MILAN – “Graffiti have more possibilities to mean something or to change things than anything else that remains indoors. Graffiti has been used to start revolutions, stop wars and in general are the voice of people who are not heard. They are one of those few tools you have, even if you have almost nothing ”, writes the English writer Banksy, one of the greatest exponents of street art. In common thought, graffiti often has a bad reputation but if created with the appropriate intelligence by truly skilled artists, it can transform a city into a better place. The power of this art form is in fact that of also telling the story of a culture without saying a single word. And it’s nice to think that without art, city dwellers have only concrete buildings in front of them to look at. A city can be dark and dull or dilapidated and can almost fall apart, but with a splash of art it suddenly becomes a beautiful attraction. So here are some cities with the best street art works, according toEarthporm . Mexico City
You can certainly admire some incredible street art work in Mexico City, where public murals with historical significance have been part of the urban landscape for many years. The city was colored with its art thanks to the “All City Canvas” project. The graffiti for this project was legally made after it took a long 11 months to receive the appropriate permits. 9 local and foreign artists were involved in the project. London
If you have happened to or are planning a future trip to London, you will find that the city is anything but cheap. All or almost, considering the immense amount of graffiti on the streets of the city that serve as an open-air museum and completely free. Street art ranges from murals painted on buildings to complex statutes, such as the giant rooster that emerged in Trafalgar Square. Prague
All the streets of Prague are covered in graffiti. Here the writers are many and very active, giving so much culture on the walls of the city. Some street artists, known for their works are CRYTIC257, SKARF, TRON and EPOS 257. Their real names remain unknown and it is with these pseudonyms that they sign their work, both in the streets and in the galleries where they are present. their works too. Lisbon
Instead of letting the “business zone” fall apart, the city of Lisbon got together to create the “Crono Project”. A number of artists were commissioned to paint the neglected buildings and an exhibition was organized in 2011 to showcase the collection of works. Bogota
Street art in Colombia is an explosion of living art to be admired in all the streets of the city. One of the well-known street artists in the area and CRISP. For some years CRISP has been offering tours around the city, showing street art. Port having this type of design offers a commented guide to the paintings and what they symbolize. New York
New York is a city rich in history and culture with also a unique street art that deserves our attention. Lately, artists have concentrated in the Bushwick, Brooklyn area. Here you can see graffiti by well-known artists in the NY area such as Buff Monster, who uses a shade of bright pink to make his brand identifiable. Berlin
Street art is easy to come across all over Berlin. Mentalgassi is one of the greatest street art in the whole city. The work of this group is made clearly identifiable by the drawings depicting large faces on the city walls. Cape Town
Street art is a regular form of expression throughout Cape Town, where some of the more graphic works exist than the usual graffiti. In Cape Town, in fact, art is legally incorporated in almost all public places. Bethlehem
Artists, activists, writers and people passionate about politics use graffiti art to spread their message in Bethlehem. One of the most beautiful and evocative places and certainly enclosed around the “Security Wall” in the West Bank Istanbul
All the districts of Istanbul offer a lot of amazing street art work. To admire them, you can download a free app called StreetArt-Istanbul. Some of Istanbul’s best art districts to check out include, Istiklal Street, Tunel, Karakoy, and Kadikoy. Buenos Aires
Renowned for being a culturally rich city, Buenos Aires offers a great deal of art to see. From sculpture in the middle of the streets, to graffiti engraved on the walls of buildings. Rio de Janeiro
All the streets come to life with the color of Rio De Janeiro, where street art is used to animate the most disadvantaged neighborhoods. With a simple splash of paint, some communities have transformed into better areas that offer more opportunities, fewer dangers and more tourism.

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