Sandals are for summer . Regardless of what the trends are in sandals for the summer, this type of footwear unquestionably takes over the street style with the change of season and there is no longer room for any other. Especially this summer , when flat sandals become the best sellers and mule sandals reconcile us with heels (finally).
If you have been observant, you will have noticed these days that Instagram has been filled with some original rope sandals that already hit hard last summer and that are presented as the top sustainable trend of the summerthat takes your boho dresses to another level. They are from the firm Nomadic State of Mind and are made of super recognizable strings and this summer they are once again the undisputed queens of street style (not without first going through Instagram, of course).

The favorite Instagram trend that entered our lives last summer is in full swing this year. Comfortable, versatile and with the gift of taking boho summer dresses to another level (and whatever your outfit), these super iconic rope sandals have something that we still love more than their aesthetics.
These are sustainable sandals, made with plastic wastewith which to go to fashion never had so much environmental awareness. That’s why we understand that rope sandals have become the favorite sustainable trend on Instagram , regardless of whether they take boho summer dresses to another level (yes, she wears them).
Six years ago the Nomadic State of Mind brand landed in Spain and since then it has not stopped gaining followers. Fashion experts such as Pelayo Diaz , influencers such as Carmen Gimeno (we have to admit that she is our favorite style muse) or Sara Escudero, and brands as disparate as Yerse, Love Piropo or Malibu Outfitters have had the most original and sustainable sandals in the world. marketto create your outfits. But, where and how do these sustainable flat sandals that have become Instagram favorites (and ours, we are in love with them) come from

The rope (and sustainable) sandals that take boho dresses to another level

Nomadic State of Mind is a slow fashion reference created in the late 1990s by the American Chris Anderson , a visionary surfer with a nomadic spirit who wanted to get actively involved in the ecology of our planet by designing sustainable sandals from the large amount of new plastic waste that was being generated.
To make them,I recover said plastics dumped in seas and rivers and transform them into polypropylene rope, thus creating the famous Nomadic State of Mind sandals, already present all over the world and we know that they will also be in your wardrobe in 3, 2, 1.
This revolutionary footwear It is manufactured thanks to the transformation of plastic waste into polypropylene rope, a process that is carried out in the USA . Once the recycled rope is made, it is moved to Nicaragua where the sandals are made by hand , specifically in a craft workshop located in an old coffee factory. Its manufacture contributes to the development of a community with few resources through the Fair Trade system.. This meticulous production process is one of the keys to its uniqueness.

This is the summer collection of Instagram’s favorite flat sandals

The Nomadic State of Mind are unisex sandals , since their models have no gender and can be used indistinctly for men, women, boys and girls. In addition to being original, light, comfortable and very resistant , the Nomadic are vegan sandals , since none of their materials are of animal origin. Even the adhesive used to make them is 100% vegetable.
In this season’s Nomadic State of Mind SS21 catalog we find a lot of news, both in terms of colors and design. The most outstanding proposals are the appearance of the mauve hue in its color palette , the incorporation of glitter and the elevation through platforms of some of its most commercial designs.

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