Refined and super feminine: straight hair never goes out of style and is the perfect solution for any occasion and at all ages. At twenty or fifty, for a ceremony or for a business lunch: smooth hair is always the best choice if you want to look neat and chic . Not only that: straight hair can be flaunted in many different ways, opting for a short cut, for medium, long or extra long lengths. Straight hair: cuts
Those with long and smooth hair often complain, saying they never change their look. In reality it is not entirely true: the important thing is to take care of your hair, using the right products and following the hairdresser’s advice. The latest trends in hair style in fact focus on the beauty of the hair , which must be extra long and well-kept. Focus on the central line, to emphasize the length and choose a symmetrical cut or with light layers .
Straight hair also lends itself well to other lengths, for example it is ideal with a medium bob or with a lob, as many celebrities demonstratewho have converted to this cut, from Kim Kardashian to Kasia Smutniak. He looks great on both brunette with a round face, like Selena Gomez, and blondes with very fair skin, like Jennifer Lawrence.
To make the hair style even more chic, combine it with a nice saucy bangs . The smooth is also ideal for those who love short cuts. If you want to feel sexy, but also take advantage of the “comfort” of short hair, go for a short bob. The 1920s-style helmet is always a guarantee, especially if sported symmetrically and very smooth like Valentina, the protagonist of the comics. Those with very thin hair might try a pixie cut , which adds volume without weighing it down.
But it is with the asymmetrical lengths that straight hair looks its best. Rely on the hairdresser and focus on disheveled fringes and long tufts, but also on games of asymmetry , which give character to the cut and highlight the facial features, enhancing them. Finally, for women who want a practical and rigorous style , the ideal is very short and straight hair. The famous “boy cut” highlights her face and must be flaunted with an ad hoc make-up, without forgetting a few locks to wear behind the ears. Straight hair: colors and shades
Color is a fundamental aspect that all women with straight hair should take care of. When we talk about a hair of this type, however, it is not only the nuance that is important, but above all the nuances. What it means
For smooth hair, all shades are fine, from red to blond, passing through brown and black. For an impeccable effect, however, it is necessary to give depth and character to the color.
First, the hairdresser will have to focus on multifaceted and intense nuances, blending the color from the roots to the tips, for a degrade effect that will give movement to the hair. Bronde is undoubtedly one of the most popular colors, which for years has depopulated both blondes and brunettes, conquering stars and ordinary women. Choose it if you have long straight hair, while if you prefer a short cut, go for a platinum blonde.
Those who want to dare, on the other hand, can choose to leave the roots darker, color the lengths with platinum blonde and the ends with a darker shade. The effect is really fantastic, it is no coincidence that this technique is becoming popular among celebrities ! For reds, on the other hand, green light for warmer and lighter shades, such as copper, but also shades between red and blond.
The most difficult color to show off with straight hair, especially if it is long, is black. Choose it rich in facets and that is able to give vitality to the hair, imitatingMonica Bellucci , otherwise opt for an intense and warm brown like that of Irina Shayk. Finally, don’t forget that straight hair is perfect for testing all the color techniques proposed by hairdressers, from balayage, which gives a shaded and light color, to shatush, more sexy and rock, up to fallayage, the latest trend in terms of colors inspired by the nuances of autumn leaves.

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