Sicily is a region visited by hundreds of tourists every year . Tourists come from all over Italy and the world. The tourist destinations of the island manage to offer exceptional natural beauty and nocturnal entertainment. In particular, young people appreciate the summer destinations in Sicily . There are certain very beautiful places to see. Such places must absolutely be visited if a young person is enjoying a holiday on the island. Here are the 10 summer destinations for young people in Sicily .

Travel advice post COVID19
If you are planning a trip, make sure you are in line with safety measures. Follow government guidelines and only return to travel when the green light is given. Prefer natural and perhaps non-mass destinations, and in general promote local tourism: discover the wonders of your city, your region and your state. Try to avoid long-haul travel and at most choose destinations that can be reached with a few hours of flight.

1 – Taormina, Province of Messina

Taormina is located on the Ionian coast of Sicily , above the promontory overlooking the coast, not far from Catania and the natural park of Etna. It is a particularly popular summer destination and actually offersmany activities, entertainment, breathtaking places to visit and flavors that are never forgotten: a perfect holiday for young people.
Among the most famous clubs La Giara, lounge bar and disco with a splendid terrace overlooking the bay of the city; Bella Blu, which in addition to being a restaurant and also a piano bar and disco, and TwoB Taormina, a very young venue that offers evenings with DJ sets every weekend. The most beautiful beaches to visit are those of Capo Sant’Andrea and Isola Bella , with equipped bathing establishments, while from the Bay of Mazzaro it is possible to leave for boat excursions to discover sea caves.and ravines otherwise unreachable. At the Lido Acquascivoli Tobogan in Giardini Naxos you can cool off and have fun with water games.

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  • How to get around : in Taormina you can easily move on foot or use the cable car and buses which, especially in summer, are frequent and can also take you to the beaches a little outside the city. The cost of a ticket is € 1.90.
  • Nightlife : it is concentrated in the lower part of the city. Famous places: La Giara, Bella Blu, TwoB Taormina
  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b from € 120.00 per room – see the offers

2 – Panarea, Province of Messina

Panarea is the smallest island of the Aeolian archipelago , north of Sicily, but it is also the most exclusive and popular destination for young people. However, the island is also a favorite destination for VIPs and entrepreneurs, in fact its waters are teeming with yachts , so it is definitely not cheap. In Panarea the difference between day and night is not clear: it is celebrated practically at all hours .
Very famous is the Rhum & Pera sailing boat, which organizes parties based on music and alcohol and usually also involves the boats around, creating a real party on the sea. Other famous clubs: Bar Banacalli, very elegant, the Bridge Sushi Bar with its panoramic terrace and the historic Raya disco where you can dance until the morning. Just watch out for the prices. The beaches of Panarea are beautiful, and well known : just go around the island, there is the Calcara beach, the Drautto pebble beach and Junco bay.

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  • How to get around : on foot or with a small hired boat to get around the island.
  • Nightlife : Raya, historic disco open until dawn, Rhum & Pera, a sailing boat where people celebrate day and night, Banacalli Bar for an aperitif, Bridge Sushi Bar for the panoramic terrace.
  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b from € 180.00 per room – see the offers

3 – Marsala, Province of Trapani
Marsala is located on the north west coast of Sicily. The prices are low compared to the most exclusive locations and, thanks to its entertainment, it is perfect for young people who want to spend a few days at sea, fun and relaxation .
In the city there are many equipped beaches, while just outside there are splendid beaches immersed in the Stagnone reserve , a stretch of lagoon coast where the water is very low. Here you can find the beach of San Teodoro and the Marausa beach, where there are both equipped and free solutions. The center of Marsala and the heart of the nightlife: the ancient market, where the fish trade was once held, now hosts many small places. Via XI Maggio is also very lively, some places: Bar dell’Angolo, Enoteca lo Sbarco, Portale Botteghe. In the city you can dance by the sea, at Lido Boero, while the other discos are a little out of the way, Antaeus and OneClub.

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  • How to get around : on foot for the city, if you want to get around in the surroundings you need a car or a bus, in summer the rides are more frequent, the ticket costs about € 1.70
  • Nightlife : Antaeus (about 4 km from the center), Lido Boeo, One Club about 6 km from the center and the sea, Enoteca Lo Sbarco and Portale Botteghe in the center
  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b from € 80.00 per room – see the offers

4 – San Vito Lo Capo, Province of Trapani
Photo of Yellow.Cat. San Vito Lo Capo is located on the extreme tip of north-western Sicily, between the cities of Trapani and Palermo. It has now become a very popular holiday destination for young people : not only for the splendid beaches and for the activities that can be done, but also for entertainment.
Among the most beautiful beaches, certainly the one in the town, the beach of San Vito Lo Capo, wide and very white. Then there are also the beach of Santa Margherita and the Tonnara del Secco, finally, to escape the crowds a bit, the beaches of the Riserva dello Zingaro. Among the clubs, the most famous is the Sea Garden Beach Bar & Lounge, a bathing establishment where you can lie in the sun during the day, have an aperitif and stay late into the night with DJ sets. Other places to have a drink: the Marvin Cafe; among the pubs, the Thaam, in Arabic style.

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  • How to get around : in the city on foot, in the surroundings by car
  • Nightlife : San Vito coast and historic center. Sea Garden Beach Bar & Lounge, Marvin Cafe, Thaam
  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b from € 100.00 per room – look at the offers

5 – Favignana, Province of Trapani
Favignana is an island of the Egadi islands, facing the north west coast of Sicily. It has always been considered a destination for a quiet holiday , not too busy, yet more and more young people choose it to spend their summer holidays, certainly thanks to the breathtaking beaches and the feeling of freedom it gives .
There are some clubs concentrated in the town of Favignana, including the Monique Bar, where you can have an aperitif, or the Camarillo Bistrot, where DJ sets are also organized. There is also Costa Sunset Bar, on the Cala Trono beach. A must is the possibility of renting a boat at sunset with an aperitif: very suggestive. The most beautiful beaches are: Lido Burrone, the only beach on the island, equipped with sand, Cala Rossa and Cala Azzurra, which are rocky but unmissable, and finally the Calamani beach. A recommended visit is to the Ex Florio delle Tonnare factory , near the center.

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  • How to get around : once on the island the best idea is to rent a scooter to get around it all. The rental costs € 50.00 per day in August, € 30.00 in July or September. You can also rent a bike, if you have good legs you will certainly be able to get around the island.
  • Nightlife : in the town, Monique Bar, Camarillo Bistrot. On the beach Costa Sunset Bar
  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b from € 140.00 per room – see the offers

6 – Cefalu, Province of Palermo
Photo of tamA¡s szabA³. Cefalu is located quite close to Palermo, a tourist resort increasingly popular with young people , who find here not only splendid beaches, but also entertainment and activities. In addition to the Lungomare beach, the only one with fine sand, Cefalu also has a cliff overlooking the sea.
Another beach to visit is the Marina Beach, about 1 km walk from the historic center, the Caldura beach and then that of Mazzaforno, with pebbles or rocks. Towards Palermo, 4 km from Cefalu, there is the Capo Playa beach, ideal for surfers. The Lungomare area is also dedicated to nightlife, one of the most beautiful places, with the staircase leading to the beach, and the Sottozero. Like nightclubs, Malibu and Le Calette, at the port. To spend a day of entertainment different from the others, there is the Acqua Verde water park, 8 km from the center.

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  • How to get around : within the city on foot, a car is recommended in the surroundings or there are some AST bus rides, with a ticket of about € 1.90.
  • Nightlife : area of ​​the seafront and the port. Local Sottozero and Malibu on the Lungomare, Le Calette disco in the harbor area.
  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b from € 95.00 per room – see the offers

7 – Mondello, Province of Palermo
Photo by Pietro Columba. Mondello is considered the holiday resort of Palermo , being not far from the city, and has now also become the favorite destination of many young people from other regions. In Mondello there is the convenience of being close to the city, the opportunity to enjoy one of the whitest and clearest beaches in Sicily and the Capo Gallo Marine Protected Area, plus Mondello is also very lively, full of clubs : the summer season offers many opportunities for fun and recreation.
Among the discos there is the Country Disco Club, Villa Partanna 2.0, the Lido discotheque directly on the beach, among the clubs the Mida Lounge bar where you can drink cocktails and listen to music by the sea. For fun there is also the Toy Park Beach water park, with swimming pools, slides and inflatables.

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  • How to get around : on foot inside Mondello, in the surroundings by public transport
  • Nightlife : on the sea, the Mida Lounge bar and the Lido disco. A couple of kilometers from the coast, Villa Partanna 2.0 and Country Disco Club.
  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b from € 100.00 per room – look at the offers

8 – Aci Trezza, Province of Catania
Photo of gnuckx. Aci Trezza is a beautiful seaside resort near Catania that offers beautiful beaches and entertainment , plus it also has lower costs than the more exclusive seaside resorts, in short, it can be a happy choice for holidays under the banner of the sea and nightlife. ! The most famous and well-known beach is the Lido dei Ciclopi , where you can take long baths in this wonderful sea. From the Aci seafront you can also admire the Faraglioni, sharp rocks that overlook the water and at sunset are truly suggestive.

The port and promenade area is very lively in the evening, numerous clubs: the Caffe del Porto, GoGo 43, Cafe del Mar, are just a few. The Bonacher nightclub in Aci Castello is also not far away. A must-do activity is a visit to the small island of Lachea, perhaps by renting a boat.

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  • How to get around : within Aci Trezza on foot, a car is recommended to move around the surroundings
  • Nightlife : waterfront area and port. Caffe del Porto, Cafe del Mar, GoGo43
  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b from € 85.00 per room – see the offers

9 – San Leone, Province of Agrigento

The Lido of San Leone is the beach of the city of Agrigento par excellence . Here the people of Agrigento come to cool off during the hottest weekends, but also to spend their summer evenings. In fact, not only is San Leone full of equipped bathing establishments, services and restaurants, but also of clubs , of places to listen to music, dance, drink something, in short: have fun.
Summer evenings are always very lively here, the heart of the resort and the small marina, around which all the activities gravitate: the Boca Club discotheque, the Controvento club, with music and cocktails right on the harbor, the Acquaselz, a very nice place with armchairs and tents overlooking the sea, where you can listen to music and have a drink. Not far from the marina there is also the Quattroventi club, where you can dance outdoors. Around San Leone, a world to discover with the city of Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples.

  • How to get around : by public transport, which also have a special ticket to visit the Valley of the Temples, starting from € 8.00
  • Nightlife : marina area, Boca Club disco, Acquaselz, Controvento, Quattroventi
  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b from € 70.00 per room – see the offers

10 – Sciacca, Province of Agrigento
Sciacca, north of Agrigento, is a very suggestive seaside resort that offers young people a not overly expensive holiday , yet with a wide choice of entertainment. The clubs , in particular in the San Marco area, are many and highly sought after , almost all on the sea or directly on the beach: lounge bar or beach bar, the important thing is to spend pleasant hours drinking cocktails and listening to music.
Some clubs: Mahili Beach, Tuna Bach, Aloha Beach, Pier 41 Lounge Bar, all offer DJ set nights under the stars during the summerand are very popular, there will be no regrets the real discos. To visit the beach of San Marco, where the daytime bathing establishments are often the same open in the evening, Contrada Foggia beach, Timpi Russi beach. At 45 km from Sciacca, heading north, there is the Acquasplash water amusement park.

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  • How to get around : within Sciacca on foot. To move around, it is better to have a car.
  • Nightlife : San Marco, Mahili Beach, Tuna Bach, Aloha Beach, Pier 41 Lounge Bar
  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b from € 85.00 per room – see the offers
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