There is a garment that this season has become the most sought after, desired and sold . It is true that in previous seasons we had already seen it, but it has not been until now when we have been clear that double-sided jackets are the ones to wear in winter.
Who says double-faced jacket, says shearling jacket , which for the case is the same and that’s how we all know it. The fact is that, after having combined the best-selling shearling jacket with lace-up blouses (who was going to tell us) and even the most boho knit skirt, now Stradivarius has arrived and reinvents the best-selling shearling jacket and turns it in the most wonderful vest.
This reinvention of the garment could not seem more wonderful to us because it is the perfect fusion between two of the top trends of this winter . It has already become more than clear to us that shearling jackets are the best winter signing (they have a roll and are super warm, what more can we ask for), but we also know that vests have become that trendy garment, but comfortable for the one to bet when we want to have rollazo without dying of hypothermia.
Aware of the success of both garments separately (remember that the shearling jacket has not stopped selling out in all its versions and models since the fall),at Stradivarius they reinvent the best-selling garment and turn it into the most wonderful vest . A fusion of clothes with a lot of style and rollazo and that is already postulated as the new object of desire of the season.
Merging such marked and different trends does not always work out, but in the case of the shearling vest with which Stradivarius reinvents the best-selling jacket of the season, success is more than assured.
In a super combinable brown color, the Stradivarius shearling vest seems perfect for a winter lookin which we want to give prominence to the sweater that we wear underneath. Best of all, it is not necessary to give up comfort because, as you already know, the best thing about vests is that they leave your arms free and make any movement much easier.
We could continue talking about the benefits of the shearling vest with which Stradivarius reinvents the best-selling jacket, but we believe that it is much better that you check it out for yourself and decide if you fall for the new viral garment or not.

This is the Stradivarius shearling vest that reinvents the season’s most viral garment

Similar to shearling jackets (or double-faced, as influencers call them), the Stradivarius shearling vestIt comes in a leather effect and features front pockets with zippers . In addition, it has a belt made of the same fabric and with a metal buckle. Its closure is front and zipper.
Available from size XS to XL, the Stradivarius shearling vest that reinvents the most viral garment of the season is priced at 49.99 euros.

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