There are remedies for swollen legs that are also effective in summer
The summer season is a particularly awaited moment by any lover of sun and nature. In fact, at least during the first few weeks, the pleasant temperatures are ideal for walking outdoors, perhaps enjoying a good ice cream. When temperatures rise and the heat begins to make itself felt, in people predisposed to circulatory problems , annoying symptoms such as swelling of the lower limbs may occur . The heat produces, in fact, the dilation of the superficial vessels, leading to venous overload and a slowing down of blood circulation.
A very similar situation is found, then, in pregnancy. Another time when the legs are put to the test. In addition to the evident swelling (especially localized at the height of the ankles), various disorders are highlighted. Such as aches, tingling, redness of the skin, itching, night cramps and a general feeling of heaviness . Only rarely, however, these symptoms can be traced back to a serious pathology: in the vast majority of cases it is enough to rely on natural remedies to quickly solve the problem of heavy legs.

Movement and sport: two of the most effective remedies for swollen legs
Even if you are on vacation, laziness is not justified! The watchword, for those looking for remedies for heavy legs, must be ““. If you stay in the city, it will be enough to walk for about thirty minutes at a brisk pace at least once a day. People who have chosen to spend a few days at the beach will be able to opt, in addition to the classic walk on the shoreline, for a swim , a ride on a pedal or on a bike. Leaving the bed or towel aside for a few hours will be equally beneficial for health.
The practice of sports , by activating the muscles, has positive effects on venous return and, therefore, and able to improve circulation.The greatest discomfort is experienced by people who are required to work on the hottest days, especially if forced into very hot environments for several hours. In this case, among the remedies for heavy legs the use of graduated compression elastic stockings is recommended . Those who perform sedentary jobs should also make it a habit to get up at regular intervals in order to stimulate circulation.

Tips for Traveling by Car or Plane in the Summer
If people who spend most of their working hours in the car can benefit from more stops than usual, travelers who have to cope with several hours on the plane will need to look after. especially their hydration. Furthermore, although it is not possible to practice many physical exercises due to the limited space, it is advisable (at least) to rotate the feet while seated , both clockwise and anticlockwise.
And before leaving it is a good idea to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, even better if without laces. These indications regarding clothing are also valid in everyday life: on the hottest days, for example, women would do better to give up too high heels.

Water, fruit and vegetables: a well-kept and fundamental diet
Fundamental in the summer months and maintaining a high level of hydration.In addition to drinking plenty of water (herbal teas are also excellent, especially those based on fennel and green tea), help yourself by eating fresh fruit and vegetables. These foods – known for their important fiber and vitamin content – can rightly be considered remedies for swollen legs, thanks also to the high percentage of liquids and the presence of potassium, a substance capable of regulating circulation. Finally, lighten the seasonings, limiting saturated fats, refined sugars, and salt (you can replace the latter with spices and herbs).

Remedies for heavy legs to be taken on the beach
On vacation you are always looking for the perfect tan A
categorical imperative for those who have already been forced to adopt remedies for swollen legs in the past, andavoid overheating the lower limbs . In any case, the sun is not the real enemy of heavy legs, but the heat: this is why a towel to use to cover the legs would end up not giving the desired results.
The most effective remedies for swollen legs include frequent sponging (or showering) with cool or icy water. We have already reminded you of the usefulness of walks: on the beach it is possible to enhance them with the beneficial effect of brackish water : walking with water to life, you will treat yourself to a delicate massage and revive the blood circulation.

Moisturizers and essential oils
Among the remedies for swollen legs, moisturizers(especially if of good quality) are a guarantee of an immediate feeling of well-being. To maximize their effectiveness, it is preferable to keep them in the refrigerator and then use them for massages that start from the ankles up to the thighs. Even better would be to use a natural bristle brush . Essential oils are also beneficial for heavy legs.
For example, the draining effects of birch and horse chestnut oil are known, as well as the refreshing action of juniper, mint and rosemary. To give your legs lightness – while normalizing the hydration of the epidermis – you can also use menthol and aloe vera, while chamomile and wintergreen stimulate circulation (and in particular the microcirculation).

Remedies for heavy legs to take before going to sleep
Tired or swollen legs at the end of a summer day
In this case, a shower or a bath in the tub may be enough to alleviate the problem. By adding a few drops of a draining essential oil and a small handful of salt, you will enjoy a relaxing and soothing bath. If, on the other hand, you prefer the shower,cold water to activate venous recirculation , especially when the jet is directed on the legs and feet.
There are also valid alternatives to bath and shower such as the application on the legs of a solution composed of water and vinegar in equal parts or a compress based on green tea leaves. If you want to try the latter you will first have to prepare and filter the tea; at that point you will immerse some cotton gauze in the liquid, and after squeezing them you can apply them directly on the legs.
Finally, even at night it is possible to act against heavy legs, placing a pillow under them, in order to keep them slightly raised .

The importance of supplements among heavy legs remediesIn recent years, the use of food supplements to combat the problem of heavy legs
has become increasingly widespread . These products are particularly useful for allowing the body to take vitamins beneficial for circulation such as C and E, and natural phlebotonic substances based on Blueberry, Centella Asiatica, Horse Chestnut and Hammamelis. If the Centella improves the functionality of the microcirculation – eliminating excess liquids – the Blueberry strengthens the capillaries. Finally, among the remedies for swollen legs, the antioxidant action of Red Vine and the properties of Troxerutin (also known as Vitamin P4) should not be forgotten.

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