Everything you need to know about the relationship between summer sports and natural supplements . Playing sports in the summer is more important than ever for fitness lovers : you have the opportunity to be outdoors and in contact with nature, you can enjoy many more hours of light and you work hard to tone your body in view of the sunny days spent on the beach.
However, summer is also the season of heat and humidity, factors that greatly contribute to reducing energy and promoting that feeling known as exhaustion. When it’s hot and the sun shines, you lose a lot of fluids and it’s common to feel drained and tired. Fortunately,natural supplements , to be added to the normal diet .

Why sport in summer causes fatigue Fatigue
, also simply known as fatigue, is closely related to body temperature , which in turn is linked to the outside temperature. The human organism, to function properly, must keep the internal temperature just below 37 ° C. When it is too hot outside, the human body sets in motion a series of mechanisms to dissipate the heat .
Among these, there is the decrease in blood pressure , caused by the dilation of blood vessels, which causes fatigue. Obviously, when in the summer you decide to play sports, the organism needs to disperse not only external heat , but also that produced by physical activity . This explains why very often doing sports in the summer causes severe exhaustion .

How to recover after training
Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to limit post-workout fatigue . Among the solutions available, one of the ways to go is to increase the body’s concentration of magnesium .
From a chemical point of view, magnesium is nothing more than a metal, which is present in high quantities on the earth’s crust. In an adult human being, there are about 20 grams of this mineral, which can only be introduced into the body through food .
The functions that magnesium performs are manifold : just think that this mineral is involved in more than 300 biochemical reactions essential for the life of the cell . Most of the reactions in which magnesium is required are linked to energy production and expenditure , but the metal also plays an important role for the nervous system , ensuring proper functioning of the synapses.
Precisely for this reason, magnesium is necessary not only to limit insomnia and to stimulate mental well-being by mitigating stress, but it is also essential to correctly manage energy , a property that should not be underestimated when sporting activities in the summer .
Take this metal in adequate doses and therefore of primary importance to recover strength after an intense summer workout . This is why the combination of summer sports and natural magnesium-based supplements can always prove to be a winning card.

How to supplement magnesium
Many prefer to play sports in the summer by takingnatural supplements with magnesium . But it is possible to prepare a natural supplement against fatigue in the summer
. The answer is yes, it is possible to prepare it with your own hands, using the right ingredients and following the right precautions.
With centrifuges or extractors, you can make the most of the various ingredients on your table. To make an excellent smoothie rich in magnesium , you can use two bananas and two sprigs of fresh spinach.
After peeling the bananas and rinsing the spinach thoroughly, just add them to the centrifuge. Those who wish can also add soda, to make the supplement taste more lively, or simply water.
Served with ice and taken after a workout , this juice is a low-calorie and effective solution in restoring energy .
Even the daily diet itself can be an excellent source of magnesium , if the right foods are eaten in the correct quantities. Foods rich in magnesium are dried fruit , cereals (especially whole grains) and all legumes . Taking these foods regularly ensures an adequate supply of magnesium, sufficient even for periods of intense summer training .

The importance of potassium
Often mentioned together with magnesium,also potassium is a very important mineral . It too can be taken with food and, even if to a lesser extent than magnesium, potassium is involved in energy processes and in maintaining adequate blood pressure .
Potassium, as well as magnesium, is present in many legumes , in vegetables such as potatoes and squash , as well as in dried fruit .

Improving the absorption of magnesium
Those interested in learning about the relationship between sports in the summer and natural supplements based on magnesium, you should know that there are several factors that can influence the amount of magnesium taken that will actually be used by the body. Not all the magnesium that reaches the intestine is used.
In particular, recent studies show that vitamin D plays a very important role in the absorption of magnesium , which would otherwise be not assimilated by the body and lost through intestinal activity. For this reason, when deciding to take a natural supplement after playing sports in the summer, it is important to add a source of vitamin D.

The right mix between sport in summer and food supplements
Sport in summer and natural supplementsthey go hand in hand when it comes to a person’s health, especially in the summer months. As we have seen, in addition to being purchased, natural magnesium-based supplements can also be prepared directly at home .
For a product that is effective, however, it is important to know how to select the raw materials and know how to dose them adequately, in order to make the right concentrations of magnesium and potassium , which are the real weapons to use against fatigue .

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