From Stradivarius we could expect to find the most original dress of the season, because it is one of the most daring lines of Inditex , or even that suede effect mini dress, but no. After falling in love with her multicolored sweater that we haven’t taken off when we wear jeans (it’s the outfit of the season), now Stradivarius takes a risk and succeeds with the most beautiful velvet dress in her party collection (and, if you hurry me, of all the party collections that are launching low cost firms).
With Christmas just around the corner, most firms play all their cards to finish off the year with their party collections. We have already seen the occasional great dress, but we must admit that, after having seen the Stradivarius velvet dress , we do not want to see anything else (not even the 20-euro knit dress).
With a super daring design , the most beautiful Stradivarius velvet dress in its party collection could very well belong to other firms in the Inditex group. Its mixture of luxury trends make the garment super risky, but a success. In fact, we are clear that it will be one of the dresses that will sell the most these holidays .
Made of velvet (the star fabric of all party collections), the Stradivarius dress comes in a very short version . It has become clear to us that this season dresses are worn in the mini version and the party collections were not going to let it go. To a super short and velvet design we must add the two characteristics that make the Stradivarius dress a success and the most beautiful in your party collection .
On the velvet there are some embroidered flowers that give a different touch to a design that, if exclusively velvet, would be exactly the same as the rest of the party collections. In addition, the straps that cross at the back and that result in an incredible cleavage, make the Stardivarius velvet dress super sexy.
Thus, velvet, the mini format and embroidery coexist in a dress with which Stradivarius risks, succeeds and wins.

This is the most beautiful Stradivarius velvet dress in the Stradivarius party collection.

It is a very short lingerie dress made of velvet fabric with embroidered flowers. It is presented with aCrossed straps at the back that give rise to a spectacular neckline . Many trends that come together in this Stradivarius dress and that is precisely what makes it a success and the most beautiful of the firm’s party collection.
Available from size XS to XL, the most beautiful Stradivarius velvet dress in its party collection is priced at 39.99 euros.

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