The last day of qualifying for the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships saw the entry on the scene of our blue gymnasts who make Italy fully proud for having won 3 finals .
And here they are our heroines who have once again demonstrated their incredible talent, starting with Vanessa Ferrari , top gymnast among our representatives, who put on a show with her performance.
A success announced by Vanessa Ferrari, who fascinated the Canadian public with an impeccable performance that earned her seventh place with 13,600 overall points, followed closely by her colleague Lara Moriwhich ranks eighth with 13,500. Both fly directed towards the free body final with the applause and the consent of all.
It seemed she was not going to make it after the year spent recovering from the surgery immediately and meditating on retirement, but the gymnast from Brescia was instead able to still give emotions and show that her career is still long and full of successes.
The Champion does not hide the emotion and joy of having reached the final and so she declares to the reporters immediately after the end of the women’s qualifiers:
I am happy to be here and have shown that I am once again with only one month of preparation. Who wrote that I could stay at home had the answer: because I have to stay at home if I can play something
Accompanying her in the grand final will be another blue who yesterday made Italy’s name shine: Lara Mori. For her, not one but two very final, in the free body and in the women’s all-around.
Her performance was excellent, despite a fall from the beam from which however the gymnast recovered immediately without losing concentration. At her debut as an individualist she proves she has what it takes to be a winner and she prepares for a very promising final race.
Here are her statements at the end of the race:
Nice race, I am very satisfied and excited for my results. I’m sorry for the fall to the beam but then I managed to recover, I’m satisfied with the free body and the results obtained. Even for parallels, I have never had such a high score.
Unfortunate and perhaps too excited, however, the other two Italian representatives, Sara Bernardelli and Desiree Carofiglio , who made mistakes and even crashed during practice. Both at their debut here in Montreal, they will certainly be able to assert themselves in the next races, gaining even more experience.

Results of the women’s qualifiers
Great test also for the foreign athletes competing. In the final we will see Ragan Smith (14,433), the Japanese Mai Murakami (14,200), the American Jade Carey (14,100), the British Claudia Fragapane (13,933), the Canadian Brooklyn Moors (13,866), in the free body, the Brazilian Thais Santos (13,733).
In the women’s all-round final, however, Lara Mori finds herself competing against Mai Murakami (55.933), the American Ragan Smith (55.932) and the Canadian Ellie Black (55.766) in the lead in the first three positions.
Here are all the updated rankings of women’s free body and all around qualifiers.

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