will be able to taste unlimited Alhambra beer and a traditional appetizer to finish awakening all our senses. This activity is being a complete success in Alicante, Granada, Tenerife and Zahara de los Atunes in Cadiz .

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