MILAN – Street Art is the art form that manifests itself in public places and that makes use of the most disparate techniques. Spray cans, monographic art, artistic stickers, video projections and sculptures give life to this particular creative form through the hands of the most varied artists. The English writer Banksy , for example, still continues to be talked about for his satirical works that concern topics such as politics, ethics and culture. After having already seen some masterpieces of various international street artists, let’s see which are the most popular artists in the Italian scenario. Biancoshock
He is a Milanese artist who has transformed his city into a canvas where he can best express his creativity as a street artist with originality and irony. His works mainly deal with issues such as poverty and the abandonment of urban environments, consumerism, city stress and the relationship between man and nature. Among his most emblematic projects are Borderlife, in which the artist transformed the interiors of some manholes, furnishing them as real rooms including tiles, paintings and tools. Web 0.0and, instead, the project that Biancoshock carried out in Civitacampomarano, a small town in the province of Campobasso. The project reflects on the real concept of communication, in a world that is always hyper-connected and which leads to isolation. The artist has done nothing but recreate references to the world of the web on the street, recreating a sort of internet of real life. Ozmo
The artist began his journey in the early 2000s, where he joins a group of friends to lay the foundations of what will become Italian Street Art, of which he is one of the undisputed pioneers. His works, with a refined style, are irreverent and often politically committed. His works, rich in references, range from art history to other cultural references. The artists who have always drawn inspiration for his art are: Leonardo da Vinci, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Giuseppe Scalarini Alice Pasquini
The Italian artist has conquered and established himself with his exemplary skill even abroad, so much so that his works are exhibited on urban surfaces and on the walls of buildings in galleries and museums in hundreds of cities around the world. About her The pictorial research of her and her known to focus mainly on the female world. There are frequent representations of women in which she highlights their strong and decisive character. Sten & Lex
They are a Roman artistic duo among the pioneers in Italy of the stencil technique. Together in 2006 they organized the first edition of the International Poster Art. Most of their works, located in many Italian cities, are configured halfway between abstraction and figuration. Theirs is a perceptual process that changes according to the observer’s point of view.Pao
In creating his works on the street, Pao continuously experiments using different techniques and languages ‚Äč‚Äčeach time. In the street he dialogues with the context, respecting the spaces and giving importance to the message he wants to communicate, using strong and clearly visible colors. READ ALSO: Murales dedicated to Falcone and Borsellino at the Nautical Institute of Palermo

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