It is not always an age factor: stress , nutrition , change of season , wrong skincare routine and now even the mask . Everyone can see sudden pimples appear on the face , which often make you uncomfortable and you try to cover them in every way with makeup, often with unsatisfactory results. But before resorting to DIY methods that could make it worse rather than better, here’s how to get rid of it ASAP .Thoroughly clean the area and avoid touching your hands, especially if dirty
. It is true, when you have a pimple , the temptation to squeeze and touch it is really strong. In reality this does nothing but inflame it more, risking to worsen the situation. First of all because the hands are a receptacle for germs and bacteria and, especially if not perfectly cleansed, they risk infecting the offending area even more. Also, if you don’t pay close attention to how you squeeze the pimple, the pus risks contaminating the skin around it, resulting in new pimples. Last but not least, with the nails you risk creating micro lesions, let out blood and scabs. The first thing to do, in the case of a sudden pimple , is to clean the area and keep it clean and disinfected. Wash your face with products that are not too aggressive but not too oily and, if you touch your face with dirty hands, wash them and also wash your face.
Source: 123rf No to do-it-yourself remedies or very carefully, they could make the situation worse
There are many do-it -yourself remedies that are on the web, but be careful which ones to choose. One of the most famous, for example, consists in applying toothpaste on the pimple, which would have the power to dry up imperfection. Although in some cases the method works, the risk is also to dry the skin around it and, by the time you go to make up, it will be almost impossible to camouflage the flaky skin. Furthermore, toothpaste is not a product tested for this purpose and could unnecessarily stress and irritate the skin.
Some natural remedies are safe and effective but, even in this case, attention must be paid to a localized and specific application , they are not suitable methods for those with many imperfections. Green clay has the power to dry and purifyand, mixed with water, it can be applied with a cotton swab only on the imperfection. Vegetable charcoal also has a purifying and astringent action as does tea tree , a natural antibacterial , the most recommended among natural methods .
Source: Mulac Cosmetics – BeOnMe Spot treatments and specific products for imperfections are what you need
The best products in the case of localized imperfections and pimples are undoubtedly the spot treatments . They are specific products to be applied locally on the imperfection, if an abundant layer is spread(with the help of the spout included in the product pack to be even more precise) preferably before going to sleep or if you will spend several hours removing make-up at home and let it dry . The results are truly amazing, it will help relieve pimples that are not yet fully ripe or help expel pus in the most important ones. They contain various active ingredients including niacinamide , salicylic acid , thyme , tea tree and purifying active ingredientswhich act in synergy to purify only the imperfection, leaving the rest of the skin free, without drying it. Another product to try, then, are the anti-imperfection patches . Also to be applied in the evening , although transparent and practically invisible, they are medicated and contain substances that help to relieve the offending point.
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